How to Use Walmart Egift Card at Self-Checkout? [Must Read]

Last updated: 12 Oct, 2023
How to Use Walmart Egift Card at Self-Checkout [Must Read]

eGift card usage is now more convenient than ever thanks to eGift cards, which make shopping online a joy.

The fact that these Walmart eGift cards may also be used in actual stores, providing a flexible shopping experience, is unknown to a lot of Walmart customers.

We will examine the nuances of utilizing Walmart eGift cards in-store and address frequently asked queries regarding these adaptable cards in this extensive guide

Using Walmart eGift Cards at Regular Checkout While in Store

At Walmart locations, eGift cards can be used in the same ways as actual ones. To make your in-store buying experience hassle-free, we’ll now simplify the procedure into a few basic steps:

Step 1: Prepare the bar code for your eGift Card

Ensure you have easy access to the eGift card’s barcode if you want to use your Walmart eGift card at a physical Walmart store. This barcode is available on your smartphone, or you may print it off at home on paper.

Allow your cashier to scan the bar code in Step 2

Present the electronic gift card to the cashier at the register after the barcode is available. After the cashier scans the barcode, The total will be removed from your transaction.

Wait for approval in Step 3

It should be quickly accepted after scanning the barcode of the electronic gift card. Before completing the transaction, the cashier may occasionally need the manager’s approval.

Using a Walmart eGift Card for Self-Checkout Payment

You can use your electronic Walmart gift cards at the self-checkout register just like you would at a traditional cash register. To ensure a simple self-checkout experience, adhere to the following steps:

Prepare Your eGift Card Bar Code in Step 1

Make sure you have a printed piece of paper or your phone screen with the barcode of your eGift card handy. The Walmart website allows you to print the barcode at home.

Step 2: Choose a gift or Walmart card at the payment prompt.

After the self-checkout register has scanned all your products, you will be prompted to select a payment option. Select the “Gift card” option when you reach the payment screen.

Scanning the Bar Code in Step 3

Utilize the handheld scanner offered at the self-checkout register to scan the barcode of your eGift card to complete the transaction. Your payment will be completed once the barcode has been successfully scanned.

Creating a Physical Gift Card from an eGift Card from Walmart

A digital Walmart gift card can be changed into a physical one. For in-store use, many customers like real gift cards.

Remember that after you convert your virtual Walmart egift card to a real one, you will no longer have access to it virtually. The information on the egift card is copied permanently to the physical e-gift card.

Creating a Physical Gift Card from an eGift Card from Walmart
Creating a Physical Gift Card from an eGift Card from Walmart

How to Change a Walmart eGift Card into a Real Gift Card

Visit Walmart’s customer care desk to change your electronic gift card into a real one. You can convert the information from the electronic gift card to a physical gift card with the help of a Walmart employee.

The staff will want access to your electronic gift card’s barcode to finish this operation.

At Sam’s Club, using Walmart eGift Cards

Interestingly, Sam’s Club accepts electronic Walmart gift cards online and at real Sam’s Club stores. The fact that the same parent corporation owns Walmart and Sam’s Club results in this convenience.

You will need the gift card’s barcode for scanning when using an electronic Walmart gift card at Sam’s Club, just like you would at a Walmart store.

Purchasing Gas using a Walmart eGift Card

Unfortunately, you cannot pay for gas using the barcode on the electronic gift card. Gas pump scanners cannot read these barcodes.

However, you can convert the balance on your digital gift card to a physical one to buy gas with it. The customer service counter at a Walmart store can be used to finish this simple task.

How to Pay for Gas with Money from Electronic Walmart Gift Cards

Observe these instructions to use your Walmart eGift card for gas purchases:

Transfer your electronic gift card to a physical gift card as the first step.

First, convert your electronic gift card to a physical one at the customer care desk at Walmart. Once finished, you’re ready to use it at the gas station.

Step 2: Fill up your gas tank and select a gift card as your payment method

After pumping your gas, choose the gift card option as your payment method at the pump.

Step 3: Use the Gift Card as a Credit Card by Swiping It

Swipe your Walmart gift card at the gas pump to complete the transaction like a credit or debit card.

Questions and Answers (FAQ)

Are eGift Cards Acceptable at Sam’s Club?

Yes, Sam’s Club members can use Walmart eGift cards to make in-person and online purchases at Sam’s Club.

Could eGift Cards Be Used to Buy Gas?

Unfortunately, you cannot pay for gas using the barcode on the electronic gift card. Gas pumps’ scanners cannot read these barcodes. To utilize for gas purchases, you can transfer the money to a physical gift card.

How to Check a Walmart eGift Card’s Balance?

Visit the Walmart eGift card website and input your card number and PIN to check your eGift card balance. For balance questions, you can also call Walmart customer support.

Final Words

It is simple to use Walmart eGift cards in-store and for various uses, improving your purchasing convenience. These electronic gift cards provide convenience and versatility, whether you choose self-checkout or register-based checkout.

Their usability is also increased by turning them into real gift cards. Utilize your eGift cards for a smooth shopping experience the next time you visit Walmart or Sam’s Club.


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