Can You Return a Car Seat to Walmart? Yes, Find How

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Can You Return a Car Seat to Walmart Yes, Find How

Whether your child has outgrown their car seat or you changed your mind about a purchase. Finding the right car seat for your child is crucial for their safety, but sometimes returns are necessary.

Walmart’s car seat return policy is generally customer-friendly, allowing returns within 90 days of purchase with or without a receipt. Let’s delve into the specifics.

Can You Return a Car Seat to Walmart?

The quick answer is Yes! You can return the car seat to Walmart within 90 days of purchase. Here are the key takeaways that you should understand:

  • Return Window: You have 90 days from the purchase date to return a car seat to Walmart, even if it’s unboxed or slightly used.
  • Original Receipt: Having the original receipt expedites the process, but returns are possible without it within 30 days.
  • Condition: The car seat should be in good condition, with all parts and manuals intact.
  • Return Methods: You can return the car seat to any Walmart store or initiate a mail-in return through Walmart’s online portal.
  • Recycling Option: Walmart occasionally hosts car seat trade-in events, offering a gift card in exchange for your old seat.
Can You Return a Car Seat to Walmart?

Returning an Open-Box or Used Car Seat

Walmart accepts returns of car seats within 90 days of purchase, even if you’ve opened the box or used the seat. This is a generous policy compared to many other retailers. Remember to bring the original packaging and all accessories with you when making your return.

Returns Without a Receipt

While having your receipt expedites the process, it’s optional. If you lack one, be prepared to show a valid photo ID and undergo refund verification. The store associate will likely scan the car seat’s barcode, so bringing the original packaging is still recommended. In such cases, your refund will be issued as store credit.

Returning an Online Purchase

Returning an online-bought car seat is equally convenient. Take it to any Walmart store or initiate a mail-in return through your account. Print the prepaid return label, repack the car seat with its original contents, and ship it within the 90-day window. Expect your refund to be processed within two to three weeks.

Gifted Car Seat Returns

Receiving a car seat as a gift allows you to return it. With proof of purchase, like a gift receipt or packing slip, you can choose between a store credit or a cash refund. Without a receipt, store credit remains your option.

Recalled Car Seat Returns

If your Walmart-purchased car seat gets recalled, you can return it anytime, irrespective of the purchase date or recall announcement date. No receipt or original packaging is required. Walmart will issue you a full cash refund for the recalled product. You can find a current list of recalled Walmart products on their website.

How do you return a car seat to Walmart?

In-store returns:

  1. Visit your nearest Walmart store’s customer service desk.
  2. Present your receipt, car seat, and valid ID (if applicable).
  3. Explain the reason for your return.
  4. A customer service representative will process your return and issue your refund, exchange, or store credit.

Online returns:

  1. Initiate a return online through Walmart’s website.
  2. Print the return shipping label.
  3. Pack the car seat securely and affix the label.
  4. Drop off the package at your preferred carrier’s location.
  5. Upon receiving the return, Walmart will process your refund or exchange.
How do you return a car seat to Walmart?

Returning a Car Seat with a Receipt

Gather your documents: Prepare your receipt, the car seat, and any manuals or accessories that came with it.

Head to Walmart: Visit the customer service desk at your nearest Walmart store.

Explain your return: Inform the associate that you’d like to return a car seat and explain your return.

Process the return: The associate will scan your receipt, verify the condition of the car seat, and issue your refund to your original payment method.

Returning a Car Seat Without a Receipt

The timeframe is crucial: Returns without a receipt are only accepted within 30 days of purchase.

Gather documentation: Bring any documentation related to the purchase, such as a bank statement or email confirmation.

Visit customer service: Explain to the associate that you’re returning a car seat without a receipt and provide any available documentation.

Photo ID may be required: The associate may request a photo ID for verification.

Refund options: You’ll likely receive a store credit instead of a direct refund to your original payment method.

How long will it take to get a refund?

Original payment method: If you paid by credit/debit card, the refund will be issued to the same card within 7-10 business days.

Cash/Walmart gift card: Refunds for cash or Walmart gift card purchases will be issued as a Walmart gift card.

Amount: The refunded amount will be the purchase price of the car seat, excluding any shipping costs.

Final Thoughts

By following these guidelines and understanding Walmart’s car seat return policy within 90 days of your purchase, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience when returning a car seat that doesn’t meet your needs.

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Can I return a used car seat to Walmart?

Yes, you can return a slightly used car seat to Walmart within 90 days of purchase if it’s in good condition. However, hygiene concerns may prevent returns in some cases.

What if I need the original box for the car seat?

Not having the original box won’t necessarily prevent a return, but bringing all available packaging and accessories is always best.

What happens to returned car seats?

Walmart may resell returned car seats that meet safety standards. Unsanitary or damaged seats are responsibly recycled.

Can I return a car seat after 90 days?

While Walmart’s standard policy doesn’t permit returns after 90 days, you can try explaining your situation to a store manager. They may offer a store credit or exchange at their discretion.

What if I lose my receipt?

You can still return your car seat within 90 days for store credit or exchange by presenting a valid government-issued ID.

Does Walmart charge restocking fees for car seat returns?

No, Walmart does not charge restocking fees for car seat returns within the 90-day window.

Can I take a car seat back to Walmart?

Yes, you can return a car seat to Walmart within 90 days of purchase if it meets their return policy requirements. Here are the key points to remember:

  • The car seat must be in its original packaging, including all manuals, tags, and accessories.
  • It must be in “like-new” condition, without damage, dirt, or wear.
  • You must have the original receipt.

Are baby car seats returnable?

Yes, baby car seats are returnable at Walmart if they meet the abovementioned conditions. This applies to all car seats, including infant, convertible, and booster seats.

Can you return a car seat to Target?

Yes, you can also return a car seat to Target within 90 days of purchase if it meets their return policy requirements. Here’s a summary of their policy:

  • The car seat must be in its original packaging, including all manuals, tags, and accessories.
  • It must be in “like-new” condition, without damage, dirt, or wear.
  • You must have the original receipt or packing slip.

What is Walmart’s bring-back policy?

Walmart’s bring-back policy allows you to return most items within 90 days of purchase, with or without a receipt. However, there are some exceptions, including car seats. As mentioned earlier, car seats require the original receipt for a full refund.


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