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Why Updating WordPress Regularly is Necessary for Better Performance?

Why Updating WordPress Regularly is Necessary for Better Performance?

Quick Summary: This blog highlight the possible causes that come if you’re not updating WordPress regularly. Discuss the benefits of Regular maintenance and how you can do this — all in detail.

Unlike other CMS, WordPress is becoming more popular these days. Out of all other CMS, more than 65% of websites using WordPress; it is 41% of all websites. 

The fundamental purpose of this post is to highlight the performance issues that come with not regularly updating all themes, plugins, and WordPress files. 

Your website is your online presence. What if it has a bad user experience? And not pleasing humans and search engines. It might be the reason you’re not keeping maintenance of your site Regularly. 

WordPress is now offering an enabled auto-update option sometimes, it works fine, but in another case, it becomes worst. I am using WordPress and Divi theme for my site and enable auto-update option instead of manual. I check my site structure and performance whenever a new update for the plugin, the theme, is released and auto-updated. 

Before — Fixing Blog Page Design; This error is due to W3-Total Cache, not compatibility.

Before - Blog Page Design structure Error

Possible Fix — Deactivate W3 — Total Cache Plugin

Reason Behind Error - W3 Total Cache Plugin -Updating WordPress Regularly

After — Fixing Blog Page Design; By deactivating W3 — Total Cache

After - Fixing possible cause of error -Updating WordPress Regularly

Furthermore, I noticed my blog page is not appearing as it should be. I deactivate plugins to see the effect on the front end and do some customization process, so it should look fine. If you’re a blogger or business owner, and you’re not regularly updating such things, then it may cost you a loss in your organic traffic.

Why should you focus on regularly update your WordPress website? 

Here are some key factors that fascinate you to keep your website updated for better performance. These are the following:

→ Better Performance

→ Full Security

→ Bug Fixes

→ Fast Speed 

→ Add New compatible features

How to carefully Update your site?

⇒ Create Backup 

⇒ CMS Software Update

⇒ PHP Update

Let’s deep dive in. 

Better Performance

What means by the performance of a WordPress website? It is an overall user experience that How your audiences are engaged with your site and consume your content? 

The most popular tool you can use to analyze your performance report is a Google Search Console. There is a specific section to see your specific page impression and clicks. Pick your page and see performance checking tools and improve it accordingly. 

Another free and paid tool that helps you to see your performance report is ahref.

How you WordPress help you to see your performance? It is simple! Just open your Dashboard, and you’ll see the site health box highlighting critical notifications. 

Site Health help in Updating WordPress Regularly

The bottom line for better performance in regular updating your WordPress website is; it makes all way to improve your user experience (UI).

Full Security

The free WordPress version is open source, and developers can easily edit functions to meet their clients’ requirements up to the desired level. 

As this is open-source, that means its source code is easily accessible. A hacker can easily access the site code for any vulnerabilities in your site. 

WordPress is launching new features and controlling all vulnerabilities. The WordPress development team is continuously adding new features. After an update in WordPress 5.6, the development team has added new features of auto-update. Now you can enable or disable the auto-update option for WordPress, Themes, and Plugins. 

Shocking statistics for WordPress vulnerabilities, and the hacking figure is over 90%. Most of them are due to themes and plugins. Different reports show more than 98% of WordPress vulnerabilities are due to plugins, and in another, report it is mentioned as 95% of securities breaches are due to plugins and themes. 

You can’t ignore these figures, and you should regularly be updating your WordPress website or maintenance. Your business website is your best presence. After this pandemic, most businesses are shifting online. 

Make sure to update your PHP version. You can upgrade this by logging into your server or hosting account.

Bug Fixes

Bugs directly impacted your site frontend. Your site structure is important; when your customer or visitor are reaching your site.  

Bugs are the main reason you should keep your site updated. The bugs are because of some syntax problems in core files. The development team is working to fix these bugs and offer better performance to their users. 

If Your site is not performing well. Then this is a time to log in to your WordPress dashboard and update your core files. 

Fast Speed

Updating your website is to help the site in fast loading. If you’re using themes or plugins to make your site structure more enticing. Their development team is continuously working on adding new features, fixing bugs, and controlling securities problems. 

Speed is a ranking factor in the Google algorithm. Search Engines (SE) are doing their best to offer a better experience and keep engaging their visitors. 

A paid cache plugin releases new features and fixes some bugs with their update release. So, you can take benefits of their product. The purpose of writing this post is to highlight the issues that I noticed on my client’s website. 

A few weeks ago, I activated the Wp-Rocket Cache plugin to speed up the site and achieve 95+ scores. Later I visit the site and see a drastic and terrifying speed and performance. Then I see at the backend of the site to see what’s wrong with the site.  

