Does Walmart Ship to Canada? No, Other Options

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Does Walmart Ship to Canada No, Other Options

Have you heard about Walmart’s amazing deals? They’re like a magnet for anyone who loves a good bargain. But what if you’re in Canada and can’t just hop over the border to grab these deals?

You might be thinking, “How can I get my hands on everyday items or the newest electronics from Walmart in the US?” Even though they don’t send stuff straight to Canada, there are other ways to get what you want.

This guide will show you how. We’ll look at different options and answer some common questions about shipping Walmart US items to Canada.

Does Walmart Ship to Canada?

Unfortunately, Walmart in the United States doesn’t ship directly to Canada. But don’t worry! This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy shopping at We will look at different ways you can still get your Walmart items delivered right to your home in Canada.

Does Walmart Ship to Canada?

Can I ship items to Canada and Buy from Walmart?

If you’re in Canada and want to buy things from Walmart US, don’t worry! There are two good ways to get your purchases delivered to you.

First, you can use a package forwarding service. Companies like MyUS and Shippsy are there to help. You sign up for a free membership and get a US mailing address. When you shop at Walmart US online, use this US address for shipping. After your package reaches the forwarding service’s warehouse in the US, they will send it to your address in Canada for a fee.

Second, there are businesses called third-party logistics providers. They are experts in international shipping. They take care of tricky things like customs clearance and shipping across borders. They often have reasonable prices, too. It’s a good idea to look at different companies and compare their rates before you choose one.

So, even though Walmart US doesn’t ship directly to Canada, these services can help you get your items. These companies act like an intermediary in the US. You order from Walmart, send your items to their US address, and then they forward them to you in Canada.

How does package forwarding work for the US to Canada?

Using a package forwarding service to get items from Walmart US to Canada is relatively easy. Let’s break it down into simple steps:

First, you need to pick a package forwarding service. Compare different ones. Consider their prices, how fast they ship, and whether they have extra fees. Some well-known services are MyUS, BorderFree, and ShipMate.

Next, sign up with the service you choose. They will give you a special US address to use.

When you shop at Walmart US, use the US address the forwarding service gave you. During checkout, put this address as your shipping destination.

Finally, the package forwarding service will get your items. They might put them all in one box to make shipping cheaper. Then, they send everything to your address in Canada.

How Package Forwarding Works?

How much does shipping the products from the US to Canada cost?

When you use a package forwarding service to buy things from Walmart US and send them to Canada, there are some extra costs you need to think about:

First, there are fees for the package forwarding service itself. Each service has different ways of figuring out these fees. They might look at how much the package weighs, how big it is, or both.

There’s the cost of shipping your package from the US to Canada. The forwarding service will charge you for this. The price can change based on how heavy your package is, how fast you want it to arrive, and which shipping company you use.

Don’t forget about customs and duties. Sometimes, when you buy things from another country, you have to pay extra fees. These fees depend on how much your items are worth and what they are.

What are the alternative options for getting Walmart items in Canada?

Package forwarding is an excellent way to get items from Walmart US to Canada, but there are other options, too!

Don’t forget about Walmart Canada. It’s like your local Walmart, and it has lots of products. You might find what you want there, closer to your home.

If the thing you want is available for in-store pickup at a Walmart in the US near the border, you could think about a shopping trip across the border. Just remember, there are rules about bringing things back into Canada from the US.

Why Shop at Walmart When You’re in Canada?

Shopping online at Walmart is still a great choice for Canadians, even though they don’t ship directly to Canada. Let’s find out why!

First, it’s super convenient. You can look at products and buy them whenever you want, without going to a physical store. This means you can shop from home or anywhere else!

Next, has many more things to choose from than the stores in Canada. You can find electronics, clothes, things for your home, groceries, and so much more.

Special deals, discounts, and promotions are also available. These are often available online but not always in the stores.

Lastly, it’s easy to compare prices. You can look at different products and brands to find the best option for your budget.


Walmart US doesn’t ship directly to Canada, but there’s still a way to get those items! Package forwarding services can help you with that. But, remember there are some extra costs when you use these services.

Also, think about other choices like Walmart Canada. They have lots of products too! You could plan a trip if the item you want can be picked up at a US Walmart store near the border. Just keep in mind the rules about bringing things back into Canada.

By planning a little and being smart, you can still enjoy all those great Walmart deals right from your home in Canada!


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Can you use a friend’s address in the US for your Walmart order and have them send it to you in Canada?

Yes, you can, but it might not be easy for your friend. Individual shipping charges could also make it expensive.

Do you have to pay customs fees when you get things from Walmart US in Canada?

Yes, you’ll have to pay customs fees and duties when your package arrives in Canada. The amount depends on your items’ worth and what they are.

What should you think about shipping costs when using a package forwarding service?

These services usually charge a base fee and a fee that changes based on the weight and size of your package. Remember to include these costs in your budget.

Does Walmart put all your things into one box?

Walmart US doesn’t do this, but some package-forwarding companies can. This is called package consolidation, and it can help you save money on shipping.

How can you keep track of your Walmart order?

After your order is sent from the US, you can usually track it using the number the package forwarding service gives you.

Does Walmart US ship to Canada?

No, they don’t offer direct shipping to Canadian addresses. They mainly serve the US.

Is shipping free at Walmart Canada?

Walmart Canada does offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount. This amount can change, so checking their website is a good idea. They usually show this information on their homepage and when you check out.

Does Walmart send mail internationally?

No, Walmart, in the US or Canada, doesn’t ship internationally. They only deliver within their own countries.

Which countries does Walmart ship to?

Walmart mainly serves its own countries. Walmart US delivers within the United States and its territories, while Walmart Canada delivers within Canada. They don’t ship to other countries right now.

Are there extra costs when you buy from and ship to Canada?

Yes, besides the price of the products, you might have to pay for:

  • The fee for the package forwarding service
  • The cost of shipping
  • Import taxes or duties, depending on how much your order is worth


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