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Faisal Mian - Technical SEO Marketer

Technical SEO Marketer

I’m Faisal Mian

White Hat SEO Marketer With 4+ Year Experience of in Providing SEO Service to entrepreneurs. So, if you want me to make your life easier and grow organic traffic with Best Quality Strategy and Execution, You Are At Right Place.

About Faisal Mian

I graduated from University (UET Taxila) with a degree in Industrial Engineering (IE). The major subject that I like all the time is LEAN MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. The purpose of this system is to utilize fewer resources and generate more work in industries. I write a 200+ page report on LEAN AND Interpretive Structure Modeling (ISM) Techniques. Both these systems help large manufacturing companies organize and utilize their resources effectively and efficiently, which helps them generate more output.

Joined a Large Textile Industry as an AM to start my career, but things did not go well as I wanted. Leave my 9-5 job in the first 3 Months of Joining; to live a life full of freedom. Do certifications to provide quality work to my clients. I love doing SEO, and WordPress website design for Affiliate Businesses – Blog – Personal Website Design.

My Mission is to help Solopreneurs & Online Businesses to relieve their problems with my Semantic White Hat SEO Skills. With having 5 Years of Experience in Serving Worldwide to my Potential clients in boosting their business.

My goal is to provide extensive, and professional work to grow my potential client business. To make my clients’ life easier and apply all the White Hat SEO and Build Authority, that will help you to get more awareness and leads. Let’s, create another success story by working together!

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