Note: I am not working on retainer or handling website maintenance for my client’s website.

What I noticed is WordPress website is not regularly updating to overcome bugs and vulnerabilities.

Themes and Plugins are not Updating WordPress Regularly core version also updateable
Client Website WordPress Dashboard — Showing Update Notifications for WordPress, Themes, and Plugins.

Make sure to update your site regularly, so it can take advantage of new features and perform better. If you’re not sure how to update them, you can hire an SEO expert or Freelancer to fix this for you. 

Add New Compatible Features

Did you ever notice with every new update, WordPress launches a new feature after the release of 5.6?

WordPress is doing its best to add a page builder called “Gutenberg” to build your site. With this page builder, your site will have lightweight and fast loading. 

A compatibility factor always helps websites security. Some themes and plugins are free to use, and their development team leaves them when they don’t see noticeable benefits. 

And if some websites owners are using their theme and not getting updates. But WordPress is Regularly updating its core values, languages, and framework. What do you think if a theme is only compatible with 4.2 and not being updated to meet the requirements of 5.8? It will definitely conflict with performance and a better user experience.  

The bottom line is, make sure to update your WordPress website to enjoy new features. 

How to carefully Update your site?

Before updating your site with new releases, you must make sure it is not conflicting with your Site framework. Some updates may harm your site, and you can break your site. Updating new releases, follow these rules. 

Create Backup

A backup is stored file created with recommended plugins like Updraft, All in one WP migration, BackWPup, duplicator, and blog vault. It is the best practice to create a backup file whenever you’re doing some customization, adding new plugins, themes, or editing code. 

The most popular plugin used by WordPress users is Updraft. It is very flexible and free to use. This plugin does not only help for creating the backup but, you can also set automatic backup schedules for better convenience. 

CMS Software Update

What is meant by WordPress software? These are core files that are the building block of WordPress. These are the files that control all functionalities and features of a WordPress website. 

Before updating your themes and plugins, make sure to update the WordPress version first if there is any update regarding this. It will help you in updating new releases of themes and plugins smoothly. 

You also have an auto-update option for this, as the WordPress development team releases the 5.6 version to add such features. Currently, the WordPress version is 5.8. Within a few weeks, they’ll release 5.9. 

PHP Update

PHP is the most essential thing in WordPress CMS. While updating your themes, plugins, and WordPress core files, make sure to update this too. As from PHP development team, it is quoted that:

“PHP, like any other large system, is under constant scrutiny and improvement. Each new version will often include both major and minor changes to enhance security and repair any flaws, configuration mishaps, and other issues that will affect the overall security and stability of your system.

“Like other system-level scripting languages and programs, the best approach is to update often, and maintain awareness of the latest versions and their changes.”

With this update, you will see an impact on performance mentioned earlier in this blog post. 

Bottom line

Your online presence is Important. If you’re using WordPress CMS software tool for your online website. Then you must pay attention to these factors. 

As you all know, WordPress is an open and free source software. The development team is working hard to fix their bugs and vulnerabilities-free tool to secure your privacy. 

All you have to do is regularly check your site and see either it’s performing better or has some issues that create a weird user experience. 
If you don’t have enough time to deal with updating stuff, you can hire an SEO person to fix this for you. Contact me for any queries, I am ready to assist you in this regard.

Avada Theme Optimization with the Wp-Rocket plugin: 95+ speed score with Google Page Speed Insight

Avada Theme Optimization with the Wp-Rocket plugin: 95+ speed score with Google Page Speed Insight

Many premium themes help newbies and business owners make their WordPress websites eye-catching and have more functionalities. So, They can provide ease to their customers’ or visitors’ needs. 

If you have a website that is built with Avada Theme or fusion builder, then this post is for you. In this post, I have discussed how to do Avada theme Optimization.

Avada theme is a popular WordPress theme that is used by more than 70k people all around the world. Most of the premium themes need another caching plugin to enhance speed factors, as it is now a ranking factor with Google’s official announcement. 

Note; This site was created by Divi theme, on which you’re reading this blog post. 

I have tested and collected the results for my client’s website that is built and designed with Avada Theme

If you’ve got a WordPress website that is built similarly to my client’s website theme, then this blog post is for you! 

Let’s dive right in!

I have been working on this site for the last two years as an SEO manager and use many free resources to speed up your site.  

Using free resources will not help you to speed up your site if you’re using a lite theme and Gutenberg then, you are good to go as it will not mess up your site speed. 

After carefully checking all free plugins and the premium #1 plugins called “Wp-Rocket” I have come across the following results that you can also apply to enhance your website speed and get a low bounce rate and more dwell time. 

