Can I Use My Sezzle Card At Walmart? Does Walmart Accept it? [Answered!]

Last updated: 14 Oct, 2023
Can I Use My Sezzle Card At Walmart Does Walmart Accept it [Answered!]

In recent years, Walmart has become one of American consumers’ preferred big-box retailers. It’s hardly surprising that many Walmart shoppers are keen to investigate simple payment methods, given the retailer’s wide selection of goods and unbeatable prices.

The question “Can I Use Sezzle At Walmart?” frequently arises among these possibilities. We want to give you a conclusive response and clarify the nuances of utilizing Sezzle at Walmart in this extensive guide.

Understanding Sezzle and Walmart

Understanding the two main participants in this scenario will help us better understand the specifics of using Sezzle at Walmart.

Sezzle: Your Buy-Now-Pay-Later Solution

Sezzle has become a well-known financial platform that provides clients throughout the United States with the “buy-now-pay-later” service. This cutting-edge platform appeals to budget-conscious buyers since it lets you split your purchase into four interest-free instalments over six weeks.

Walmart: The Retail Giant

Nobody needs to introduce Walmart. It is one of the country’s most significant and well-known retail establishments. Given its widespread use, it is understandable that so many Americans wonder if they may use Sezzle at Walmart.

Customers at Walmart are looking for information since the idea of making purchases and paying for them over four payments is clearly alluring.

Can I Use My Sezzle Card At Walmart?

The answer to this important query depends on where you are. The good news is that Sezzle may be used to pay for your purchases in Walmart locations in Canada. When you enter the United States, though, the situation is different.

Walmart in the US does not accept Sezzle as a legitimate payment option. It’s important to note that Sezzle does not power Walmart’s pay-later service, even if Walmart does offer one. So, if you’re set on utilizing Sezzle for your purchases, you’ll need to look outside of Walmart’s aisles for your shopping.

Payment Methods at Walmart

To accommodate the wide variety of interests among its consumers, Walmart provides a number of payment choices. Although Sezzle isn’t an approved payment option, several good substitutes exist. The following is a list of payment options accepted by Walmart:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Capital One Walmart Rewards Card
  • Sam’s Club Mastercard
  • Walmart Rewards Card
  • Affirm
  • PayPal
  • EBT Card
  • Walmart Gift Card
  • OTC Network Benefit Card
  • S3 Benefit Card
  • Select Gift Card

How to Use Sezzle at Walmart

You can use your Sezzle account to make payments whenever you visit a Walmart store in Canada. Through your Sezzle account, you can purchase a Walmart gift card that may be used for online and in-person purchases in Canada.

How to Use Sezzle at Walmart Canada

To use Sezzle at Walmart Canada, you must purchase a Walmart gift card through your Sezzle account. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Sezzle account.
  2. Click on the “Shop” tab.
  3. Search for “Walmart.”
  4. Click on the “Walmart” merchant listing.
  5. Click on the “Shop Now” button.
  6. Select the amount of your gift card and click on the “Add to Cart” button.
  7. Click on the “Checkout” button.
  8. Review your order and click on the “Place Order” button.
  9. You will be redirected to the Sezzle website to complete your purchase.

Once you have purchased your Walmart gift card, you can pay for online and in-store purchases at Walmart Canada.

How to Use Sezzle at Walmart Canada
How to Use Sezzle at Walmart Canada

Note: Sezzle is only available to residents of Canada.

However, the scenario changes when you visit a Walmart store in the United States. Sadly, Walmart does not currently accept Sezzle as a form of payment in its American locations. As a result, Sezzle cannot be used to conduct business at U.S. Walmart stores.

Exploring Sezzle Beyond Walmart

The good news for Amazon fans is that you may purchase on the website using your Sezzle virtual card. Add your Sezzle card number as a payment method in your Amazon account to accomplish this.

You can use it to pay for your Amazon purchases after adding it. Importantly, you can pay for your goods in four easy payments, keeping your spending in check.

