Does Walmart Change headlights? Answered + Cost

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Does Walmart change headlights Answered + Cost

Imagine you’re on a dark road, and your headlamp stops working. This is not only frustrating but can also be very dangerous. You might wonder if you can get new headlights at Walmart. Known for its affordable prices, Walmart also offers low-cost auto repairs.

In this post, I’ll talk about how Walmart can keep you safe on the road. They can fix things like your car’s blinkers, brakes, and signals. This way, you can drive safely without worrying about your car’s lights or signals failing you when you need them most.

Why Headlights are Essential?

Before we talk about the services Walmart offers, I want to share how important it is to have working lights on your vehicle. Headlights, brake lights, and signal bulbs are essential for keeping you and everyone on the road safe. Driving without these lights, especially at night, can lead to accidents and even legal problems.

It’s important to know why headlights are so crucial for your car. They do more than just light up the road; they help you see where you’re going in dark or foggy conditions. Headlights also let other drivers know you are there and show what you plan to do, like turning or braking. This makes them a key part of staying safe on the road.

Now, if you need to replace your car’s headlights, Walmart is a place you can go. They offer this service to help make sure your car is safe to drive at any time of day.

Does Walmart Change Headlights?

Yes, you can get your headlights and taillights replaced at Walmart. Many of their stores have Auto Care Centers where they offer this service. They can even put in small bulbs like the ones in your car doors and the cab.

The cost to replace each lightbulb at Walmart’s Auto Care Centers is usually $7.50. Remember, this price doesn’t include the bulb itself.

Does Walmart Autocare Center Change Headlights

Why Choose Walmart for Headlight Replacement?

I always suggest Walmart for headlight replacement because it’s affordable and convenient. They make sure your car’s headlights are working well. Safe driving is a big deal, and Walmart gets that.

When your headlights need a change, head over to your local Walmart Auto Care Center. They’re great at taking care of cars and always make their customers happy. You can count on them for quality service every time.

How Much does it cost to change the headlights and Taillights at Walmart?

Changing headlights and taillights at Walmart costs $7.50 per light, not including parts. The price of the headlights and taillights will vary based on the type and model of your vehicle.

For example, a pair of headlights for a 2023 Honda Civic can cost between $50 and $200, while a pair of taillights can cost between $30 and $150.

As a result, the total cost of changing the headlights and taillights at Walmart will be the cost of the parts plus the labor cost, which is $7.50 for each light. For example, replacing headlights and taillights on a 2023 Honda Civic might cost anywhere from $177.50 to $427.50.

Here is a table of the average cost of replacing headlights and taillights for some popular car models:

Car ModelHeadlight Replacement CostTaillight Replacement Cost
Honda Civic$177.50$150.00
Toyota Camry$185.00$155.00
Ford F-150$200.00$160.00
Chevrolet Silverado$210.00$165.00
Dodge Ram 1500$220.00$170.00

You should know that the price of changing your headlights and taillights can change based on where the Walmart Auto Care Center is located. Before you bring your car in for service, it’s always a good idea to call ahead and get a quote.

What other types of Lights do Walmart change?

Walmart Auto Care Centers also offer replacement services for the following types of lights:

  • Brake lights
  • Turn signals
  • Reverse lights
  • License plate lights
  • Fog lights
  • Interior lights
  • Vanity lights
  • Map lights
  • Dome lights
  • Cargo lights

You can also get your headlights and taillights cleaned or fixed at Walmart Auto Care Centers.

It’s important to know that Walmart Auto Care Centers may replace different kinds of lights depending on the center’s location. Before you bring your car in for service, it’s always a good idea to call ahead and get a quote.

The Walmart Auto Care Centers do not replace all kinds of lights, so please keep that in mind. For example, they don’t replace headlights and taillights designed to work together as a single unit.

You will need to take your car to a dealership or another qualified mechanic to replace a headlight or taillight that is part of the headlight assembly.

What are the Additional Auto Services Offered by Walmart?

While Walmart Auto Center may not change all types of vehicle light bulbs, they offer a range of other auto services, including:

Furthermore, their engine diagnostics service comprises, among other things, battery testing, and diagnostic code clearing. Customers can also obtain help with tire installation and replacing windshield wiper blades.

Final Words

Walmart definitely changes headlights at their Auto Care Centers. They are ready to help keep your car’s headlights shining bright.

It’s important to choose a reliable service for your car’s safety and maintenance. Walmart is known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, making it a great choice for headlight replacement and other car services.

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How much does it cost to change headlight lights?

Changing headlight bulbs can cost differently based on the bulb type, your vehicle’s make and model, and if you choose to do it yourself or get help from a mechanic.
Halogen bulbs are quite common and not too pricey. You might spend about $20 to $30 for a pair.
HID bulbs are pricier but they last longer and shine brighter. They could cost you between $50 and $150 for two.
LED bulbs are the top-tier in terms of price. They shine the brightest and last the longest. For a pair, you could pay between $100 and $300.
If you decide to have a mechanic do the work, setting aside $50 to $100 for labor might be wise.

How much does it cost to replace all headlights?

Replacing your car’s headlights can cost differently depending on what kind of car you have and the type of headlights you choose. If your car uses halogen headlights, you might spend about $100 to $200. For HID headlights, it usually costs between $250 and $500. LED headlights are the most expensive, and replacing them could cost you between $500 and $1000.

Will O’Reilly change my headlight for me?

Yes, O’Reilly Auto Parts will change your headlight for a fee. The fee will vary depending on the headlight bulb type and your car’s make and model.

Does AutoZone do headlight bulbs?

Yes, AutoZone sells headlight bulbs for all types of cars. You can find headlight bulbs at AutoZone for various prices, depending on the type of bulb you choose.

Is it easy to change headlight bulbs yourself?

Yes, Changing headlight bulbs is usually a simple job for most people. You can find many helpful tutorials online or in car repair manuals.
If you feel unsure about changing the bulbs or if your car has a complicated headlight system, it’s a good idea to take it to a mechanic.


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