Here are some useful tips, if you’re using Wp-Rocket with Avada theme:

  1. Make sure to update all plugins and themes
  2. Update WordPress version to the latest one.
  3. Choose the best web hosting platform
  4. Wp-Rocket options; you should enable them carefully.

Let’s explore these outlines!

Make sure to update all themes and plugins. 

Themes and plugins are the basic part of any website built with WordPress CMS. WordPress CMS is available in two versions; one with org TLD and it is free to use and the other with com TLD, and it is available as premium. 

If you’re using a premium theme like Divi, Elementor, or Avada, you should activate it with a license key. As you all knew after a new update on WordPress from 5.6 to onward, WordPress allows you to enable automatic update functions for themes and plugins. Here, you can either enable automatic updates for plugins and themes or disable the option to do it in your way.  

Update WordPress Core Version, so it performs better.  

WordPress is a free CMS source helping beginners, business owners, and entrepreneurs launch their online portfolios. 

How, can you, check your site performance? 

There are too many tools that make this easier for you. They help you by creating a specific report of all possible glitches and an easy fix for all these glitches. 

Some useful tools that are more popular these days are to check website performance. 

  1. GTmetrix | Website Performance Testing and Monitoring tool
  2. Google Page Speed Insight
  3. Pingdom Website Speed Test tool
  4. Ubersuggest Neil Patel Speed Checker tool
  5. WebPage Test 
  6. UpTrends 

These are the most popular speed checker tools, although there are many others, besides using any of these tools you can get an extensive report to optimize your Avada Theme website performance. 

Be Careful while Choosing Your Hosting Company 

What is hosting? Hosting is a place where your website files or media are stored. They’re located in different locations for quick delivery of your business visions and values that you have placed on your website. 

Hosting plays a vital role in website speed optimization. If all the parameters like PHP, MySQL, Database are optimized then you’re good to go. 

Genuinely speaking, a famous quote, “Pay and Get-Service.” If you’re starting a blog website, then you should choose a good plan for your hosting. As your priority is to bring more and more traffic to your blog.

If you’re starting an e-commerce store, then you must go for dedicated hosting. As you never want to lose your customers, because of very low website speed and poor performance. 

There are many factors that you should do focus on while purchasing a hosting plan, a few of them are hosting customers support, Uptime, Storage, SSL Certificate, etc. 

The most popular hosting companies are

  1. Bluehost
  2. Hostgator
  3. Hostinger (This website is using this server) 
  4. Siteground

If you want more in-depth details, you can read this article to make your decision more secure. 

Best Customization of Wp-Rocket with Avada theme website optimization

The wp-Rocket cache plugin is the most popular plugin for speeding up WordPress websites built with any theme. It is paid plugin and comes with a lot, of options to boost up WordPress website speed. 

Now, let’s talk about how we can customize it for Avada theme website optimization. Make sure to create a backup file, so you can save your time from the future problem.  


Wp-Rocket Dashboard, while Optimizing Avada WordPress website, is shown below. 

If you look at the Dashboard window, you will see the license information, CDN, and clearing all cache options. Caches are the stored files that help visitors to easily provide by your server when he/she want to visit your website. 

And if you’re doing any amendments or tweaks to change in design or add new functionality to your website, make sure to clear all cache to see the effect quickly. As of some time, cache shows the previously stored version of your site, unless you clear all cache by clicking these options. 

Dashboard - Account license

Cache customization

While doing Avada theme website optimization, this option has a great impact on the site. Just enable the first option and leave the rest is the best setting up cache settings. 

If you’ve multiple users, then you should also head over to enable “user cache” 

Cache life span is a factor to show how frequently delete or refresh your site. It consumes more resources with fewer numbers. Try to keep your cache life span high; with high means, it will not refresh and delete old versions, and this way you’ll also save your server resources. 

Cache - Mobile Cache

Wp-Rocket File Optimization customization 

Every theme comes with a lot of source code that is organized in such a way that a user can easily understand and do tweaks if required. As I mentioned earlier, WordPress.org is free and open-source. It allows you to do changes as you need. 

While doing file optimization, following the thing you should keep in mind. 

While enabling these options, you must test your site on the front end. These settings are very critical as they directly impact your site structure. 

File Optimization - CSS minification

By enabling each option, check your site at the front end to see if there is any layout or structure problem

Let’s start with the CSS file minification process initially, a CSS file is consists of code and, there is space after every semicolon (;), as you enable this all CSS code space removed and the next line starts after (;) without any space between code lines.

Enable the first option “Minify CSS files” and test the result by looking at the front end of the website. While enabling the second option “combined CSS files” make sure, it is not creating any error on the front end. If a specific file is creating an error, then put that link in the “Exclude CSS file” box. 

