Can You Return Paint to Walmart? Yes, Learn How

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Can You Return Paint to Walmart Full Guide

Walmart stands out among major retailers with its customer-friendly paint return policy.

If you’ve changed your mind about the color, found a defect, or simply don’t need the paint anymore, you have 90 days from the purchase date to return it for a refund or exchange.

Can You Return Paint to Walmart?

Yes. Walmart accepts returns of unopened paint within 90 days of purchase.

This applies to a wide variety of paint types, including gloss paint, spray paint, oil-based paint, interior paint, exterior paint, primer, and chalk paint.

Bring the paint, receipt, and original packaging to any Walmart store to make a return.

You’ll receive a refund in the form of your original payment method.

Can You Return Paint to Walmart?

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Can You Return Mixed Paint to Walmart?

Walmart does not accept returns of mixed paint. Mixed paint is considered a custom product and cannot be resold.

However, you may be able to return unmixed paint that was part of a mixed paint purchase.

Can you Return Paint to Walmart Without a Receipt?

You can still return the paint to Walmart without a receipt. However, you’ll only be eligible for a refund through store credit or a Walmart gift card.

The refund amount will be based on the current selling price of the paint.

What are the Key Requirements for Returning Paint at Walmart?

When you need to return paint to Walmart, having your receipt is a big help. It’s the best way to show proof of purchase and makes the return process smoother.

But if you don’t have your receipt, don’t worry! Walmart might still let you return the paint. They could offer you store credit or let you exchange it.

Make sure the paint is in its original packaging. The can, lid, and all labels or stickers should be undamaged and just like they were when you bought them.

Walmart will only take back paint that hasn’t been mixed. Once you add tint or mix it, you can’t return it.

Also, checking how much paint is left in the can is important. If the can is mostly empty, Walmart might not accept the return.

How to Return Paint to Walmart: Step-by-Step

In-Store Return:

  1. Gather the paint and receipt (if available).
  2. Visit your nearest Walmart store.
  3. Proceed to the Customer Service desk.
  4. Present the paint and receipt to the associate.
  5. Explain the reason for the return.
  6. The associate will assess the paint’s condition and eligibility.
  7. If approved, you’ll receive a refund or exchange, depending on your preference.

By Email:

  1. Initiate the return process online through your Walmart account.
  2. Print the prepaid USPS or FedEx return label.
  3. Pack the paint securely and attach the label.
  4. Drop off the package at your nearest USPS or FedEx location.
Returning Paint to Walmart Step-by-Step? Online Method

How to make the return process quicker?

Time Matters in Returns
The closer you are to the purchase date, the better your chances of a successful return.

Keep Your Receipt

Always have your original receipt handy as proof of purchase.

Custom Tinting Beware

Remember, paints that are custom-tinted usually can’t be returned because they are made just for you.

Consider Alternatives

If you can’t get a full refund, think about exchanging the paint for a different color or getting store credit.

Bonus Tip: Call Ahead

Before you go to the store, call your local Walmart. Explain what’s going on and ask about their return policy for opened paint.

This might save you a trip and keep you from being disappointed.

What If Walmart Does Not Accept Your Paint Return?

If Walmart does not accept your paint return, you still have options.

Dispose of the paint properly by checking with your local government for disposal guidelines.

You can donate the paint to a local charity or organization.

Another option is to try to sell the paint online or to a friend or family member.

How is Walmart’s Return Policy Comparing to Competitors?

Walmart’s 90-day return window is longer than what you see at other big stores like Amazon, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. These places usually give you 30 days to return items.

Costco is different because you can return paint any time you want. Just remember, you need to be a member to shop there.

Closing Thoughts

Returning paint to Walmart can feel challenging, but it’s manageable with an understanding of their policies.

For unopened cans, you’re set if you return them within 90 days with a receipt. It’s straightforward, much like returning an unused paintbrush.

However, opened cans complicate things. Typically, they are not returnable, but exceptions exist, such as a significant color discrepancy from what was labeled.

If this happens, discuss it with the store manager. Being polite and providing evidence like paint chips or a detailed receipt can help your case.

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Can I return the spray paint to Walmart?

Yes, Walmart accepts returns of spray paint within the same 90-day timeframe and conditions as regular paint.

What items Cannot be returned at Walmart?

Safety concerns mean you can’t return firearms, ammunition, or pepper spray. Air guns and BB guns are generally not accepted either, because they can be misused.
Mini bikes, go-karts, dirt bikes, UTVs, and ATVs are final sale items. This is for safety reasons, so make sure you want them before you buy!
Opened personal care items like razors, hair dye, and cosmetics can’t be returned. This is all about keeping things hygienic.
Gift cards are non-refundable once they’re activated unless there’s a case of fraud.
Open media, including CDs, DVDs, and video games, can’t be returned once they’re unsealed. This rule helps protect copyrights.
Custom-tinted paint is also non-returnable. Since it’s mixed just for you, make sure you pick your color carefully!

Can you return a can of paint at Walmart?

If you have unopened cans and it’s been less than 90 days since your purchase, you can return them with a receipt for a full refund. Opened cans are usually not returnable, but there are exceptions if the paint is defective or the color is significantly different than what you expected. Sometimes, if you made the purchase based on incorrect store information, you might also be able to return it.

Can I return an opened item to Walmart?

Most opened items are excluded from the return policy. However, there are exceptions for defective items, items that are incorrectly labeled, and items purchased within a specific return window, like electronics. It’s also important to note that the manager’s discretion can influence the decision, so when returning an item, explain your situation clearly and hope for understanding.

Can I return the extra paint to Home Depot?

Yes, you can return items but with some stipulations. You must return them unopened and in the original packaging within 90 days of purchase, and you’ll need to have the receipt. It’s important to note that certain brands or custom-tinted paints might have different return policies. For example, Home Depot offers a “gallon for gallon” return policy for latex paint, meaning you can only return the amount you have left over, not the entire can.

Can I return the paint without a receipt?

Walmart may accept returns without a receipt, but it’s at the discretion of the store manager. You may be offered a store credit or exchange instead of a full refund.

What if the paint is defective?

If the paint is defective, Walmart will typically accept a return, even if it’s been opened or used.

Can I return the mixed paint to Walmart?

No, Walmart does not accept returns of mixed paint.

How do I dispose of paint that Walmart won’t accept?

Check your local regulations for proper paint disposal methods. Some states have designated facilities for paint disposal.


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