Sezzle and Amazon

The good news for Amazon fans is that you may use your Sezzle virtual card to purchase on the website. Adding your Sezzle card number as a payment method in your Amazon account will do the trick.

Once added, you can use it to purchase products from Amazon. Significantly, you can pay for your items in four easy payments, guaranteeing that your spending stays within reason.

How to Use Sezzle on Amazon

To use Sezzle for payments on Amazon, follow these steps:

  1. Add your Sezzle virtual card as a payment method to your Amazon account.
  2. Start shopping on the Amazon website or app.
  3. Select the Sezzle card as your payment method during checkout.
  4. Confirm your payment.

Contrary to some misconceptions, using Sezzle on Amazon does not entail paying the entire amount upfront. Instead, it allows you to spread the cost across four instalments, enhancing your shopping convenience.

Using Sezzle Virtual Card at Physical Stores

Online Shopping with Sezzle Virtual Card

Using your Sezzle virtual card for online purchases is straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Access Your Card Details
    • Open the Sezzle app and navigate to the Sezzle card section.
    • Find your virtual card details, including the 16-digit number, CVV, and other essential information.
  2. Add the Card
    • Visit the website of the retailer where you wish to shop.
    • During checkout, select the option to add a new payment method.
    • Enter your Sezzle virtual card details.
  3. Complete the Purchase
    • Once you’ve added your Sezzle virtual card, select it as your payment method and complete your purchase.

Using Sezzle Virtual Card at Physical Stores

To use your Sezzle virtual card at brick-and-mortar stores, you’ll need to link it with either Apple Pay or Google Pay. Here’s how to do it:

Linking Sezzle Virtual Card to Apple Pay:

  1. Open the Wallet app on your device.
  2. Tap the “Add” button and select “Debit or Credit Card.”
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to add your Sezzle virtual card.
  4. Verify your information with your bank or card issuer.

Linking Sezzle Virtual Card to Google Pay:

  1. Open Google Pay on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on your profile picture, then go to “Bank Accounts and Cards” and select “Add Card.”
  3. Enter your Sezzle virtual card details, including the card number, expiry date, CVV, cardholder’s name, and billing address.
  4. Save the card, accept the terms, and verify it with the provided one-time password.

Once your Sezzle virtual card is linked to Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can use it at offline stores like any other debit or credit card.

Final Words

It’s easy to see why utilizing Sezzle at Walmart would be appealing, but its availability is restricted by location. Since Sezzle accepts Walmart gift cards, it is a convenient payment option for Canadian Walmart shoppers. Cash, MasterCard, Visa, and the other options mentioned previously are all acceptable alternatives for individuals in the United States.

Remember that Sezzle is accepted by more than only Walmart, including many other well-known stores. In particular, Amazon is a great place to try out Sezzle’s buy now, pay later model because they accept the service.


Can You Use Sezzle or Afterpay at Walmart?

You cannot use Sezzle or Afterpay at Walmart, either in-store or online. Walmart does not accept any “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) services as of October 2023.

Can You Use Sezzle Virtual Card Anywhere?

No, you cannot use your Sezzle virtual card anywhere. You can only use your Sezzle virtual card at merchants that accept Sezzle as a payment method. You can find a list of Sezzle merchants on the Sezzle website.

Can You Use Sezzle at the Grocery Store?

You can use Sezzle at grocery stores like Kroger, Aldi, and Whole Foods Market. However, not all grocery stores accept Sezzle. You can check the Sezzle website to see if your local grocery store accepts Sezzle.

Does Walmart Have a Pay-in-4 Option?

No, Walmart does not have a Pay in 4 option. Walmart only accepts debit cards, credit cards, Walmart Pay, and cash as payment methods.
To spread out the cost of your Walmart purchase, you may use a credit card offering a 0% interest promotional period. You can make interest-free payments toward your purchase for a set amount of time, usually between 6 and 12 months.


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