Check the “Optimize CSS delivery” option as it helps the site in layout shifting. And, check “Removed unused CSS” as it helps in fewer HTTP requests for better performance. There is a box where you can add a specific ID to exclude. 

The same for JavaScript files

JavaScript helps sites handle all technical functions and animations. It also has the same option as CSS for performance improvement. 

Check “Minify JS files” it will remove the whitespace and comments to shrink the file size. 

It is recommended that if your JS file size is less than (10kb), then you should go for the combined JavaScript file. Combined JavaScript files help your site internal third party and inline JS, to reduce HTTP requests. But if you’re using HTTP/2, then leave it unchecked. 

For load JS deferred, check this option and see the results on the front end, if there are any irregularities in the front end then you can also exclude a specific path. The purpose of this is to eliminate render-blocking on site. Try using Async JavaScript settings.

File Optimization - Javascript Minification

Delayed JavaScript execution is the most critical part of the JavaScript file optimization process. In the case Of Avada Theme Optimization, if you are using any sliders in hero sections, it will require more requests and take more time to load. You can exclude the path by adding a URL or a specific keyword.

The purpose of this is to delay the animation until a user interacts with the section.  


Check all the boxes except WebP caching. If your site is an online course selling company, or a podcast sharing site, then enabling this option may create errors. It will change YouTube iframes with a thumbnail and can often cut video’s load time in half.

Here you also have excluded boxes where you can add a specific URL to avoid loading when a site reload or visit by someone. 

Check lazy load, this way image will appear only when a user interacts or scroll down the page. This way there will be fewer initial load times and HTTP requests for FCP (First contentful paint). 

Media - Image Dimension


This is a signal when you hover the cursor on, a link or CTA, bots send message to DNS to understand what will be the next step, so it can prefetch and reduce third-party code. 

If you’ve generated an XML sitemap with RankMath, it allows you to enable it.

Preload - XML sitemap URL

Advance Rules

This advance rules option is mostly recommended for online or e-commerce stores. There are boxes where you can add specific URLs of pages or posts to exclude them from caching. 


Check all boxes, but if you want to keep your revisions’ history, draft file, trashed posts then leave the first three options. By check all boxes, your Avada theme optimization will be better. 

Database - Enable all option for better optimization

Wp-Rocket has no option to delete or remove unused plugins tables, you can do this by installing and activating the WP-Optimize plugin. 

With help of the wp-optimize plugin, you can check the tables tab and see which tables are not installed that are created because of deleted plugins that are not in use anymore.


CDNs are the best thing when you are targeting the whole world for your business, or blog. It helps you to place your file near the server where your audience is searching or browsing your site. 

It creates a mirror file of your site and places it on every server that is in the list of the CDN network you’re using. A visitor or a customer can see your site or information quickly, as CDNs help them to provide your website file within no time. 

More Popular CDNs are:

  1. Bunny CDN
  2. Cloudflare
  3. Rocket CDN


Heartbeat tells you about notification when a post or page is edited. You can disable it or limit its frequency to save server resources, and optimize your site for better performance.  


Some add-ons help the site boost performance. You can add them if you have their premium subscription. 

End Results

If you’ve followed all the configurations carefully, you can achieve more than 95 scores for your Avada Theme optimization site. You can see the results in this screenshot. 

GT Matrix Speed tool test results

Avada Theme Optimization GT matrix results

Google Page Speed Test Results

Desktop Speed Score

Avada Theme Optimization - Desktop Google Page Speed Insight

Mobile Speed Score

Avada Theme Optimization - Mobile Google Page Speed Insight

If you want the same results for your WordPress website that are built with Divi, Avada theme, contact me or visit our service page for search engine optimization.

SEO Content Writing vs Copywriting: 6 Types of Content Writing, which are in High Demand

SEO Content Writing vs Copywriting: 6 Types of Content Writing, which are in High Demand

SEO content writing vs Copywriting are maybe the same niches, but both have different goals. 

If we look at content writing, it has many purposes than copywriting. It is also catchy and compelling, so you can engage with your readers and provide them solutions for their problems. 

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is a process of crafting words that informs, educates, and helps readers to understand your product or brand. In this, a content writer creates a strategy that he’ll follow to run a campaign for a specific product or niche. You can use it as multi-directional.

To better explore the aforementioned paragraph, if you look at the Freelance Writing website, they have nurtured their blogs page with all information, step-by-step guides, and helping material that helps newbies to learn and earn as Content writers and copywriters.

Content writing could be in different formats, like Videos, guides, webinars, and website content. The size for content in content writing may vary from short to long. The ultimate goal of content writing is to answer a specific query or educate readers to overcome their problems. 

What is Copywriting?

