How to Improve WordPress On-Page SEO Score with Free Plugin (RankMath) in 2021

How to Improve WordPress On-Page SEO Score with Free Plugin (RankMath) in 2021

Google is using more than 200 factors to rank your blog page, website page. On-page is not a ranking factor but helps websites to rank.

In this blog post, I will discuss the strategy that I use for doing my blog’s WordPress On-page SEO to achieve a 90+ score.

Remember, whenever you do start to write content or copy, write it for your audience. It should sound simple, concise, conversational, and then make Google friendly.

Three major components of SEO:

  1. Technical SEO (Site Structure)
  2. On-Page SEO (Individual Page Optimization)
  3. Off-Page SEO (Link Building)

Here we discuss only On-Page SEO, and how to implement it for a better WordPress On-Page SEO score. 

How to do best on-page SEO practice with a free plugin called RankMath. We’ll discuss this shortly.

You might be on this page because of the following reasons, and you’re looking for an answer:

  1. You’ve got an old website but your current WordPress on-page SEO is not getting organic traffic. Or
  2. You have a new website, but yet you’ve not done WordPress On-page SEO for the focus keyword

If you think you can’t do it by yourself. You can contact me, I will apply the same tactics for you. 

What is On-Page SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process for optimizing your content within your web page, to make it easy to find by your audience and Search Engines.

Not, only for your audience but also helps, Search Engines (SE’s) to crawl your site. If you’re writing content that the audience wants then, these SE help you to boost your ranking.

Site speed also has a great impact on website pages, if you’re just focusing on on-page SEO and not on Site structure and speed then it will not help your audience, and SE. 

The audience wants quick access to your page, if it loads slowly it will increase your bounce rate. 

Google wants to help their users to easily and quickly access information for which they are typing on Google. Don’t make your site fluff, create easy navigation throughout all pages. 

Google Introduce a new algorithm to understand your content. The BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from transformers). This update helps Google to deeply learn about words used in a sentence, with all nuances of context.  

The impact of this update is 10% on search queries. And it is a big update announced by Google in five years. 

Basic and Important things that you should do follow when you are doing WordPress On-Page SEO for an Individual Blog post or Page: 

Let’s dive right in

Title and Meta description Optimization

Title and meta description are highly important while doing, WordPress on-page SEO. It directly helps search engines and the Audience to understand what you put in body text. 

Title and Meta Description with Focus Keywords

If you think you’re not good at crafting an SEO-optimized title, you can try Share through the headline. It helps you to check all scores needed to write a compelling title. 

To optimize your title and meta description you should add your focus keywords in the title and meta description, as you can see in the above image with the focus keyword “SEO Content Writing Skills” 

If you’re not sure about controlling pixels or character for your title and meta description try this tool

SERP Preview for Blog Post tile and Meta Description

URL or Slug Optimization

URL or slugs are the address through Google find your blogs post pages. It helps users to match with their search intent. Using focus or Primary keywords helps both Search Engine and Audience to easy click on your post. 

Character length should be a maximum of 75.  If it is more than this then RankMath suggests you keep this under these characters. 

URL or Slug Optimization with Focus Keywords in WordPress On Page SEO

To better understand about URL for your Blog Page, read this 

WordPress is smart enough, and it will add your title as a slug, you should re-write it to keep it concise and under 75 characters. 

If you’re not seeing your custom URL with your primary keywords, make sure to enable your permalinks with post names. You can visit this page by following this path Setting>Permalinks

I.e: http://versiontwo.local/sample-post/

URL or Slug Optimization for WordPress On page SEO

Keywords Optimization in content

Keywords density is an important part of your writing part. Include primary keywords naturally. Avoid doing keyword stuffing on your blog page as it is a bad tactic in the Google algorithm. 

While doing WordPress on-page SEO, check how many times you used your primary keywords in the content. There is no specific rule to add keywords, but it should be between 1%-1.5% in your content. So, it looks natural. 

Here is an example for keywords density, a blog post contains 2500+ words, and primary words repeat 2.5% time. 

Keywords Optimization in content

Internal links: are those which point to another page within the same domain. 

External Links: These are those links that are linked to other sites from your domains. You can also add attributes like; Do follow, No-follow. 

As you can see from the attached image.

Internal and External Links - WordPress On Page SEO

These links help Search Engine bots while crawling your site to see the other relative information on your site or other sites. It also helps to build authority when you are linking other authoritative sites 

Make these links in an easy navigational way, so it can help users. While adding  “open in new tab” help your audience to see the linked pages in the new tab this way, they get no distraction from the current page, and your on-site time will increase. 

