Is Overnight Parking Allowed at Walmart?

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Is Overnight Parking Allowed at Walmart

I’ve traveled the country in my trusty RV, using Walmart parking lots as a resting place many times. Walmart is known for its friendly policy towards overnight parking. Many of their locations in the United States and Canada allow travelers, especially those in RVs, to park overnight.

This is part of Walmart’s commitment to offering tired travelers a safe and convenient rest spot.

However, it’s important to remember that not all Walmart stores permit overnight parking. Local laws, store policies, and specific situations might restrict this option.

Why Do People Choose Walmart for Overnight Parking?

Travelers choose Walmart for overnight parking for several reasons. The main reason is convenience. With over 4,700 locations in the U.S., there’s likely a Walmart nearby when a traveler needs a place to stay.

Walmart stores are usually near major highways, making them easy to access for those on long road trips.

Many stores offer 24-hour services, allowing travelers to use restrooms, buy food, and get other necessities during their stay.

One major benefit is that parking at Walmart is free. This makes it a budget-friendly option compared to campgrounds or RV parks.

The convenience of Walmart’s widespread locations means you’ll likely find one on your route.

Additionally, many Walmarts are open 24/7, providing access to restrooms and sometimes showers, though this is not guaranteed.

Which Walmart Locations Permit Overnight Parking?

There’s no magic list, but here are some ways to increase your chances of finding a Walmart that allows overnight parking:

Ask the store manager. This is the most reliable approach. Politely inquire about their policy and any specific guidelines.

Use apps and websites. Apps like Walmart Overnight Parking and websites like AllStays provide user-generated information on Walmart locations that typically allow overnight stays.

However, remember that these are not official sources, so follow up directly with the store.

Look for signage. Some Walmart locations might have signs indicating whether overnight parking is permitted.

While many Walmart locations permit overnight parking, it’s not a universal policy. Decisions are often made on a store-by-store basis and can be influenced by local ordinances.

Typically, stores in smaller towns or those in more rural areas are more likely to allow overnight parking than in urban locations where local laws may restrict such practices.

To find specific stores that allow overnight parking, travelers can use resources like Walmart’s store locator or RV-friendly apps.

What Are the Rules and Regulations for Parking Overnight at Walmart?

Even if a Walmart allows overnight stays, there are usually some unspoken rules.

Park in designated areas. If there are specific spots for overnight parking, use those—otherwise, park in well-lit areas away from the storefront.

Be respectful. Avoid running generators, leaving trash, or engaging in disruptive behavior.

Maintain a tidy appearance. Keep your vehicle and the surrounding area clean.

Move on early. Overnight stays are meant for travelers in transit, not extended camping.

Rules for overnight parking at Walmart can vary. Generally, travelers should respect the property and store customers by parking in designated areas, usually at the far edges of the parking lot.

Setting up camp, such as extending awnings or setting out chairs, is typically discouraged.

Travelers should also keep noise to a minimum and maintain cleanliness, ensuring no trash is left behind.

Some stores require guests to check in with the store manager to get explicit permission upon arrival.

How to Find a Walmart Store That Allows Overnight Parking?

Travelers can use several tools to locate a Walmart store that allows overnight parking.

Walmart’s official store locator provides contact details for each location. Travelers can call ahead to confirm parking policies.

Additionally, apps and websites designed for RV travelers, such as Allstays and Campendium, often include user-generated reports on which Walmart locations are RV-friendly.

Are There Any Safety Concerns with Overnight Parking at Walmart?

While generally safe, there can be some security concerns when parking overnight at Walmart.

Being aware of your surroundings and taking precautions is essential.

Park in well-lit areas. Choose a brightly lit spot near security cameras if they are present.

Trust your gut. If a location feels unsafe, it’s best to move on.

Secure your belongings. Don’t leave valuables in plain sight.

Safety is a crucial consideration. While many locations are safe, travelers should always be cautious. It is advisable to stay near other parked RVs or vehicles and choose well-lit areas.

Avoiding isolated spots can enhance safety, and keeping doors locked and valuables out of sight is a standard security measure.

What Should You Know About Walmart’s Parking Lot Security?

Walmart stores typically have security measures such as surveillance cameras and periodic patrols by security personnel.

However, the level of security can vary by location. Some stores may have a visible security presence, while others rely solely on cameras.

Travelers should ask the store manager about the specific security measures at their location.

Do All Walmart Stores Have the Same Overnight Parking Policy?