 Copywriting is crafting persuasive, catchy, and compelling words that help prospects to make, a decision and take an action for which you’re writing your copy. 

Copywriting is a way to create scarcity and get an emotional response, it may sign up, buy a product, and download digital products for email. 

The goal of good copy is to sell the product, add scarcity for creating urgency in prospects. It’s not about showing your creativity, it’s about how you present your product effectively.  

You should craft your copy simple and easy to understand, as John Caples said;

“Your ad gets only a fraction of their intelligence…people won’t study your ad carefully. They can’t be bothered. And so you have to make your ads simple.”

SEO Content Writing vs Copywriting - John Caples

In copywriting process all you need to craft a catchy and attention-grabbing headline. Did you know that 60% of all prospects who see your ads typically read headlines and no more?

“Unless your headline sells your product, you have wasted 90 percent of your money.” —David Ogilvy

SEO Content Writing vs Copywriting - David Ogilvy

In a nutshell, Copywriting is a process of crafting words that close a deal with your potential audience, create loyalty, and generate more leads. 

Difference between Content Writing vs Copywriting in Infographics. 

3 Major differences between Content Writing vs Copywriting.

4 Major differences between Content Writing and Copywriting

Types of SEO content writing vs Copywriting

If you are, wondering about picking a specific niche to start your freelance career as a content writer, then this guide will help you a lot. 

  1. Blog Posts or Article
  2. Copywriting
  3. Web content
  4. Social Media Content
  5. Email Sequence
  6. Ghost-Writing

Now let, discuss this in more detail. What kind of content is needed for this aforementioned list, and how we can decide the content length? 

Blog Posts or Article

Blog posts are considered a great resource to educate prospects. Through blogging, you can cover a lot of topics. As everyone knows that, the key rule of a blog post is to inform or educate prospects. 

While writing a blog post you need professional SEO knowledge, to integrate primary keywords naturally in the body of the blog post. You should do proper keyword research before writing a single word, so you can match your content with searcher intent. 

Content length will depend on the topic, for a recipe blog, it may be around 500 words, and for a guide, it will be more than 2000 words. The most recommended content length that has a high chance for ranking is more than 1500 words blog. 

If you want to improve your SEO content writing skills, many sources on the internet will help you become an expert in becoming a professional content writer. 


These days’ copywriting has become the most popular niche on the internet. As this niche has a direct relation with conversions or sales. It includes website copy, landing pages, and product description. 

You can also name it conversion copywriting. The purpose of conversion copy is compelling and engaging readers to take immediate action. This might be clicking on ads, signing up, and add to the cart.  

Content length is not too long, as the purpose of copywriting is to deliver your message as succinctly as possible. 

Web content

Web content is actually what we write on our website, like homepage, service, about, and contact us page. If you’re going to build your online presence through a website, then you must need this kind of content. 

Website content helps our potential clients to understand our brand, product, and overvalues. Write it for customers, not only just for your brand and product. 

For writing great web content copy, you must apply SEO tactics. Add relevant keywords on-page in H1, H2, Body, and alt image text. Avoid doing Keyword stuffing. 

Content length will be defined by business owners or product/service features. 

Social Media Content

Did you know 50.64% of people are using social media? There is a lot of potentials to generate traffic through these social media channels. Every Business is using these Social media channels for their brand awareness. 

Every social media channel has a different impact on your business. The most popular social media channel are Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter. If you’re focusing on building brand awareness then all these can play a vital role in this. 

For sharing useful tips and short reviews on your brand, LinkedIn and Twitter will be a fit match for this, and if you are going to share some media like videos or documentary material then Facebook will be a good choice to post your story. 

Content length doesn’t matter as some social media channels allow you to share a useful piece of content, and then you can redirect them to your website for more information. 

Email Sequence

Email writing is a type of Copywriting. Purpose of writing to send words to those audiences, who are not familiar with your service or product. Or you can send emails to those audiences, who are taking interest in your product or service. So deliver them valuable and engaging content that builds indulge an interest in them. 

You can write cold emails, direct responses, and sales deals that they’d love to open from the inbox. 


Ghost-writing is a high-demand type out of all other content writing types. As you learn from the name that, many business owners hire freelancer writer for writing white-paper, E-book, and blogs under their names. In ghostwriting, the writer admits to charging money in return he/she will not get credit for what he/she writes?

The purpose of ghostwriting is to build brand awareness or sell E-books as kindle on Amazon.

The content length depends on company sizes, either a ghost-writer will write a white paper. And for an e-book, it all depends on the story.

All these types are in high demand. If you’re starting your freelancer writer journey, choose one out of these. A fundamental rule to start this journey is to become a specific, not generalist.

