Does Walmart Have ATM Machines? Types, Locations, Fees, Alternatives

Last updated: 15 Oct, 2023
Does Walmart Have ATM Machines Types, Locations, Fees, Alternatives

With the rise of digital payments, it may seem like cash is no longer necessary. However, easy access to cash is still an essential need for many people. Walmart recognizes this and has made ATMs available at most of its stores.

These machines provide a convenient way for shoppers to withdraw cash before or after shopping. In this article, we will look in-depth at Walmart’s ATM services, examining how they work and what options are available to customers.

What Type of ATMs Does Walmart Have?

Walmart’s MoneyCenter Express machines have MoneyPass logos on the sides. You may also locate local bank ATMs near these MoneyCenter devices, depending on your Walmart location.

These collaborations with adjacent banks provide clients with more options, potentially lowering ATM costs for those who prefer local bank ATMs.

Why Does Walmart Have ATM Machines?

To improve consumer convenience, Walmart installed ATMs in their stores. Customers benefit from these machines because they provide easy access to cash without the need to visit a bank location.

Furthermore, by offering this service, Walmart hopes to boost consumer happiness and loyalty. Customers are more likely to spend cash when it is readily available, producing a win-win situation for both shoppers and Walmart.

Where is the ATM Located in Walmart?

Walmart strategically places ATMs near the front of their stores, often close to the cash registers or customer service desks. This placement makes it easy for customers to find the ATM and get help if they need it. Having ATMs close to the entrance makes shopping more accessible and enjoyable.

How To Use A Walmart ATM?

Using a Walmart MoneyCenter Express ATM is straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Locate the ATM: Find the ATM near the front of the store.
  • Check for Tampering: Inspect the ATM to ensure it hasn’t been tampered with. Report any suspicious findings to a Walmart employee.
  • Select Your Service: Choose your desired service on the ATM screen.
  • Insert Your Card: Insert your debit card, bank card, or Walmart MoneyCard into the designated slot.
  • Follow On-Screen Prompts: Follow the prompts on the screen to complete your transaction.
  • Verify Your Belongings: Ensure you have your card and any cash you withdrew before leaving. Also, confirm that the machine has returned to the home screen for security.

Please refer to the relevant sections below for withdrawal limits, fees, and other details.

Who Owns the Cash Machines at Walmart?

It’s important to know that the ATMs at Walmart are not owned or run by Walmart but by a different company. More than half of these machines are run by Cardtronics, ATMs’ most prominent non-bank owners worldwide.

Which Walmart Stores Have ATM Machines?

Almost every Walmart store has ATMs for customers to use. These ATMs are near the store entrance, making cash easy when needed.

Ask at the customer service desk or look for signs inside the store that tell you where the ATMs are located if you want to be sure that a particular Walmart store has them.

Do all Walmart Locations Have an ATM Machine?

There may be some Walmart stores that don’t have ATMs, but most of them do. There may only be one MoneyCenter Express ATM at some Walmart stores, and there may be fees to use it.

If you want to ensure that your local Walmart has an ATM, you should ask the customer service center what kinds of ATMs are available. If the MoneyCenter Express ATM is the only one you can use, be ready to pay a fee.

What Is the Withdrawal Limit for Walmart ATMs?

The most you can take out at a Walmart ATM depends on your bank and how much money is in the machine. Talk to a customer service rep at the Walmart store where you plan to use the ATM to get exact information about your withdrawal limit.

Do Walmart ATM Machines Incur a Fee?

Walmart MoneyCard holders can withdraw cash for free at Walmart MoneyCenters and Customer Service desks. There is no fee for withdrawals up to $2,000 per day. However, there is a $2.50 fee for teller cash withdrawals at participating banks.

Customers who use a debit card from another bank to withdraw cash at a Walmart ATM will be charged a fee by their bank. This fee typically ranges from $1 to $4 per withdrawal.

Some banks offer free ATM withdrawals, such as Allpoint or MoneyPass, at specific ATM networks. You can check with your bank if they offer free ATM withdrawals at Walmart ATMs.

Do Walmart Money Cards Allow Access to ATMs Without a Fee?

Yes, Walmart’s MoneyCard lets you use ATMs in Walmart stores without paying a fee. When used inside Walmart, cardholders can use it to get cash without paying any fees.

However, there are some restrictions, such as limits on how much you can withdraw and spend, which we’ll discuss in the next section.

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Can You Get Free Withdrawals with a Walmart Money Card?

Using a Walmart Money Card for ATM withdrawals within Walmart stores is indeed fee-free. However, there are limits to consider. Cardholders can withdraw a maximum of $3,000 every seven days and spend up to $10,000.
Walmart MoneyCard ATM withdrawal fees:

  • Walmart MoneyCenters and Customer Service desks: Free
  • In-network ATMs: $2.00
  • Out-of-network ATMs: $2.00 + ATM operator fee

Note that there is a $2.50 fee for teller cash withdrawals at participating banks.

Ways to Avoid ATM Fees at Walmart

You might want to get a Walmart MoneyCard to avoid ATM fees at Walmart. If you’d rather, you can choose the cashback option when you use your debit card to pay at the register. This lets you get cash without having to pay extra fees.

What Is A Walmart Money Card?

A Walmart Money Card is a prepaid debit card that Walmart and Green Dot Corporation work together to offer. This card can be used anywhere Visa or Mastercard is accepted and has many financial benefits, such as letting you use Walmart ATMs for free.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Walmart Money Card?

There are several benefits to using a Walmart Money Card. You can better manage your money with it because you can only spend it on the card. This can significantly help you if you tend to spend too much when you have cash.