Media or Images Alt Tags

Google can’t read your image, what it read is HTML tags. Add your description in such a way that the Search Engine understands your context that you want to deliver. 

Whenever you add media (Video, Images, Files, SVG, etc), make sure to add Alt Attribute tags. 

Media or Images Alt Tags

It not only helps search engines but also creates a better user experience if sometimes the image takes more time to load. Image or Media Alt Text will be displayed. 

Use more than 3-4 Media elements in your blog post, with primary keyword. 


There are more than 200 factors used by Google to rank content, but Google doesn’t mention anything that tells us about content length. 

But some best practices and studies show that Google loves large content as it has a higher correlation with ranking. 

All topics on the internet do not have the same context. Like for a recipe you can’t write content with more than 200-300 words and for a guide like: “Why WordPress is The Best Blogging Platform” you can’t summarize all content in less than 1000 words. 

As we are using Rankmath which is a free plugin that offers WordPress on-page SEO. You can easily adjust the requirements and see suggestion where to add or remove. 

If we follow the guidelines that this plugin recommends, our content length should be more than 2500 words for a 100% score. 

As I have for my blog post “The Ultimate Review – Why WordPress is The Best Blogging Platform for You in 2021?” and SEO Score for this is 100/100.

Blog Post SEO 100 Score

Check Readability score

Write your content very simple, concise, and easy to readable. As it is a common saying in the advertising industry people read your headline first and then read the content. 

If you’re not able to engage with your headline then you’re wasting your time and money. On the other hand, if there is a compelling headline and people are clicking on it. You are increasing your “Click-Through Rate” which helps google to understand, there is more relevant information, and it will give you a chance to rank for such Keywords. 

Include positive or negative sentiments, power words, and numbers.

If you are wondering how to improve your content writing skills. There are a lot of other sources on different social media channels. 

As I mentioned earlier you should first write for the audience then optimize it for Google. 

Adding a table of content 

If you’re writing guidelines for “how to do On-Page SEO” then, you must include steps that help the reader to understand better. 

There will be some reader that wants to read a specific step, and others want to read all your blog. You should create easy navigation for them, so they can access specific steps with just one click.

The best way to add navigation to each step is by adding a Table Of Content. 

Google also uses these sub-links and includes them on SERP. Here is an example to show more links to the same page. 

Table of Content Jump To links

There is no guarantee that by doing this you will get this type of result. But if you do not include TOC then, it will not be possible to show such links on Google SERP.  

Some useful plugins that help you to add TOC in your content to get a better WordPress on-page SEO performance score. 

  1. Ultimate Blocks
  2. Easy Table of Content

To Summaries WordPress On-Page SEO:

  1. Add Primary keywords in Title and Meta Description
  2. Optimize URL or Slug with Target Keywords
  3. Keywords Optimization
  4. Add Alt Tags for Images and Media
  5. Add Internal and External Links
  6. To create fresh content, it should be concise, and simple.
  7. Add table Of content

Here is infographics describe 7 steps for Doing WordPress On-Page SEO.


Do You Still Need to help in Doing WordPress On-Page SEO?

If you have a workload and do not have time that you can spend doing your Blog post-on-page SEO — no problem, I’m providing an exclusive service for on-page SEO here and also a Freelance Platform. 

I have achieved 100/100 score, by writing SEO-optimized content for Techs, and Business. I will do the same for you to contact me to discuss your project, or visit my SEO service.

Learn How to Improve Your SEO Content Writing Skills: 11 Easy Ways to Emboss up Your Content Now

Learn How to Improve Your SEO Content Writing Skills: 11 Easy Ways to Emboss up Your Content Now

Why this industry, is growing?

Why it becomes the most eye-focused organization for many businesses on the Internet?

Let me show you some stats, so you can see how it was and what it will be in the next few years?

As we all know, because of this shitty pandemic every business is focusing on remote work (Work From home).

Some years ago, it was soothsaying that content marketing will hold a share of around $400b until 2021, But this supposition changes now.

In A report by Business Wire. The content marketing industry is growing and now there will be a hike by $269b during 2020-24.

As everyone knows that social media marketing has become more useful these days. Billions of people are using social media apps across the Globe.

Now let’s Discuss “What is Content Writing

Content writing is a way to build authority for you and your business, to get more leads. It is a long-term Investment for brand awareness with writing fresh and useful content.