Content writing vs Copywriting: The summary

Both are in high demand. For a good content campaign, you need both content writing vs copywriting. Content writing’s goal is to inform, educate, inspire, empower for later sale. Copywriting is about persuasion and taking immediate action. 

A good copywriter handles both content writing vs copywriting stuff, but the opposite is not true. 

Which type of SEO content writing do you want to master? Which type you think will be easy for you to start today? If you need any help or want a content writer that can handle all your content strategy, contact us

6 Easy Steps to Write Best Content for Affiliate Marketing Website That Rank

6 Easy Steps to Write Best Content for Affiliate Marketing Website That Rank

From this blog post, you’ll learn why content affiliate marketing is important? And how you can craft content to start your affiliate marketing business.

You are on this blog post because of two reasons? Either you want to leave your 9-5 job and become the next entrepreneur! Or you already start an Affiliate blog post and want to learn how you should start an affiliate marketing blog to earn commission by promoting business products. 

First, I will share some stats with you, so you can see why this becomes a hot topic on the internet.

Content Marketing is becoming more popular these days for branding and product awareness. 

According to a survey assessed by the US, 50% of the readers stated that they used adblockers.

B2B organizations using Marketing strategies in the U.S. have shared up to 76%. And in North America share for B2B content marketing is about 43%. 

81% of worldwide brands are using affiliate marketing strategies to generate more sales. 

Affiliate Marketing becomes an exquisite part of brands. An organization using content marketing worldwide have a share of 91%

Mobile devices are playing a core role in generating affiliate traffic, more than 50% of the traffic is through mobile. 

America is the leading country in the world that has an affiliate marketing share of 39%. An organization that holds the largest affiliate share is ShareASale, which is around about 57.7%.

The most successful affiliate marketer is Jason Stone, he made $7 million through affiliate marketing. (Source: Entrepreneur)

Organic traffic driven through affiliate marketing is about 65%. Affiliate marketing networks used by publishers are 84%.

The brand that invests in advertisements is generating 15-30% sales through affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate Content Marketing is the best way to build your brand awareness and get more organic traffic. People avoid using this as this is a long-term way! If you want to start a business with a long-term plan, you should invest in content marketing. 

Content Marketing is a strategic approach to deliver relevant, specific content for a specific audience. It provides an angle to a tailored a brand to their potential client needs. Businesses especially B2B are focusing on creating fresh and valuable content for their prospects. 

Now let’s dive in!

What is Affiliate Content Marketing?

Affiliate content is a detailed piece of information of product/service that a marketer, explains or writes after carefully experienced it. The fundamental purpose of affiliate content is to help and guide users or audiences in reviewing the product/service on which you are writing. 

Write content with reviews, data, infographics, and video to explain the product carefully, so the prospects head over to CTA and do what you want. So in-returns you get a commission. 

There are different types of content formats that you can create as an Affiliate Marketer:

  1. Emails
  2. Website Landing Pages
  3. Article or Blog Posts
  4. Videos
  5. E-Book & how-to guide

Types of Blog Post crafted for Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Single Product Review
  2. Comparison Between Two Products
  3. Case Studies
  4. How to Article Guide
  5. List Style Blog Post

How to Craft Useful Affiliate Content that helps prospects in making their decisions from “later” to “Do it NOW.” 

Here are the following main components for crafting the Best Affiliate content for Your Blog Post. 

Select Affiliate Product and Do Keyword Research

Before creating a strategy to write an affiliate content or blog, you must choose a product first. Every product has different features and benefits. Some products need a large copy to pursued prospects and other need just features description like for DSLR cameras. 

Choosing a winning product is a very crucial part If you’re writing content for a product that you already have been using for a long time it will be easy to write for that product. 

Which Factors should keep in mind while selecting an Affiliate Product:

  1. Select a proper Affiliate Network website.
  2. Chose a product that is relevant to your niche
  3. Have Positive reviews and acceptance
  4. Have a good commission
  5. Make sure it will improve the lives of your prospects
  6. Provide customer support if it is under the SaaS category
  7. You can easily promote on a promotional channel

Keywords research is an important part. Just writing an article is not enough, you need to write it properly. An SEO Optimized content by adding the most relevant keywords in your content will rank your content quickly. 

While writing content for your promotional product, make sure to add phrases that make your content more valuable and relevant. Add keywords naturally and don’t do keyword stuff, as it will make your content spammy. 

Writing SEO Optimized content will help search engines to rank your website. 

Craft Content with Personal Experience

The most common problem in writing affiliate content is to write without knowing about Products personally. Don’t just write what you read on different blogs or social media. In this case, you should be honest as you are going to convince someone. 