The card also lets you keep track of your spending, tells you in real-time how much you still owe, and comes with perks like cashback rewards, early direct deposit, and no credit check needed to get approved.

What Denominations Does the ATM Offer?

Walmart ATMs may accept different amounts of money from one store to another and from one machine to the next. But most Walmart stores have ATMs that give out $20 bills.

You might also be able to use $10 and $5 bills in some machines. The machine usually shows a message saying so if a particular denomination is unavailable.

What If You Can’t Get Cash Out?

If you can’t get cash from an ATM, Walmart has other ways to handle your money. “Does Walmart Do Cash Back” is one search term you can use. You can also find out when Walmart cashes checks, primarily if you work the late shift.

There is also information about whether Walmart accepts money orders, personal checks, or checks written by hand. For shoppers on a budget, there is information on how to use the Walmart Discount Card, accept Apple Pay, and find items eligible for OTC cards at Walmart.

What Other Stores Have an ATM Machine?

You can use other ATMs if Walmart’s options don’t suit your needs or if you’re looking for ATM services at other stores. A number of other stores offer ATMs for the convenience of their customers. Here are some more stores and information about the ATMs they have:

StoreATM AvailabilityAdditional Information
WalgreensYesTarget stores typically provide ATMs
H-E-BYesH-E-B not only offers ATM services but also has its credit union, including fee-free ATM cards for added convenience
KrogerYesKroger stores provide Allpoint-enabled or branded ATMs, offering fee-free usage within the network to enhance the shopping experience
CostcoYesCostco stores offer ATM services for customer convenience
TargetYes7-Eleven convenience stores usually have ATMs available
CVSYesCVS stores offer ATM services to customers
7-ElevenYesQuikTrip stores typically have ATMs for customers
Circle KYesCircle K stores offer ATM services for customers’ cash needs
QuikTripYesQuikTrip stores typically have ATM machines for customers
SpeedwayYesSpeedway stores provide ATM services for convenience
Allpoint/MoneyPassFee-free for cardholders of participating banks and credit unionsATM networks such as Allpoint and MoneyPass have fee-free ATM access for their cardholders at various retail locations

There are many ways to get cash at these extra stores and ATM networks. Some options are fee-free, like at participating banks and credit unions in the Allpoint and MoneyPass networks.

How much can you withdraw at Walmart ATM?

The maximum amount you can withdraw from a Walmart MoneyCenter Express ATM depends on your debit card issuer and account type. However, most Walmart ATMs allow you to withdraw up to $2,000 daily.

Card typeDaily withdrawal limit
Walmart MoneyCard$2,000
A debit card from other banksVaries by bank, but typically $500-$3,000

Fee-free ATM options: Many banks and credit unions provide fee-free ATM withdrawals to their customers. You can typically find fee-free ATMs at your bank’s or credit union’s branches and at ATMs within their network.

Some ATM networks, like Allpoint and MoneyPass, also offer fee-free ATMs to cardholders of participating banks and credit unions.

Here are a few tips for finding fee-free ATMs:

  1. Check your bank’s or credit union’s website or mobile app for a list of their ATM locations.
  2. Use an ATM locator website or app to find ATMs near you.
  3. Look for ATMs displaying the Allpoint or MoneyPass logo, which indicates fee-free access for participating institution cardholders.

Please note that ATM availability and fee structures may vary by location and change over time. So, verifying with the specific store or financial institution for the most up-to-date information is always a good idea.

Final Words

Walmart’s ATMs are designed to make getting cash easy by giving customers options to suit their needs and preferences. By knowing the different kinds of ATMs, where they are located, and how much they cost, you can make smart choices and ensure easy access to cash when you shop at Walmart. A Walmart Money Card can also help you save money and be more flexible with your money.


Does Walmart have touchless ATMs?

As of our most recent report in September 2021, Walmart mostly had regular ATMs. Yet, technology and services may have changed since then. You should check with your local Walmart or their website to get the most up-to-date information on touchless ATMs.

Does Walmart have cardless ATMs?

You usually need a physical debit card, bank card, or Walmart MoneyCard to use an ATM at Walmart. It’s possible that Walmart ATMs don’t all have cardless access, but it’s always a good idea to check with your store to see if they do.

Is there a Bitcoin ATM at Walmart?

Yes, as of October 2023, Walmart has partnered with Coinstar and Coinme to install 200 Bitcoin ATMs in its stores across the United States, with plans to install 8,000 more in the coming months. The Bitcoin ATMs are located inside Walmart stores, allowing customers to buy Bitcoin with cash. Customers must have a Coinme wallet or set one up at the ATM to purchase Bitcoin.
However, it is important to note that the availability of Bitcoin ATMs can vary by location. It is always best to check with your local Walmart store to see if they have a Bitcoin ATM.

Can you deposit cash or checks at a Walmart ATM?

It’s mostly possible to get cash from Walmart’s ATMs. It may not always be possible to deposit cash or checks at Walmart ATMs. If you want to make a deposit, you should go to a traditional bank branch or use one of the other banking options your bank offers.

How much is Walmart’s ATM fee?

Walmart MoneyCenter Express ATMs do not charge a fee for Walmart MoneyCard holders. However, non-Walmart MoneyCard holders may be charged a fee of up to $2.50 per withdrawal. The fee will vary depending on your debit card issuer.

What ATM network does Walmart use?

Walmart MoneyCenter Express ATMs are part of the Walmart Money Network. However, Walmart MoneyCard holders can also use their cards at MoneyPass ATMs without incurring a surcharge.


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