Content writing the best option for Highest ROI. It will save you money. An estimation; it saves 62% of your money! Then investing in advertising, and generates 3 times more leads.

Using content there is a 19.7% increase in traffic than other sources.

It is also a way to educate your audience, to build a relationship with them, so you can sell your product or service.

It includes blog posts, articles, help guides, white paper, scripts, podcasts, and presentations. Not only that, but it becomes a primary resource for people to communicate with each other.

In 2021 content writing is become a more interesting and profitable niche. If you’re a Freelance Writer or have your own business you must understand its fundamentals.

To get more organic traffic, and leads you should learn “how it is affecting businesses?” and “Why you should focus on SEO content?”

If you want to learn content writing skills. This article will help you overcome your fear and make you a Good content creation expert.

Learn How to Improve Your Content Writing Skills

Let’s split it into sections, so you can understand how to get mastery in this skill!

You don’t need a special degree to get a master’s in this skill. If you’re passionate to write everything that is happening around you.

Some people scale their self, find their dream client that they want to work with them. On other hand, some are stuck with reading a lot of stuff but not able to omit a single word. Duh!

If you are learning writing skills then you must spend your ¾ time doing practice, write on any topic.

To put something new in your brain, you should first make it empty for that. For this purpose, read these lines are from Cashvertising Book

“The guy ranted on and on while the master poured the reporter’s tea. As he endlessly babbled, the tea quickly rose to the rim of his cup and began spilling all over the floor.

The reporter finally stopped yakking and said with surprise,

“What are you doing? You can’t pour in anymore!  The cup is overflowing!”

“Yes,” responded the wise master. “This teacup, like your mind, is so full of ideas that there is no room for new information. You must first empty your head before any new knowledge can enter.”


Let’s dive right in!

The 5 Basic skills that you must know to master yourself

Before moving on to how to improve writing skills! You first need to make sure to keep in mind, so you can write optimized content.

  1. To create an environment that boosts your productivity, it should be distraction-free.
  2. Understand your employer’s goal, and write what they want from you!
  3. Use simple words that deliver your message.
  4. Compose paragraph in such a way that it creates visual IR (Internal Representation)
  5. A basic understanding of Keywords and On-page SEO to boost your organic traffic.

You don’t get overwhelmed with all stuff, in trying to jargon all niche. Choose one niche and master yourself in that, this way you can scale yourself.

As I mentioned earlier. Content writing is a primary source to communicate with your readers. Create a visual movie in their mind for a better understanding of your product or service.

Read Every Day, Blogs, e-Books

This is the most interesting thing that I do, to improve my writing skills. You should read other bloggers! To see how they transform their message into writing.

Don’t worry, you’ll find a lot of content that is like a piece of junk! This is because many bloggers and write retch the same old stuff, without doing any research.

Content Marketing is evolving industry and it never going to die. On the same road, you will find many useful sources.

There is a lot of content marketing agencies out there. That is creating fresh content and spread it with facts and figures.

I read blogs from one of my most favorite content marketing experts. They are Julia McCoy, Brian Dean, and Jon Morrow.

Try to search for a useful source to learn such a skill. As it will save a lot of time and make you able to write content that matters.

Some useful e-books also help you to build your reading habits. My most favorite e-Books are:

  1. Cashvertising – Drew Eric Whitman
  2. The One Sentence Persuasion Course
  3. So, You Think You Can Write– The Definitive Guide to Successful Online Writing
  4. The Copywriting Sourcebook– How to write better copy, faster – for everything from ads to websites
  5. Awaken the Giant Within – Winner Walking by Anthony Robbins

You will see! How all these bloggers, authors and publisher convey their messages and generate sales and brand awareness.

Note: Always write what you learn every day, even a single line will also help you improve your skills.

Find a Mentor for Reading their Guides Daily

It is a tough task to choose a mentor that helps you to improve your SEO content writing skills!

There is a lot of content strategist and blogger on the internet. That is helping and running millions of dollars agencies.

Mentors will help you to make your journey smooth. You can ask them and join different social media channels for help. They are a very cool person and will help you with your complacent.

Some newbies are very shy, and they didn’t want somebody to read their content. You should offer your copy or content to your friend or mentor for feedback. These are good tactics to improve your writing skills.

P.S. I have mentioned some useful resources for blogs and e-Books. You will learn a lot from these guys! As they are a good content strategist.

Do your research before start writing

When you start writing, always research to match your client’s or your own goals with your content writing. If you are not doing, so then you will get fluff at the end.