No, each store manager has the discretion to decide. It’s always best to check with the specific location you plan to visit.

Not all Walmart stores have the same overnight parking policy. Policies can vary widely based on local laws and store management preferences.

It’s always a good practice to check with the specific store before planning an overnight stay.

Some locations might have signs stating whether overnight parking is allowed or prohibited.

What Alternatives Are There if a Walmart Store Doesn’t Allow Overnight Parking?

You have other options if a specific Walmart doesn’t permit overnight parking.

Nearby rest areas, truck stops like Love’s or Pilot Flying J, and some campgrounds welcome overnight stays.

Big-box stores such as Cabela’s and a few Cracker Barrel locations also offer spots.

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What Are the Benefits of Parking Overnight at Walmart?

Parking overnight at Walmart has many advantages. The parking lot is well-lit and easy to access, giving weary travelers peace of mind.

Being close to a store with various goods and services is also handy. Travelers can stock up on supplies, use the restrooms, and grab a meal all in one stop.

How do you contact a Walmart store to ask about overnight parking?

Contacting a Walmart store to ask about overnight parking is simple. Travelers can use the Walmart store locator on the company’s website to find contact details.

Calling the store directly and talking to a manager gives the most accurate and current information about parking policies.

What Are the Most Common Issues Faced When Parking Overnight at Walmart?

Always check for permission before staying overnight at Walmart to avoid being asked to leave. Parking lot activity and deliveries can create noise and disruptions.

While Walmart parking lots are generally safe, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings. Noise from traffic and other parked vehicles can disturb your sleep.

Some travelers feel uneasy about safety, especially in less secure areas.

Can You Use Walmart’s Overnight Parking While Traveling in an RV?

Yes, many Walmart locations are RV-friendly and welcome overnight parking for RV travelers.

However, it’s always important to check with the specific store beforehand. This ensures that RV parking is allowed and helps you understand any particular guidelines or rules they may have.

What Amenities Are Available at Walmart for Overnight Parking?

Don’t Expect full campground amenities at something other than Walmart. Restrooms are generally available; some stores might have showers, but these are only sometimes guaranteed.

Amenities can vary by location. Many stores offer 24-hour access to restrooms and the opportunity to purchase food, water, and other supplies.

Some locations may have designated RV parking areas with access to electrical outlets or water, but this is uncommon. It’s advisable to plan and bring the necessary supplies.

Are There Any Legal Issues with Parking Overnight at Walmart?

Generally, as long as you have permission from the store manager and adhere to local ordinances, you’re good to go.

However, local laws override store policy. If a local ordinance prohibits overnight parking, Walmart’s policy won’t matter.

Parking at Walmart is a privilege, not a right. You must obey all rules and be prepared to leave if asked. Legal issues related to parking overnight at Walmart often arise from local ordinances.

Some cities have laws prohibiting overnight parking in commercial lots. Travelers need to be aware of these regulations, as violating them can result in fines or being asked to leave by law enforcement.

How do you respect Walmart’s parking lot when staying overnight?

Being a responsible guest is critical to ensuring Walmart continues to offer this valuable resource.

Dispose of trash properly and avoid littering. Don’t run generators excessively or engage in loud activities late at night.

Don’t take up multiple spots or block access for other customers. Supporting the store shows your appreciation for their hospitality.

Follow a few essential practices to Respect Walmart’s parking lot when staying overnight.

Always Park in designated areas, usually at the far edge of the lot, to avoid interfering with regular customers.

Keep noise levels down, maintain cleanliness, and avoid camping outside the vehicle. It is essential to leave the area as clean as you found it.

What to Do If You’re Asked to Leave While Parked Overnight at Walmart?

If you park overnight at Walmart and someone asks you to leave, it’s essential to do so respectfully.

Sometimes, store managers or local police might tell travelers to leave because of the store’s rules or local laws.

It’s wise to have a backup plan. Know other places nearby where you can park, like rest areas.

What Are the Best Practices for a Safe Overnight Stay at Walmart?

When staying overnight at Walmart, always pick a well-lit spot. It’s safer to park near other cars or RVs. Remember to lock your doors.

Try to avoid places that are too isolated. Pay attention to what’s around you. Staying low-key and following Walmart’s rules also helps make your stay safer.

Are there any Walmart-specific apps or websites where you can find overnight parking?

Several apps and websites can help you find Walmart locations that allow overnight parking.