Affiliate marketing is not a Fortnite business, it is a long-term journey. You should be honest and think for the long term. Don’t write on those products that you don’t like, this way you lose credibility and your potential audiences. 

Provide your readers practice value, and make sure you’re delivering content that helps them to improve their lives. 

Include Authentic Data and Value in Your Content

To gain credibility, write an honest guide. Writing affiliate content doesn’t mean selling directly. Write helping material and rich content for seller and buyer for making a strong relation of both parties to provide a better experience. 

Add all relevant data, case studies, and testimonials in your blog post body. If you’re writing for a SaaS company, add their customer feedbacks, total numbers of sold products, and about their “help & Support Team.

What should include in the Affiliate Marketing content body:

  1. Write concise and honest copy
  2. Show them with a practical guide
  3. Show stats and testimonials from previous clients
  4. Use infographics to show product growth
  5. Add relevant keywords and phrases
  6. Add helping material like videos, how-to guide
  7. Add FAQ section at the end of the body

Write Affiliate content for humans and Bots

As I already mentioned earlier. Your content should be for humans and optimized for engine bots. Write your content concise and clear that helps readers to understand the product easily. If you have good SEO Writing skills it will be easy for you to craft Affiliate content.

Your first goal while writing affiliate content is to attract new visitors and then redirect with CTA to your affiliate product site. Write it in a way that fulfills the reader’s needs. Writing content without quality will not generate commission from your partner site. 

If you’re busy building products and have not enough time to write a blog post or affiliate content, contact me. I have hands-on experience in creating content for Small businesses. 

Add affiliate links naturally in your content. Place links where readers feel comfy and have the desire to take action. While adding links, make sure to add primary keywords as anchor text that you’re using to redirect your readers. 


Best places to add an affiliate link in your site, that comfy for readers: 

  1. Add a link with media file; like video and image
  2. In testimonial section
  3. In pros and cons if there are comparison reviews
  4. At the end of the blog post

If you’re using the WordPress CMS platform, there are a lot of link generator Plugins that help you create a suitable link that you can also add on other social media platforms to redirect them to your site. 

Here are infographics 6-Easy steps to Craft Best content For Affiliate Marketing.

6-Easy steps to Craft Best content For Affiliate Marketing

Wrap up the Blog Post with exquisite CTA

Writing content for affiliate marketing is not simple, there needs Basic SEO knowledge that helps you optimized your content. Try these steps to craft content for your next affiliate product and attract more visitors.

To get organic traffic by applying white hat SEO tactics takes time, so be patient and give some time. 

If you’re writing affiliate content for a long time, and you are not achieving results. Try to follow these steps and make sure to optimize it with pepper keywords and SEO techniques. In case if you don’t have enough time and wondering for someone who can help you to do it for you, visit our content writing service

I’ll craft content for affiliate marketing with strategy, do proper keywords research, infographics creation, adding stats, and uploading to your WordPress Website. If you are interested to work with me, please share your thoughts in the comment area! 

How to Write Effective and SEO Optimized Product Description for eCommerce Store in 2021

How to Write Effective and SEO Optimized Product Description for eCommerce Store in 2021

Online Market is so over-saturated with almost every product with thousands of niche, using fluffy, Keywords stuffing, Poorly SEO optimized product description that put them in dead pages. 

Product descriptions are what make or break product sales. A well-written, catchy, compelling, and engaging product description has greater chances for generating more sales. 

An SEO Optimized Product Description has the power to help buyers to make a quick decision to buy your product now and not later. A well-crafted copy stands out your product above the fold. 

Using persuasive words that engage your readers will able your customers to swap their credit cards. 

People buy benefits, keep focusing on delivering, so they can offload with the heck using your product. 

Do a detailed search for a primary keyword with high volume, most relevant, and have the best ROI value for the product. 

Create an emotional relationship with your prospects by crafting an SEO-optimized Product description, this way, you achieve more positive results. 

Now I will explain every step in more detail. 

Let’s dive deep in!

Select Best Keyword for your Product

Finding the right keywords for your product is a secret sauce. There are many tools out there that make it easy for you to choose relevant, high volume, and low difficulty score keywords. 

Adding the right keyword, and its modifier words will help search engines to find your pages easily,  and serve your prospects above the fold. 

Now the question is that how you’ll find relevant keywords and other modifiers keywords for your product? Following tools, are used to make this thing easy for online product sellers.

  1. KWFinder
  2. Moz
  3. Ahref
  4. SEMRush
  5. Ubbersuggest

Try to use long-tail keywords, and it will best match the search intent of your prospects. Long-tail keywords are considered as best for higher conversion.  

Let’s say you are using keywords with a product name that is a WordPress theme, try to add relevant theme builders, add-ons, and compatible cache plugins names as modifier keywords. 