To start writing SEO-optimized content, research is an important part. There are many sources to find your content, to see where your competitors are ahead of you or your client.

It will also help you to encapsulate more knowledge in your mind by doing so. You’ll come across relevant stuff that will help you in the future.

I’m writing this article after researching for a week. Create a headline, check its performance. I will discuss later “How you can check heading Quality?”.

It will help you to understand your competitor’s content strategy. So, you can come with more fresh and useful content that your readers are looking for.

Write it for your Audiences

Are you writing it for yourself? Or you want it for your potential audience? Keep your audience in mind is a fundamental part of Content Writing.

If you don’t understand demographics, then you will be not able to reach the right audience!

A skilled writer keeps his audience on his table and then type on the keyboard. To deliver the best you must pay attention to your audience.

Your audience is your business. If you’ll not able to deliver then they will skip through it and land on another landing page. This is bad as it will increase your bounce rate, decrease dwell time, and more.

You can see your demographics through Google Analytics. For better understanding see all parameters that are under “Audience” in GA.

Google Analytics to Check Demographics for your Content Writing Journey

If your target audience is “Copywriter” then you should create content with Free Guides, Videos, and e-books.

Craft Headline that Best describes You, or Your Product

Your headline is your first line that either hook or lose your reader.

Your headline should be simple and effective. It best describes to your audience that what they’ll achieve at the end.

If you want to get mastery in crafting a Quality, High Engagement, and Impression headline for your next topic or content writing try “Sharethrough headline Analyzer

I also test this topic “Heading Quality Score” and it is 75 which is above average.

Write Your Blog body with Simple Words

If you’re thinking that using complex vocabulary, and words create a great impression for you! And it will make you a good content writing expert. Then you are wrong.

According to Flesch! Readability grade, your content should be between 4th -8th-grade reading level.

The table for the Grade reading level is:

Content Writing Readability Score

Higher the score more it will be simple and easy to understand.

If you’re wondering how you can check your content readability grade. Here is a free app “Hemingway” where you can edit it, and make it simple.

Also, avoid fillers words like that, they, very, actually, etc.

Use Infographics to deliver more information

Infographics content is getting more popular than text, as it delivers more information.

There are mind-blowing stats for Infographics. In a report the content with “What Post”, “Why Post”, and Infographics get 25.8% more links than other content.

You can make such infographics using graphics tools, or online sources like Canva. These tactics are very useful when you want to start your business as a content writing expert.

Use These Tools to Improve your SEO content writing skills

Just writing thousands of words is not make your content writing skills great, you should make it SEO Optimized, and Make it simple to convey your message easily.

Here are some tools that I mostly used for my Content creation. You should also use them to make your work easier.

  1. Grammarly
  2. Hemingway
  3. Share Through Headline Analyzer
  4. Language Tool’s
  5. Word-Counter
  6. Answer the public

These tools are available in both Free and Paid. Start with a free plan and if you enjoy using these tools you can buy their premium plan also.

Make sure to Practice it, until it Becomes Your Daily Routine

Create crappy content, and don’t let yourself interrupt with editing it. When you’re done with writing then fix it by yourself, or using any of these tools mentioned in the last heading.

First, you should create an outline for the heading and then a subheading. It will make your process easier.

According to Malcolm Gladwell, the best-selling author. He said that it takes him 10,000hours of “deliberate hours” to become an expert in content writing. If that’s true then why you should not try this?

As they say “Practice makes a man perfect.” If you want to be good at what you want then make sure to practice it on a daily basis.

If you want to learn SEO Content writing skills! You must do practice by writing down what you’ve learned every day.

Get out of procrastination, then you will see how it makes you the best content writer or copywriter.

Final Thought

Now, it’s time to become a Good Content writing or creation expert, if you want to start a freelance business then start it today.

These 11 steps will improve your SEO Content Writing skills. If you want to learn more about content writing, there are plenty of resources on the Internet, use them, and Practice them.

I’ve also mentioned some useful resources that you can see and grow your skills for 2021.

If you need any help with Content Creation, Content strategy for your business, and you’re not sure! You can Contact Me. And also visit my service page where I’m offering SEO Content Writing service.

Your Success is our Business.

The Ultimate Review – Why WordPress is The Best Blogging Platform for You in 2021?

The Ultimate Review – Why WordPress is The Best Blogging Platform for You in 2021?

Are you looking for the best blogging platform or want to start a blog? Are You still wondering which CMS you should choose? That helps you to start your blogging journey?