Apps like Allstays, RV Parky, and Campendium offer reviews and information from other users about which stores welcome RVs.

These tools are handy for planning a safe and convenient overnight stay.

How Do Local Laws Affect Walmart’s Overnight Parking Policy?

Local laws significantly influence whether you can park overnight at Walmart. In some places, rules stop you from parking overnight in places like store lots.

Local police enforce these laws, and Walmart has to follow them. Travelers need to know about these rules when they plan where to stop.

What Are the Experiences of Other Travelers with Walmart’s Overnight Parking?

Other travelers’ experiences with Walmart’s overnight parking can be quite different. Many say they have good experiences, noting it’s convenient and safe.

However, some face challenges like being asked to leave or noise issues. Reviewing RV-friendly apps can give you a better idea about specific locations.

What Should You Pack for an Overnight Stay at Walmart’s Parking Lot?

Since amenities at Walmart parking lots are limited, it’s important to pack carefully. Bring basic toiletries and sanitation items because restrooms may not be fully stocked.

Adding security measures, like wheel locks for your vehicle, is also a good idea. Don’t forget to pack trash bags to dispose of any waste properly.

For your stay, include essentials like food, water, blankets, and a first aid kit. Items for personal safety, such as flashlights and portable locks, will be helpful.

It’s wise to carry supplies for maintaining cleanliness, like additional trash bags and cleaning wipes.

Is Overnight Parking at Walmart Free?

Yes, overnight parking at Walmart is usually free. But it’s important to check with the specific store you’re planning to stay at because some locations might have rules or need you to ask for permission.

The lack of parking fees is a big reason people choose Walmart for overnight stays.

How Long Can You Stay Overnight at Walmart?

You can stay overnight at Walmart for different lengths, but limiting your stay to one night is usually best.

If you need to stay longer, ask the store manager for permission. Staying too long without asking can cause problems, like being told to leave or even the police being called.

Do You Need Permission to Park Overnight at Walmart?

It’s not always required, but getting permission to park overnight at Walmart is a good idea.

Talking to the store manager helps ensure you follow the rules and respect the store’s policies. This can also prevent any misunderstandings.

What Are the Alternatives to Walmart for Overnight Parking?

Other places you can park overnight include truck stops like Love’s and Pilot Flying J, rest areas, some campgrounds, and other big-box stores like Cabela’s and Cracker Barrel. Each place has different amenities and rules, so researching before you go is key.

Can You Park Overnight at Walmart During the Holidays?

Parking overnight at Walmart during the holidays can be tricky because there are more people and stricter rules.

It’s a good idea to call the store first and have a backup plan in case the parking lot is full or overnight parking isn’t allowed during busy times.

What Time Should You Arrive for Overnight Parking at Walmart?

It’s best to get there in the early evening for overnight parking at Walmart. This gives you a better chance to find a good spot and check in with the store manager.

If you arrive too late, finding a place to park might be challenging, especially when it’s busy or during peak travel seasons.

Are There Designated Areas for Overnight Parking at Walmart?

Many Walmart locations set aside specific areas for overnight parking, usually at the far edges of the parking lot.

They choose these spots to avoid bothering regular customers. It’s important to park in these designated areas to follow store rules and stay on good terms with store management.

What Are the Do’s and Don’ts of Walmart Overnight Parking?


  • Get permission from the store manager before parking overnight.
  • Park in designated areas if available; choose well-lit spots from the store entrance.
  • Be mindful of noise—avoid using generators excessively or creating disturbances late at night.
  • Leave no trace by properly disposing of trash and avoiding littering.
  • Park responsibly—don’t take up multiple spots or block access for other customers.
  • Show appreciation by shopping at Walmart during your stay to express gratitude for their hospitality.


  • Overstay your welcome—one night is generally acceptable; staying two might be pushing it.
  • Do not run generators for extended periods, especially at night.
  • Avoid engaging in disruptive behavior or loud activities.
  • Never leave valuables unattended in your vehicle.
  • Do not park in poorly lit or isolated areas.
  • Always follow local ordinances—if overnight parking is prohibited, make alternative arrangements.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure a smooth and respectful overnight stay at Walmart, preserving this valuable resource for fellow travelers.


This comprehensive guide helps you decide about overnight parking at Walmart on your next adventure! Remember, with some planning and courtesy, Walmart parking lots can be an excellent resource for RVers and budget-conscious travelers.


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