How To Know if You Passed Walmart Assessment Test? Answered!

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How To Know if You Passed Walmart Assessment Test? Answered!

If you’re hoping to work at Walmart, you’ll need to take the Walmart Assessment Test. This test is crucial for checking if people are a good fit for various jobs at Walmart. Whether you want to be a cashier, help customers up front, take orders, or do other jobs, you have to pass this test first.

In this guide, I’ll show you all you need to know to do great on the 2024 Walmart Assessment Test. With these tips, you can start your Walmart career with confidence.

Is the Walmart Assessment Test Difficult?

I know a lot of people worry about how hard the Walmart evaluation test might be. But I have some good news—it’s not hard at all! Walmart makes sure the questions are simple. They do this to keep the hiring process fair.

Walmart wants to find the best people for the job. They look at skills and talents and don’t let personal biases get in the way. This fairness is also true for their evaluation test.

I found out from a recent poll that most people need to score 75% to pass the Walmart Assessment Test. But the score you need might be different depending on the job you’re applying for. For example, you might need a higher score to work as a cashier compared to other jobs.

What is the Walmart Assessment Test?

The Walmart Assessment Test, or the Retail Associate Assessment (RAA), is a pre-employment assessment that assesses candidates’ abilities to handle customer interactions, work under supervision, and collaborate effectively with co-workers. The test is required for most hourly positions at Walmart, and passing the test is an essential step in the hiring process.

What is the Structure of the Walmart Assessment Test?

The Walmart Assessment Test is made up of 65 questions that you’ll answer in four different parts.

In the Customer Service Scenarios part, you’ll choose the best and worst ways to react when helping customers. These questions are like what you might see working in the store. It’s important to pick answers that show good customer service.

The Workplace Problem Solving section has questions on handling money, understanding pictures or charts, and using basic math and logic. This part is really important for jobs like being a cashier.

In the Work Experience Questionnaire, you’ll answer questions about your past jobs, what you’re good at, and your work style. Walmart uses this to see if you have the skills they need.

The Personality Questionnaire has 27 questions where you’ll say if you agree or disagree with different statements. This helps Walmart figure out if you’ll fit in with their team.

What are the Useful Tips for Acing the Walmart Assessment Test?

Understanding the role I’m applying for is important. I learned about what the job involves and what they expect from me. This helps me give answers that fit just right with the job’s needs.

I use practice tests and materials to get ready for the kinds of questions I will see. This makes me more confident and helps me do better.

Managing my time well is key since there’s no time limit on the test. I make sure to read each question carefully and not rush.

Keeping a customer service focus during the test is crucial. I always pick answers that show I want to provide great service to customers.

How Can You Successfully Pass this Assessment Test? Read This?

Customer Service Scenario

In a customer service scenario, imagine a customer is upset because they can’t find a product. I would respond by first apologizing for the inconvenience. Then, I’d offer to help them find the product. If we still can’t locate it, I’d apologize again.

I might suggest a similar product or even offer a refund. I would also thank the customer for their patience and understanding. This approach shows good customer service skills.

Problem Solving at Work

Question: A customer gives me a $100 bill to pay for a $20 item. How much change should I give them?

It’s important to use math skills and handle money wisely. I need to make sure the customer gets the right amount of change back.

For example, if a customer pays $100 for something that costs $20, I should give them $80 back. I start by giving them the largest bills first and then the smaller ones. Counting coins comes last. I always double-check to make sure I did it right. This helps me make sure the customer leaves happy!

Work Experience Questionnaire

Question: Tell me about a time when you dealt with a demanding customer. How did you handle the situation?

When answering this question, it’s good to share a specific example. It helps to show how you solve problems, help customers, and stay calm and professional, even when things get tough.

I remember working as a cashier when a customer was very rude to me. I stayed calm and told the customer I was eager to help but needed them to be polite. They kept being rude, so I apologized and called over a manager to help solve the problem. The manager handled it well.

This approach shows I can handle tough situations by staying calm and using the help of my team when needed.

Personality Questionnaire

Question: I am comfortable working independently.

Tip: It’s important to answer this question truthfully based on how you like to work. If you enjoy working by yourself, make sure to share that. But if you prefer teamwork, that’s important to share too.

