Does Walmart Take Google Pay or Apple Pay? No, Find Why?

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Does Walmart Take Google Pay or Apple Pay No, Find Why

Ah, the convenience of contactless payments! But what if your go-to method, like Google Pay or Apple Pay, doesn’t work at your favorite store? This is the case for many Walmart shoppers who long for the tap-and-go experience. Let’s explore why these options are unavailable and explore alternative solutions for a smooth Walmart checkout.

Does Walmart Take Google Pay or Apple Pay?

Neither Google Pay nor Apple Pay are currently accepted at Walmart stores (as of February 2024). This decision dates back to 2022, leaving some Android and iPhone users scratching their heads.

Does Walmart Take Google Pay or Apple Pay?

Does Walmart Take Samsung Pay?

The answer, unfortunately, is no Samsung Pay as well. While this mobile wallet sees widespread adoption, Walmart prioritizes its own payment solution, Walmart Pay. Let’s delve deeper into the reasoning behind this decision and explore alternative payment methods at Walmart.

Why is there No Google Pay or Samsung Pay at Walmart?

Several factors contribute to Walmart’s exclusion of third-party digital wallets:

  • Promoting Walmart Pay: The retailer incentivizes using its own platform, offering features like loyalty points, targeted promotions, and transaction notifications unavailable through external wallets.
  • Contractual Obligations: Walmart’s partnership with Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), the provider behind Walmart Pay, might involve exclusivity clauses.
  • Transaction Fees: Bypassing traditional credit card networks through Walmart Pay potentially reduces processing fees for the company.

While these factors benefit Walmart, some customers might find the lack of Google Pay and Samsung Pay inconvenient.

Why behind Walmart’s Payment Policy?

The retail giant has yet to officially state its specific reasoning behind not accepting these popular mobile wallets. However, speculations point towards:

  • Lower Transaction Fees: Walmart allegedly has negotiated lower fees with its own payment processing system, Walmart Pay, compared to those charged by Google Pay and Apple Pay.
  • Promoting Walmart Pay: By not offering competing mobile wallets, Walmart encourages customers to adopt its own payment platform, potentially reaping more data and fostering brand loyalty.
  • Technical Integration: Integrating multiple mobile wallets might require complex technical adjustments, adding to operational costs.
Why behind Walmart's Payment Policy?

Exploring Alternative Payment Options at Walmart

Despite not accepting Google Pay or Samsung Pay, Walmart offers various payment methods:

  • Major Credit and Debit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and major debit cards are widely accepted.
  • Walmart Pay: As mentioned earlier, this mobile app facilitates QR code-based payments and integrates with Walmart’s loyalty program.
  • Walmart Gift Cards: Physical and digital gift cards are redeemable for in-store and online purchases.
  • Cash: While less common, money remains a universally accepted payment method.
  • Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT): For eligible items like groceries and baby products, EBT cards can be used for payment.

How to Use Walmart Pay?

Using Walmart Pay is straightforward:

  1. Download the Walmart Pay app from Google Play or the App Store.
  2. Enter your payment information in the designated area.
  3. Set up a PIN or use your fingerprint for security.
  4. Scan the QR code displayed on your app at checkout to complete the purchase.

What are the Benefits of Using Walmart Pay?

Despite the lack of Google Pay acceptance, Walmart Pay offers its own set of advantages:

  • Compatibility: It works with older smartphones as it uses a QR code payment system, ensuring wider accessibility.
  • Cash Back and Rewards: Earn cash back on purchases, especially when using self-checkout lanes or a linked credit card.
  • Additional Features: Enjoy features like electronic gift cards, reward points, and transaction alerts for a more convenient shopping experience.

Are there any fees for using Walmart Pay?

Walmart Pay and contactless debit/credit cards generally don’t have additional fees. However, check your specific card issuer’s terms for potential foreign transaction fees if purchasing online from Walmart’s international sites.

What are the Pros and cons of Google Pay/Apple Pay/ Samsung Pay with Walmart Pay?

Google Pay/Apple Pay:

  • Pros: Widely accepted, secure, and convenient.
  • Cons: Not accepted at Walmart.

Walmart Pay:

  • Pros: Seamless experience within the Walmart ecosystem, potential rewards, and discounts.
  • Cons: Limited to Walmart stores and apps.

Contactless Cards:

  • Pros: Widely accepted, secure, and convenient.
  • Cons: You may have transaction fees depending on your issuer.


  • Pros: Accepted everywhere, no fees.
  • Cons: Inconvenient to carry, risk of loss or theft.

Will Walmart Ever Accept Google Pay?

Predicting the future is uncertain, but Walmart might eventually reconsider its stance as the mobile payment landscape continues to evolve. In the meantime, you can leverage Google Pay at other retailers that have embraced digital wallets. Additionally, remember that Walmart Pay offers a similar experience with the bonus of earning rewards points on your purchases.

In Conclusion

While Walmart’s decision to forgo Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay might seem restrictive, understanding its rationale sheds light on the company’s priorities. Fortunately, several alternative payment options cater to customer preferences, ensuring a smooth shopping experience at Walmart. Remember to stay updated on potential changes to Walmart’s payment policy as the retail industry adapts and innovates.


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Can I use Google Pay or Samsung Pay at any other major retailers?

Yes, both Google Pay and Samsung Pay are accepted at numerous retailers, including grocery stores, department stores, and gas stations. You can find a list of supported merchants on their respective websites.

Are there any plans for Walmart to accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay in the future?

There needs to be an official confirmation from Walmart regarding the future integration of these mobile wallets. However, the retail landscape is constantly evolving, so staying informed about payment updates is crucial.

What are the advantages of using Walmart Pay over other options?

Walmart Pay offers seamless integration with the Walmart ecosystem, including loyalty rewards, personalized deals, and easy access to purchase history. Additionally, it doesn’t require near-field communication (NFC) technology, making it compatible with older smartphones.

Can I use cash at Walmart online?

No, cash payments are not accepted for online purchases at Walmart.

Does Walmart accept contactless payment options like Apple Pay or Google Pay?

As of now, Walmart does not accept Apple Pay or Google Pay. However, they do have their own mobile wallet, Walmart Pay, which offers similar functionalities.

Are there any fees associated with using Walmart Pay?

No, there are no fees for using Walmart Pay.

Can I use Google Pay in the Walmart app to pay for items in advance?

Yes, you can use Google Pay within the Walmart app to pay for online orders and pickup services. However, you cannot use it directly at physical store checkouts.

How do I use Google Pay at Walmart?

You cannot use Google Pay at Walmart. As of 2022, Walmart stopped accepting Google Pay and other mobile wallets in favor of its own payment system, Walmart Pay.

Can I pay with my phone at Walmart?

Yes, you can still pay with your phone at Walmart, but only through Walmart Pay. Download the Walmart app, set up your account, and link your debit or credit card. At checkout, open the app and scan the QR code displayed on the register for a contactless payment.

Where is Google Pay accepted?

Google Pay is accepted at many stores and online retailers, but not Walmart. You can find a list of supported merchants on the Google Pay website or app.

What forms of payment does Walmart accept?

Walmart accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Cash
  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express debit and credit cards
  • Walmart credit cards
  • Walmart gift cards
  • Walmart Pay (mobile wallet linked to your debit/credit card)


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