How Long is Walmart Lunch Break? [Full Guide +FAQs]

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How Long is Walmart Lunch Break [Full Guide +FAQs]

Walmart, a giant in the retail industry, is not just known for its extensive product range but also for its employee-centric policies. The company’s massive workforce ensures its work culture aligns with employee welfare. This article delves deep into one such policy: the lunch break duration at Walmart.

Key Points:

  • Lunch breaks are unpaid and must be clocked out for.
  • 15-minute breaks are paid and considered “rest breaks.”
  • Breaks cannot be taken within an hour of your shift’s start or end.
  • Minors (under 18) require a 30-minute lunch break after 5 hours.

How Long is Walmart Lunch Break?

Walmart mandates meal breaks for employees working shifts exceeding six hours. These breaks are unpaid and typically last for 30 minutes. For shifts under six hours, a 15-minute paid rest break is provided. Remember, these are minimums; your store manager might grant longer breaks based on operational needs.

How Long is Walmart Lunch Break?

Who Gets a Lunch Break?

Walmart adheres to federal and state regulations regarding breaks, meaning:

  • Employees working shifts exceeding 6 hours are entitled to a mandatory, unpaid 30-minute lunch break.
  • Minors under 18 working shifts exceeding 5 hours receive a mandatory, unpaid 30-minute lunch break.

What About Shorter Shifts?

Shifts between 4 and 6 hours: You will receive two 15-minute paid breaks, one in the first and one in your shift’s second half. There is no mandatory lunch break for these shifts.

Shifts under 4 hours: No breaks are mandated by law or Walmart policy for these shorter shifts.

Minors and Breaks: Additional Considerations

Break policies for minors under 18 are generally the same as for adults.

However, some states have stricter regulations:

  • 30-minute mandatory breaks every 5 hours: Alaska, Louisiana, Michigan, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania.
  • Breaks every 4 hours: California, Florida.

School schedules often influence minor’s work hours to avoid conflicts.

Shift Durations and Break Entitlements

2-6 Hour Shifts: A single paid 15-minute rest break is allotted.

6-8 Hour Shifts: A mandatory 30-minute unpaid meal break and two paid 15-minute rest breaks are required – one within the first four hours and another in the latter half.

Shifts Exceeding 10 Hours: An additional unpaid 30-minute meal break is permitted.

Shift Durations and Break Entitlements

Meal breaks are unpaid as they relieve you of all work duties. Rest breaks, however, are considered working time and are therefore compensated.

Shift LengthBreak Entitlement
Over 6 hoursMandatory 30-minute unpaid lunch break
4-6 hoursTwo 15-minute paid breaks
Under 4 hoursNo mandated breaks
Minors under 18 (over 5 hours)Mandatory 30-minute unpaid lunch break

How can you make it more Useful?

Plan your meal: Decide what to eat and where to get it to save valuable break time.

Step away from the store:

  • Take a walk outside.
  • Unwind in your car.
  • Socialize with colleagues in a designated break area.

Disconnect and recharge: Avoid work emails and calls during your break to ensure true mental and physical rejuvenation.


Walmart’s break policy, while seemingly complex, becomes clearer with proper understanding. Remember, break duration depends on your shift length, and adhering to this policy benefits you and the company. By ensuring compliance with labor laws and preventing unnecessary overtime, Walmart fosters a structured work environment.


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How long can my lunch break be at Walmart?

If you work a shift exceeding 6 hours at Walmart, you’re entitled to a mandatory, unpaid 30-minute lunch break. This break falls within federal and state regulations regarding breaks for employees working extended shifts. However, remember that while 30 minutes is the minimum requirement, your actual break time may vary slightly depending on store operational needs and staffing levels. Your manager will typically schedule your break midway through your shift for equal work time before and after.

How long of a break do you get at Walmart for shorter shifts?

For shifts between 4 and 6 hours, Walmart provides two paid 15-minute breaks, one in each half of your shift. There’s no mandated lunch break for these shorter schedules. Unfortunately, for shifts under 4 hours, no breaks are mandated by law or company policy.

Can I leave the store during my 15-minute break at Walmart?

Generally, yes! As long as there are no specific instructions from your manager due to operational needs, you can leave the store premises during your paid 15-minute breaks. This lets you get some fresh air, grab a quick bite, or relax outside work. Remember, even short breaks can help you return to work feeling refreshed and focused.

What is considered a meal violation at Walmart?

A meal violation at Walmart occurs when you work off the clock during your unpaid lunch break. This means performing work-related tasks, answering customer questions, or stocking shelves while clocking out. It’s crucial to remember that breaks are designated for rest and non-work activities. Engaging in work during your break violates company policy and could lead to disciplinary action.

Can I extend my lunch break beyond 30 minutes?

Technically, exceeding the allotted break time might violate company policy. However, a slight extension might be possible with prior supervisor approval, depending on store needs.

Does Walmart pay for lunch breaks?

No, meal breaks at Walmart are unpaid. This aligns with federal policy stating that meal breaks must relieve employees of all duties.

How many hours do you need to work to get a lunch break at Walmart?

Walmart requires a mandatory 30-minute unpaid meal break for shifts exceeding 6 hours. If your shift extends over 10 hours, you’re entitled to a second unpaid meal break.

What happens if I’m unable to take my full lunch break?

Communicate with your supervisor immediately and explain the situation. They might offer alternative solutions like a shorter break later or extending your next break.

Can I work through my lunch break?

Absolutely not. Meal breaks are designated for rest and recovery; working during them is strictly against policy.

Can I skip my lunch break at Walmart?

No, skipping your lunch break or mandated 15-minute breaks is strictly prohibited and can lead to disciplinary action.

How many breaks do I get during a 5-hour shift at Walmart?

For a 5-hour shift, you’re entitled to two 15-minute paid breaks, equivalent to a 30-minute paid break.

What happens if I don’t take my breaks at Walmart?

Disciplinary action can be taken, ranging from warnings to termination. Additionally, violating mandatory breaks can result in hefty fines for Walmart.

Does the lunch break policy apply to overnight workers?

Yes. Anyone working over 6 hours gets a one-hour unpaid lunch break, regardless of the time.


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