There are many CMS platforms out there! They in use of Business owners, bloggers, e-commerce stores, and Entrepreneurs.

Some of these have paltry tools and others come with a bunch of tools.

Although, there are plenty of CMS on the internet that you can use for blogging! But, if you want a CMS platform that helps you offload your all load;

I recommended and most favorite CMS platform for online blogging is WordPress. Unlike other CMS like Shopify, Wix, Squarespace it is free to use and has plenty of free plugins and themes.

To make it easy for you; I write some useful guides. So, you can get an In-Depth review of WordPress and its performance.

Why WordPress? Initially launched in 2003, but it initially started in 2001, a successor of b2/cafelog.

And now it is the most popular CMS on the internet. It is considered to be the most widely used blogging platform.

Total 64.7% of websites are built with a content management system known as WordPress. And this is 40.9% of the web around the Globe.

This state is also including with those sites which are not using any CMS (Custom coding sites). (Source: W3Techs).

WordPress V5 is used by 87.2% of all User who has their site WP (Source: W3Tech)

Almost 64 Million active users are using WordPress, there is no exact figure for the WordPress website users as this is an estimate from the whole world websites that are near about 200 million.

Almost 2/3 sites are using WordPress.  (Source: Internet Live Stats)

WordPress is the fastest growing CMS; it is to be estimated that more than five hundred websites are built with WordPress each day.

The following are the most popular site that is built with using WordPress CMS:

There are 1000 blog posts published on WordPress per minute. More than 10 million searches made with the keyword “WordPress” (Source: Keyword Planner)

More than 60 languages are integrated with WP CMS, you can choose your favorite one, and also there is easy to translate it into other languages for your targeted country.

Well! If you’re not still convinced with these stats and users, then I further explain more about this. As I think it will more entice you!

Here are some more fascinating facts about WordPress, and it will make it easy for you to select WordPress as the best blogging platform for you!

Now, let’s explore more about this CMS and create interest in you for choosing the Best Blogging Platform to start your journey.

Let’s dive right in!

Unlike other CMS WordPress is Free

We get more influenced toward the discounted or free stuff around. Unlike other CMS, WordPress is free and open-source software.

Allow you to use it and change where you need custom functionalities, there are no copyright issues, as it is licensed under GPL, which allows you to modify it for free.

You only need to buy your domain and hosting where you can host your site with your custom address (I mean Domain!).

Are you getting to flounder between .org and .com? Let me explain this to you. is self-hosted; that means you have the option to buy your custom domain and hosting. It is free to install on your web host and create a website that will be 100% free, and you have the copyright reserved. is not a free source to create your site, although it is powered by But it comes with limited flexibility.

I would recommend you to spend some time to learn more about these both and decide what will fit for you. I use as it is free, more flexible, and comes with a lot of resources.

Using free resources and tools you can build a website from basic to advance.

It is easy to use, even if you’re not a developer and have no idea of basic coding skills, still you can use it for your blogging.

There are thousands of free themes and plugins that allow you to change functions, like styling, contact form integrations, SEO integration, and many more.

Easy to Install WordPress on your host

If you think you need very high-tech or coding skills to do this? – No! Just in a few clicks you can install WordPress within few minutes.

If you’re getting stuck you can connect me with your web hosting details, I will install it for you and set it right away.

If you register with web hosting and buy your business domain, then installing WordPress is very simple.

Because of its popularity, most hosting provider companies have created an option for the user to easily install WordPress with just a few clicks.

With a few clicks of installation, it will guide you step-by-step. Generate links for you where you can easily access your WP dashboard.

What if you want to log in the second, third, or fourth time to your WP dashboard? Do you need to first login into your hosting? No!

You just add /wp-admin/ just at the end of your domain name. (e.g. you will be right at your WordPress login page. Use your credential to log in to your Dashboard. 

If you’ve to buy your Domain and Hosting through Hostinger. That I am using for my site. You will see this simple step to install this in a few clicks.

Install WordPress on Web Host in Just few Click

Flexible and no required Expert Level Coding

It is the most friendly and flexible CMS out of all others. It allows you to manage your content efficiently.

When you will open your dashboard, on the left side you will see a menu, wherefrom you can manage all the stuff.

You can add/delete Pages, Post, add Media, Themes, and Plugins by just clicking on the menu option.

It comes with a lot of add-ons that allow you to add and modify your function that you think fits your business.

Do you want to create an Online course selling website? Add LMS Plugin, and just simply add your course videos and certificate, here you go!

