Does Walmart Pay Out PTO When You Quit?

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Does Walmart Pay Out PTO When You Quit

Quitting a job can be a whirlwind of emotions, logistics, and questions. One crucial concern for many employees is the fate of their accrued paid time off (PTO). Does Walmart, a major retail giant employing millions across the US, pay out PTO when you leave? Like much in life, the answer is nuanced and depends on several factors.

Does Walmart Pay Out PTO When You Quit?

The answer is yes; Walmart will pay PTO when you quit. There are a few things that you should be aware of:

Hourly Associates: Generally, Walmart pays out accrued and unused PTO to hourly associates who have been with the company for at least one year at the time of separation. There are some exceptions read in the “hourly associates” section.

Salaried Associates: For salaried associates, the policy differs slightly. Up to five days of earned and unused PTO are paid out as long as you’ve been with Walmart for at least one year.

Exceptions and Nuances: Specific state laws may supersede Walmart’s policy, potentially resulting in different payout rules. Always consult your local Walmart representative or refer to official policy documents for the most up-to-date information.

Does Walmart Pay Out PTO When You Quit - Answered

What is PTO at Walmart?

First, let’s clarify what “PTO” refers to at Walmart. PTO stands for Paid Time Off, encompassing various leave types like vacation, sick leave, and personal days. Walmart offers different PTO plans for hourly and salaried associates, each with its rules regarding accrual, carryover, and payout upon termination.

Hourly Associates: Generally, No PTO Payout

For hourly associates, the short answer is no; Walmart typically does not pay out unused PTO when you quit. Any accrued vacation, sick leave, or personal days you haven’t used before your last day will be forfeited. However, there are some exceptions:

  • Protected PTO: Certain states and localities mandate employers to pay out protected PTO, which may include a portion of your accrued sick leave. Check your local labor laws for specific regulations.
  • Accrued Sick Leave in California: California has a unique law requiring employers to pay out unused accrued sick leave to departing employees, regardless of the reason for termination.

Salaried Associates: Potential PTO Payout with Conditions

For salaried associates, the situation is more nuanced. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Accrued and Unused PTO: Salaried associates who have been with Walmart for at least one year and are leaving under eligible circumstances (e.g., resignation, voluntary termination) are entitled to a payout of up to five days of their accrued and unused PTO.
  • Eligible Circumstances: Not all terminations qualify for the PTO payout. Leaving for reasons like gross misconduct, termination for cause, or retiring before the minimum eligibility period will forfeit your accrued PTO.
  • Carryover and Accrual: Unused PTO from the previous year carries over to the following year up to a specific limit. However, exceeding that limit might affect your PTO accrual for the new year.
  • Manager Trainees: Salaried Manager Trainees have a slightly different process. If they leave before becoming permanent salaried managers, their PTO payout is calculated manually and issued as a one-time payment.

The Five-Day Cap and Its Exceptions

Even for eligible associates, the payout comes with a five-day cap. This means Walmart will only pay out for a maximum of five unused PTO days, regardless of how much you’ve accrued. However, there are crucial exceptions:

  • Location-Specific Policies: Some states and municipalities require employers to pay all accrued PTO. If you work in such a location, the five-day cap might not apply. Always check your local regulations for specific details.
  • Contractual Agreements: Certain salaried positions might have individual contracts stipulating different PTO payout rules. Carefully review your contract to understand your specific entitlements.

How to Calculate Your Payout: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re a salaried associate leaving Walmart and believe you qualify for a PTO payout, here’s how to estimate your potential amount:

  1. Check your last pay stub: This will show your current accrued PTO balance.
  2. Consider the plan year: Walmart’s PTO plan year typically runs from February 1st to January 31st. Calculate the number of PTO days you’ve used since the beginning of the current plan year.
  3. Subtract used days: Deduct the used days from your total accrued balance.
  4. Apply the five-day cap: If your remaining balance exceeds five days, limit your payout to five days.
  5. Multiply by your daily pay rate: To get the final payout amount, multiply the capped days by your daily salary rate.

Important Caveats to remember

PPTO vs. PTO: Walmart differentiates between PTO and PPTO (protected paid time off). While both are paid time off, PTO accrues faster and doesn’t require manager approval for usage. This article primarily focuses on PTO, but remember that PPTO is also subject to payout under the abovementioned conditions.

State Laws: Certain states require employers to pay out all accrued PTO, regardless of the company’s policy. If you need more clarification about your state’s regulations, consult a lawyer or your local Walmart representative.

Policy Updates: Walmart’s PTO policy is subject to change. Access the most recent information through official channels here.


While the specifics of Walmart’s PTO payout policy vary depending on your circumstances, understanding the general guidelines and exceptions can help you navigate the process effectively. Remember to consult your local laws, review your employment agreement, and communicate with your People Leader for accurate information specific to your situation.

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Do I lose PTO if I quit?

Generally, no, if you’ve worked for at least a year. You can receive a payout through the company or consider using Sorbet, a service that advances your PTO value.

Can I use PTO while on unpaid leave?

No, PTO is typically intended for paid leaves of absence.

How can I maximize my PTO usage?

Plan, request time off early, and consider using PPTO for unexpected absences.

What happens to my unused PTO if I am fired from Walmart?

The exact payout rules apply to quitting. Meet the eligibility criteria (one year of service for hourly associates, one year with a maximum of five days for salaried associates). You will receive a payout for your unused PTO.

How long does it take to receive my PTO payout after leaving Walmart?

Walmart typically processes final paychecks within the standard payroll timeframe, including any PTO payout. This timeframe can vary depending on your location and pay cycle.

I don’t see my PTO payout on my final paycheck. What should I do?

If you believe you are eligible for a PTO payout but have yet to receive it, contact your local Walmart representative or the payroll department for clarification and assistance.

Does Walmart pay PTO after you quit?

It depends on your employment status, location, and length of service. Here’s the breakdown:

Hourly Associates: Generally do not receive PTO payouts upon termination. However, exceptions exist in certain states and municipalities that require employers to pay out accrued PTO. It’s crucial to check your local laws for your specific situation.

Salaried Associates:

  • Facility-level salaried associates who have been with the company for at least a year are entitled to a payout of up to five days of accrued and unused PTO upon termination.
    • Salaried positions may have different payout rules based on their contracts and agreements. Refer to your employment agreement or consult with your People Leader for clarification.

Does Walmart pay out protected PTO when you quit in 2024?

Protected PTO follows different rules than regular PTO:

  • Carryover: Unlike regular PTO, Protected PTO always carries over to the following year, with no maximum limit.
  • Payout: For facility-level salaried associates with at least a year of service, any remaining Protected PTO balance after February 1st carries over, and unused portions beyond 80 hours are cashed out in their first February paycheck.

What happens if you don’t use your PTO at Walmart?

As explained above:

  • Hourly Associates: Generally, unused PTO is not paid out upon termination.
  • Salaried Associates:
  • Facility-level associates: Up to five days of unused PTO are paid out if you have been with the company for at least a year.
  • Other salaried positions: Refer to your employment agreement or consult with your People Leader for specific rules.
  • Protected PTO: Any unused Protected PTO exceeding 80 hours on February 1st gets cashed out in the first February paycheck.

Does PTO get cashed out when you leave a job?

It depends on your employer’s specific policy and local laws:

  • Walmart: Payout rules differ for hourly and salaried associates, and protected PTO follows separate rules.
  • Other Employers: Policies vary significantly. Some employers offer PTO payouts, while others don’t. Always check your company’s policy or local regulations for specifics.


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