Example Answer: “I am comfortable working independently and as part of a team. I manage tasks well on my own and finish them efficiently. I also like joining others and sharing ideas on projects.”

How To Know if You Passed Walmart Assessment Test?

Are you curious about how you did on your Walmart assessment? If you did well, you’ll likely see some positive signs. One big clue is getting a congratulatory email or an invite for an interview. This means they liked how you did!

Another hint is when the status of your application changes. If it switches from “Under Review” to “In Progress” or “Interview Scheduled,” it’s a good bet you’ve passed the evaluation. Also, if Walmart asks you for more details, like references or other documents, it shows you made a great impression.

Now, let’s see what might come next in the hiring process.

How to Determine If You've Successfully Navigated Walmart's Assessment Process

What are the Further Steps After Passing Assessment?

Congratulations on your fantastic performance in the assessment! Now, let’s get ready for what comes next.

You might have interviews that can be in person, on the phone, or through video. These will help see if you’re a good fit for the job.

Walmart will also do a thorough check of your background. They’ll look into your work history, any criminal records, and your school details.

They’ll talk to people you’ve worked with before to hear about how you work and your skills.

If everything goes well and you meet all the requirements, Walmart might offer you the job. The offer will tell you all about what the job will be like.

Keep an eye out for these steps as you move closer to possibly joining Walmart!

What are the Indicators of a Positive Outcome?

When Walmart tells you that you’ve completed your assessment and adds nice comments, it’s a good sign. This shows that things might go well for you.

If you hear positive things about your skills during the assessment, that’s another great indicator. It means you did a good job.

Getting invited to the next round, like an interview, is exciting! It shows you stood out in the first round.

Quick messages from Walmart about what comes next or asking for more details mean they are taking a close look at you. This could lead to more opportunities.

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What are the Benefits if You Pass the Walmart Assessment Test?

Passing the Walmart Assessment Test can make you more competitive in the job market. Many employers view Walmart as a reputable company, and passing the Walmart Assessment Test demonstrates that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in a retail environment.

Competitive pay and benefitsWalmart offers competitive pay and benefits to its employees, including health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, 401(k) plan, hardship transfer, and paid time off.
Opportunities for advancementWalmart offers opportunities for advancement to its employees. Many Walmart employees have started in entry-level positions and have worked their way up to management positions.
Flexible schedulingWalmart offers flexible scheduling to its employees. This means that employees can choose to work hours that fit their needs.
Friendly and supportive work environmentWalmart offers a friendly and supportive work environment to its employees. Walmart employees are encouraged to help each other and to work together as a team.
Discounts on Walmart productsWalmart offers discounts on Walmart products to its employees. This means that Walmart employees can save money on the products that they buy.

Can I Retak the Walmart Assessment Test

If you didn’t pass the assessment, don’t worry. You can take it again after about six months. Sometimes, if you’re applying for a different job, they might not need your scores.

Getting a job often depends on how well you do on the test. Different jobs need different things. Some look for experience, and others might care more about your education level.

Final Words

Knowing if you’ve passed the Walmart assessment is key in the hiring process. It doesn’t guarantee a job, but it helps a lot.

Stay positive and keep getting ready for what comes next. Show off your skills and qualifications to boost your chances of getting a job at Walmart. Good luck with your application!

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How do I know if I passed the Walmart team lead assessment?

Walmart doesn’t give specific scores you need to pass their evaluation test, but there are clear signs that show you’ve done well. If the hiring team sends you a congratulatory email or invites you for an interview, that’s a strong hint you passed. Also, if your application status updates to “In Progress” or “Interview Scheduled” from “Under Review,” it means you’ve moved forward after the evaluation.
Another good sign is if Walmart reaches out for more information, references, or documents. This means you made a great impression during the assessment!

Does assessment active mean I passed Walmart?

No, having an active assessment status does not mean you have passed the Walmart assessment. It simply means that your assessment has been submitted and is being reviewed by the hiring team.

Do you have to pass the Walmart assessment test to get hired?

Yes, passing the Walmart assessment test is required for most hourly positions at Walmart. However, there are some exceptions, such as if you are a veteran or have a disability.

What does “pending assessment” mean at Walmart?

An assessment pending status means that your assessment has been submitted but still needs to be reviewed by the hiring team. This could be because the hiring team is busy or because they are waiting for additional information from you.


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