Do you want to add an option for sharing your post on social media for your visitors, add a social sharing plugin, and customize it?

If you think you need a custom function on your site, and it is not available for free? Don’t worry! Concern with a Developer it will do for you.

It has Free Resources (Plugins & Themes)

What are Plugins and Themes, and how they help to change and enhance website functions?

Themes are used to style websites; each brand has its own identity and wants its online business to align it with its brand identity.

There are free themes and these are over 5k with different categories. Like for blogging, Online store, Business, and Online course selling company.

There are also Premium resources out there you can use for your site if you want to make your site next level!

Plugins or Add-ons are mostly free, that change functions and offload a lot of work. There are about 50K plugins on the official WP site directory.

So, you have plenty of free resources. If you’re stuck with finding the best plugin for your blog site, you can get help from the Tidy Repo.

Tidy Repo - Show you Best Plugin for Your Comming Blog Post Site

You can see the plugins review and select which will best perform for you.

You can create Multisite Using WordPress

Using WordPress-free software, you can also create multisite for your business. You might be thinking what is Multisite?

Multisite: it is WordPress features that allow business or agency to create a network of subsite with using a single WordPress Dashboard.

In a multisite system, the network shares files, databases, and other variations with the same domain.

The multisite system further divides into two categories, either is a subdomain system or a subdirectory system.  

Examples: There is some site which creates different subdomain for their “blog”, “support”.

URL will look like this: ( e.g., is using a subdomain for their blog page.

And for subdirectory site it might be their different language versions, Website URL will look like this: ( e.g.,

It Allows More Than One User

If you’re hustling with a lot of other tasks to run your agency or business then you might need a virtual assistant to handle some of your workloads for a few bucks and this way you get more time to think.

WordPress offers 6 types of rule user role:

  1. Administrator (Able to Do everything, Add/delete, Manage, Edits)
  2. Editor (Manage categories, links, and moderate comments)
  3. Author (Create, edit, delete, and publish own posts)
  4.  Contributor (reading post, deleting and editing own posts)
  5. Subscriber (Read the post and manage own profile)
  6. Super Admin (This is only for Multisite Network System), Similar to Administrator

If you have a very busy schedule and can’t handle all stuff, you can hire or ask your friend to do this for you! you can also give offer a role, mentioned above to handle your tasks.

What Kind of Website You can Build Using WordPress?

When it is initially launched it was preliminary for creating a blog. With growing, the CMS stats community has made it more flexible for their user.

The WordPress community is doing a great job and continuously improving the ecosystem. Creating New themes and plugins, and making them flexible with each other help users to create any type of site with WordPress.

As mentioned above stats, WordPress is powering 40.9% of the global site.

Here is the list of sites that you can design and build with WordPress:

  1. Personnel website
  2. Business website
  3. e-commerce Store
  4. Blogs
  5. Resume
  6. Portfolio
  7. Forum
  8. LMS
  9. Social Network
  10. SaaS
  11. Affiliate Marketing
  12. … And many more than WordPress CMS is flexible.

How WordPress Manage Content in its Repository

Unlike other CMS, WordPress has a different ecosystem, it creates separate folders to keep your files.

If you open your website file manager on your hosting, there you will see separate folders for, Media, Plugins, Themes, and Backups. 

This way you can easily do amendments and Add or Delete stuff without affecting others. How WordPress manage your Files and content:

  1. Store content on WordPress
  2. Design and Appearance on WordPress
  3. More functionalities with Extension and Add-ons

Store Content on WordPress

WordPress stores your all content in the database, and media in a different folder, so it can easily access by you. You can add or delete your content using Block Editor.

Store Content on WordPress

Block Editor allows a new user to easily add and style content without flounder.

You can also use another option “Classic Editor” but it has an old UI version and doesn’t allow you to access more new updates.

Design and Appearance on WordPress

There are thousands of pre-built themes in the WordPress templating engine that manage the appearance of the website.

Design and Appearance on WordPress

Each theme comes with its stylesheet. There are a lot of page builders that make it easier to further enhance and style a theme.

There are also premium themes that offer a lot more flexibility and option to make your site outstanding. These come with drag and drop builders.

My Favorite Themes and Page builders are Divi and Elementor

More functionalities with Extension and Add-ons

As I already mentioned that WordPress is more popular because of its flexibility, it allows users to create a site from basic to advance.

More functionalities with Extension and Add-ons

There are free and premium plugins that add more functions to your site.

