Can You Park Your RV Overnight at Costco? +FAQs

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Can You Park Your RV Overnight at Costco +FAQs

I always wonder about the best spots for overnight RV parking when planning road trips. It turns out, Costco is a popular choice many consider. However, the rules aren’t the same everywhere.

Costco’s overnight parking rules can change depending on where the store is located. Local laws and the store manager’s decisions play a big part in this.

If you’re thinking about parking your RV at Costco, it’s a good idea to check with the specific store first. Each Costco might have different rules about this.

This makes planning a bit tricky, as you’ll need to possibly contact multiple stores along your route. But knowing the rules can help you avoid any surprises.

Can You Park Your RV Overnight at Costco?

Overnight parking at Costco isn’t a simple “yes” or “no” answer. Some locations welcome RVs to stay overnight, while others do not allow it at all. This is because each Costco store manager has some control over their parking policies.

Local laws can also affect whether you can park overnight. It’s important to check the city rules before you decide to stay in a Costco parking lot overnight.

If Costco does allow overnight parking, it’s good to park thoughtfully. Try to park in a well-lit area around the edge of the parking lot. Make sure not to take up spaces needed by shoppers, especially during busy times.

Talking directly to the store manager is the best way to find out what’s allowed at a specific Costco location. They can tell you about their own rules for overnight stays in their parking lot.

What Stores Allow Overnight Parking Other than Costco?

Overnight parking at Costco can vary, so it’s smart to explore other options if you’re traveling in an RV. RV parks and campgrounds are a great choice. They provide amenities like showers, laundry, and electrical hookups. You can easily find these parks near your desired destinations using online tools.

Many Walmart stores also welcome RVs for overnight stays. However, their policy can differ from one location to another. It’s important to call the store first and check on their current rules.

Truck stops often have spaces for RVs. Though the facilities might not be as extensive as those at RV parks, they still offer a reliable place to park.

Previously, Walmart was a popular spot for overnight RV parking. Now, you should verify their policy as some stores no longer allow it. Cracker Barrel is another welcoming place for RVers. They have special parking spots and serve breakfast in the morning.

Outdoor stores like Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops also offer overnight parking. They often have amenities such as dump stations, but it’s best to get permission from the store manager first.

24-hour gyms like Anytime Fitness and Planet Fitness sometimes allow overnight parking for members. RV dealerships, including Camping World, might let you stay overnight, especially if you’re there for services or accessories.

Stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s may permit overnight RV parking. Always check with the store manager before planning to stay. Warehouse clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club are spacious and often allow parking. Make sure to call ahead to confirm.

Lastly, truck stops like Pilot Flying J and Love’s are welcoming to both truckers and RVers. Make sure there is enough space for everyone before deciding to stay.

What Stores Allow Overnight Parking other than Costco?

What are the Rules and Regulations Regarding Overnight Parking at Costco?

The rules for overnight parking at Costco are not the same everywhere. Each store sets its own rules. It’s a good idea to ask the store manager or look for signs at the entrance.

Are There Designated Parking Areas for Overnight Parking at Costco?

Most Costco locations do not have special areas for overnight parking. However, some stores might allow parking in areas farther from the building or near a fence line, but this is not certain.

How to Locate Designated Overnight Parking Areas at Costco?

Finding specific areas for overnight parking at Costco is tricky because they are rare. You should call the store manager to ask about their policy on overnight parking. Also, look for any signs at the store’s entrance about parking overnight.

What are the Time Limits for Overnight Parking at Costco?

If overnight parking is allowed at a Costco, there usually are no strict time limits. But it’s best to leave early in the morning to avoid any problems when the store opens or when employees arrive.

Are There Any Restrictions on Overnight Parking at Costco?

Yes, there are some rules:

  • Do not leave your vehicle running.
  • Parking RVs or campers and setting up camp is often not allowed.
  • Never Park in fire lanes or handicapped spots.

Do You Need a Costco Membership to Park Overnight?

You don’t need a Costco membership just to park overnight. The parking lot is open for customers, and membership is more important for shopping inside.

How Does a Costco Membership Affect Overnight Parking?

Having a Costco membership doesn’t directly impact overnight parking. But being a good customer who shops there might help if you ask the staff for permission to park overnight.

How Secure and Safe is Overnight Parking at Costco?

Costco parking lots usually have good security. They often have patrols and cameras watching the area. Still, you should always park in a well-lit spot and keep your valuables hidden.

What Measures Does Costco Take to Ensure Security and Safety in Parking Areas?

Costco typically ensures safety with:

  • Security guards patrolling
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Well-lit areas

It’s important to remember that keeping your car safe is your responsibility.

Can You Park Overnight at Costco Even if the Store is Closed?

You might be able to park overnight at Costco even when the store is closed, but it depends on the store’s own rules. Just because the store isn’t open doesn’t mean you can park there all night.

Can You Park RVs and Trucks Overnight at Costco?

Whether you can park your RV or truck overnight at Costco varies by location. Some stores may allow it, while others do not. It’s best to call the store in advance to find out what they allow.

Are There Any Special Considerations for RV and Truck Parking at Costco?

If a Costco store allows overnight parking for RVs or trucks, they may have specific spots for these larger vehicles. Some stores might also have limits on the size or type of RV or truck that can park overnight.


Overnight parking at Costco can be a handy choice if you travel in an RV. However, it’s important to plan and stay safe. Always call the Costco store before you arrive to check if they allow overnight parking. It’s also a good idea to look up the local laws about parking RVs overnight.

To ensure a worry-free stay, follow safe parking tips. Park in a well-lit area and keep your doors locked. For a guaranteed safe and legal spot, think about staying at an RV park or campground instead. These places are designed for RVs and often have extra amenities and security.


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