Google uses the BERT algorithm to understand page content and use all relevant words that help to complete a context. You will get a good reward from Google for doing this. 

Don’t make your product description spammy by keywords stuffing. It will look unnatural. You should include your primary keywords depending on content length. Use paraphrasing strategy. As mentioned in the above paragraph. 

Add your primary keywords at different places in your product description copy:

  1. In URL
  2. In Product Title
  3. In description copy using phrasing strategy
  4. Product Image Alt tag
  5. Meta Title and Description if you’re on WordPress CMS. 

You can also name this as On-Page SEO, Optimization for your product page. 

Set Buyer persona to see what is Important for Them!

What if you’ve spent a lot of time in choosing a product launching an online store, and spending on advertisements, but all goes waste because you didn’t optimize it for your audience, not match your copy with the search intent of your prospects?

Your prospects are not engine bots, but they are human. Write for your prospects and optimize it for search engines, So they can reward your business, and get the best ROI. 

What do these search engines do? Search engines help your prospects with the query they’re looking to answer for. Write SEO Optimized product description, this way you’re helping Google to make things easy for you! 

The Best way to include buyer persona in your product description is to understand your prospect’s needs. To make this easy for your prospects to think about Whom? What? And how? You can find this through demographics using the Google Analytics tool and other SEO Checker tools like ahref. 

If you can understand your buyer’s persona, you can save the dollars that you’re going to spend on the advertisement without knowing your buyer’s intention. 

Sell Benefits Not Just Features

Help your prospects with converting your features to benefits. People buy benefits! Tell them “what is in it” for them. Sell your benefits in a way that they decide to “Buy Now” and not later.

While crafting SEO Optimized product description keep this clear and concise. Write it in a conversational form, so prospects easily understand the answer of “What solution they will get after buying your product?”

Use the Dichotomy technique while applying for Features/benefits for your product description.

As Nike shoe “Nike Revolution 5 PRM” show their Features and translate them with benefits.

FeaturesBenefits Explain in Product Description copy
Soft insoleSoft foam provides a smooth and supportive experience. Textures on the sides help reduce the weight of the shoe.
Comfortable liningLightweight knit fabric wraps your foot for breathability and comfort. Reinforced heel and outer details provide support and durability.

Add a table to show features and then benefits. 

Always make sure of delivering solutions and benefits. 

Features or specifications or those things which products carry. Features only explain about product and company voice, not elaborate how it will help them to get rid of problems. 

Benefits explain how this product feature will help them. Benefits have a direct relation with their lives and how they improve it with this product. 

Add engaging and problem-solving-rich content, so they can spend more time on site. 

Craft Unique Product description

If you are starting with more than 50 products and it tempting you to add the same description for your all product. Don’t do this. 

If you don’t manage to write all the unique descriptions while launching more than 50 product stores, add a “no index”  meta tag to those pages. Once you get a unique SEO Optimized Product description then removes this “no index” meta tag. 

Adding no index tags while writing SEO Optimized Product Description

This way you are telling search engines to skip this page, as it considers a best practice, besides getting spammy or block through search engines. 

Do not use company manufacturing copy. A company Product description is very technical and not easy to understand by prospects as they mostly share about features and specifications. 

The most dangling truth is people sometimes don’t read all content, but they scan. Like if you are looking for a specific point out of this blog, then you might also be scanning this post to get an idea of what it is about? 

The best way to write descriptions in bullet points as it will help prospects to easily scan and make decisions. 

Responsive Product Page Design

As Google is doing mobile-first indexing. It is to be estimated more than half of all traffic is coming through smartphone devices, make your website responsive across all devices. 

40% of users leave your site and go to competitor site when they get a bad experience with your mobile version site. 

79% of prospects that making online shopping are through smartphones. And more than 80% of prospects use their smartphone to check reviews for a specific product. 

Make sure to make your site pixel perfect, responsive, and fast loading for a better user experience. If you’re using WordPress CMS for your online E-Commerce store and have issues with responsiveness you can shoot a message here

Start Writing SEO Optimized Product Description for your Online store Now!

With using all the above techniques start writing SEO Optimized Product description for your next or existing online store. Wrapping up, how to write unique and SEO optimized Product description now:

  1. Choose the right Keyword for your Product title and description
  2. Analyze Buyer persona to see what is Important for them, check their awareness stage, and then craft description.
  3. Use dichotomy while Selling benefits not just features
  4. Write Unique and conversational Product descriptions that show “what is in it” for prospects. 
  5. More people are using smartphones, make sure to design your store responsive

If you have any questions or want SEO Optimized Product Description for your online store then, here at Faisal Mian I’m offering an exclusive offer for crafting a unique product description