Like, If you want someone to connect with you, you can use Contact Form 7 to add a contact form, so you can get in touch with your potential clients.

You can also add Social share widgets with these add-ons on your site, so it gets easy for your reader to share your article across social platforms.

You can add SEO Plugins that help you to easily do On-Page SEO for your Pages, Blog. The Most Popular SEO Plugins are Rank Math SEO and Yoast.

Some Pros and Cons with using WordPress

Everything just like others in the world has its pros and cons. A similar case is for this CMS it has some useful advantages and also some disadvantages.

First, we discuss the Pros of using WordPress to build a Website:

  1. WordPress is free open-source software that allows you to build your site 100% free. You have the copyright reserved for your site.
  2. It provides you with a lot of resources, Themes, Extensions, Forum Support, Guides You can easily manage and maintain all the files and extensions
  3. You have full control over your site, you can add new features, Functionality, optimize and earn money without any barrier.
  4. You can customize it, modify it as WordPress allow you and there are no copyright issues from You can customize your theme as every page builder and theme comes with its own UI/UX Design.
  5. All Themes and Add-ons are tested and verified with the WordPress Development systems, and version, so they can provide you a better experience.

There are some Cons to Using WordPress CMS

  1. WordPress doesn’t have its Page builder that allows you to customize the front-end. But you can learn all the basics when you spent some time with it.
  2. Although you don’t need professional coding skills for HTML and CSS. But Basic knowledge of these will boost your skills, to add new design and Optimize it for SEO.
  3. You have full control of your site, which means you’re responsible for your site security and backups.
  4. Always make a practice to use Tested and Compatible Plugins, create backups, and download before doing any Updates.
  5. With new versions, you can set these to Automatic, but you still need some care to check the backend and front-end of your site.

Is WordPress a Good Option for you? How You Can Learn it Quickly?

If you’re a beginner and want to boost your online earnings through blogging, I would highly recommend you to choose WordPress.

Using a free page builder and theme you can create a Pixel Perfect WordPress website for your Business or Blog.

WordPress is the most popular and flexible CMS, that allows its user to create any type of website using themes, Add-ons.

It is a good fit for creating your online portfolio, to start your own business and Brand.

And if you want to master yourself as a WordPress website designer there are Useful resources on YouTube and Blogs.

Do You want to start Right Way?

If you have decided to start your blogging the right way! There are some useful resources out there you can use.

If you have no time to start it right now, You can visit my service page here, I will Design a Pixel perfect, and WordPress Blogging Website for You!

For hosting my recommendation is Hostinger and Bluehost (I didn’t use personally, but they have good Reviews

If you have any complacent or query that you think is missing here, you can reach out to me using the contact form, I will help you to sort it out for you!

Final Thoughts

I hope you are now able to understand more about WordPress from this review!

WordPress’s community always surprising their user with new features and performance. It is the best tool for a new blogger. It is also used by different companies, from Small businesses to Corporation companies.

The best way to understand more about it to use it, give it a try!

If you enjoyed this article, then Lets us know what you think about WordPress by filling the comment box below

How Easily Install Divi Theme on WordPress & Activate with API key in 2021

How Easily Install Divi Theme on WordPress & Activate with API key in 2021

Although it is not tough to do this thing! But for a beginner, this might be, This guide is very helpful if you’re a Brand New Web Designer!

For the first time, when I started learning WordPress website design to start my freelance business. I want to be my boss, want to work remotely and not a 9-5 hectic job. 

In this guide I will show you the following steps to install and activate Divi Theme: 

Now Lets Div Right in!

How to Set up WordPress on your local Computer or Laptop?

I started learning from Bitnami for WordPress to design a website on my local computer. The Process followed by using Bitnami is somehow time taking.

Another option for learning and designing a website using your local host computer or laptop is the local flywheel. As you need to show progress on work, to your client.

You can simply download it from their site and install it on your personnel computer or laptop.

The process is very simple as you see—when using online hosting. Here you can see the local flywheel Dashboard, where you can add or delete the website.

And whenever you want to start work or doing some tweaks, you just make the site online with just one click!

Local Flywheel Dashboard

By choosing Local by flywheel is an easy process to learn and boost your WordPress website designing skills.

You can just simply download the free version for learning purposes and keep them updated for new features. 

Create a Domain Name with Custom Environment using Flywheel!

While using online hosting there need to buy hosting and domain and then install WordPress on it.

The process looks similar but here you have options to choose for PHP, Web Server, Database, and the last thing either you want your site to multisite.

Step-by-step Guide on Creating a Domain and Installing WordPress using Flywheel

When you’re done with creating a domain, you just visit your localhost site with one click. Access to WordPress dashboard and all other tools where you can add themes, plugins, and media.

You will find the same process as you will follow when you’re working with an online WordPress website. 

WordPress website Dashboard

Delete or Remove Unnecessary Themes

Why should you delete unnecessary stuff from your site? Well! If you are starting your journey in WordPress website designing you should also know about SEO tactics.

To trash all those stuff that are not in use, but only a load for the site. 

Delete or Remove Unnecessary Themes

Your site should be fast loading, and you can do it by trashing the unused plugins and theme to qualify as a “Great Job!” score from the health score on your site.

When you install WordPress on your hosting server, there are some default themes that are already installed in your WordPress website repository.

You just keep one theme as a backup and another theme that you want to use for your Professional, Business, blog website.

You should also delete unnecessary plugins, as they increase the site size which slows down your site. Keep your plugins always updated, if you will use pirated or outdated plugins it will harm your site.

Note: Always keep the Backup of your site, before doing start any tweaks. There are a variety of plugins that help you to do this. My favorite plugin is “All in WP migration tool”, and “Updraft”.

If you find any error or missing function on your site, it may be because of a plugin, check the function either it’s working or not working by simply deactivate the plugin one by one.

If you see there is a plugin that is not compatible with your theme, try another one it will work.

How to Upload and Install the Divi Theme on WordPress?

Now, it’s time to upload your favorite theme on the WordPress repository. (mine is the Divi Theme! The site you’re visiting now is also built with this theme).

First, you need to download it through your Official Elegant theme Account.

You can simply Download This by logging into your account and then got “Download Divi Theme”. Here you will find a theme and other plugins that Divi offers with one year, and lifetime plan.

Divi Theme Download

Now, you’ve downloaded it. Now, You just simply click on the “Upload” button, as you can see in the below image. Click on Choose File, or Simply drag the .zip folder here named with “Divi Theme”.

When you are done with choosing the file option, now you simply need to “Install” the theme in the WordPress repository.

Upload Divi Theme on WordPress

When you are done uploading then you simply activate it by clicking on the “Activate” button, and you have done with it. 

Divi Theme Activate on WordPress

Activate it with the Lifetime API key.

Do, you have a Divi theme with a lifetime plan? If your answer is No! Then you can connect me, I will help you to make it easy for you to buy it. I am a lifetime plan for this theme from the Elegant Theme.

By Just following the
Dashboard>Divi>Theme Option>Updates. From your official Divi account, you can copy and paste your username and API (you can generate it individually for a specific site or client site). 

Divi Theme License Activation Using Lifetime API Key - Success

You’re on Divi Dashboard and here you can do all custom settings, add your brand colors, adjust the parameters, and many more.

I’ve seen many themes and builders out there on the Internet and WordPress repository. Some are free and others are premium.

If you are a total beginner and have no buck in your pocket, I will recommend you to choose a free theme and start your work today.

But if you want to build a Premium site, with full security then I will highly recommend you to buy a Premium Theme or Page builder. Divi Theme is a very Great Option as it cost you, Less!

Why I Love Divi Theme? 

Divi theme is continuously improving their product. They are introducing new features and speed optimization and many more… Elegant Theme Team support is amazing. The team will take your problem and help you in moments!

It is an amazing Drag & Drop Builder, Global options, Copy and paste option saves a lot of time for the developer. You don’t need to learn coding skills, you just need to drag and drop the module and style it.

Another amazing feature is their pricing! With just $89 you can get this theme for one year and unlimited websites [lifetime plan for $249]. You will get support and other resources, like Bloom, Extra, Monarch, and Divi Page Builder.

It comes with more than 1500 Templates that you can simply add to your page and then style. 

Final Thoughts

So, all the process I’ve explained is for a beginner who wants to start their Web Development journey. If you’re an Entrepreneur or Business Owner, and you have no time to do all this stuff, you can ask me!

I am a Digital Marketing consultant! Helping solopreneurs and fortune businesses to set their Branded and Professional WordPress website using the Divi theme.

If you don’t have a Divi theme yet, No worries! You can contact me, I have a lifetime Premium plan. I will design a clean, Pixel Perfect, SEO Optimized WordPress website that helps you to grow your business and get more leads.

Please check our services that I’m offering as Digital Marketing Consultant to help my Potential Clients.