Does Walmart Have a Change Machine? All You Need to Know!

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Does Walmart Have a Change Machine All You Need to Know!

Have you ever opened your piggy bank and found many coins but no paper money? Or perhaps you suddenly realize it’s laundry day, and you don’t have enough quarters. Don’t worry! Walmart, where you can find almost everything for your home, might have a solution.

Sometimes, you might end up with a jar full of coins and wonder how to use them efficiently. Turning coins into cash that you can spend can be complicated. But luckily, Walmart has a few ways to help you out.

Let’s look closer at how Walmart can turn your coins into cash.

Does Walmart Have a Change Machine?

Walmart is a big store but doesn’t have its own coin-changing machines. Instead, it works with other companies to install coin-counting machines in its stores. These machines are usually easy to find. They’re often near the customer service desk or the store’s front.

It’s important to know that not all Walmarts have these machines. It depends on the store. If you want to use a coin machine at Walmart, you should call your local store first. Ask them if they have a coin machine. Also, it’s a good idea to check if there’s a fee for using it.

Does Walmart Have a Change Machine?

Remember, this is all about changing coins at Walmart. They don’t do it themselves but have partners who help. Call your nearby Walmart to see if they can help you with coins!

The Coin Machine Rundown: Fees and Limits

If you visit your local Walmart, you might find something useful, especially if you have a lot of loose change at home. At many Walmart stores, there are special kiosks run by Coinstar. Coinstar is a company that makes machines to count coins. These machines are super helpful because they can quickly count all your coins for you.

But there’s something you should know. Even though these machines are great at counting, they charge a small fee for their service. Usually, the Fees are about 10% to 11.9% of the total money you get back. For example, if coins add up to $10, the machine might charge you $1.20 to count them.

There are some other choices, too. If you don’t want to pay this fee, you can get a gift card or donate the money to charity through the Coinstar machine. This might reduce or even remove the fee!

How to Use a Coinstar Machine at Walmart?

Using a Coinstar machine is easy and can be a fun way to turn your loose coins into cash or something else! Here’s how it works:

First, you need to find the Coinstar kiosk. These machines are usually near the store’s entrance or close to the checkout counters. If you’re having trouble finding one, a handy tool called the Coinstar kiosk locator can help you.

Once you find the machine, it’s time to pour in your coins. Take your coins and put them into the machine’s tray. Do this slowly so the machine can count them correctly. The machine is pretty clever – it can count and sort all your coins by itself!

After all your coins are counted, the machine will show you how much money you have in total. Now you get to decide what you want to do with this money. You can choose to get cash, but remember, there’s a small fee. You can pick up an e-gift card for different stores to avoid paying the fee. There’s no fee for this option. Or, if you’re feeling generous, you can donate your coins to charity.

If you decide to get cash, the machine will give you a receipt. Take this receipt to a Walmart customer service person, who will provide you with your money minus the fee for using the Coinstar machine. And that’s it! Now you know how to use a Coinstar machine.

How to Use a Coinstar Machine at Walmart?

How to Avoid Coinstar Fees at Walmart?

Coinstar kiosks are handy, but sometimes, their fee might make you think twice. Don’t worry, though! There are a few ways you can avoid paying this fee.

One way is to use Walmart’s self-checkout lanes. These lanes are not precisely made for counting many coins, but they can be helpful if you have a tiny amount of change. You can use these machines to turn your coins into cash. Remember, these self-checkout scanners can be a bit slow when feeding in coins, so this method is best if you have a few coins.

Another great option is to choose a gift card instead of cash. You won’t have to pay any fee if you get a gift card from the Coinstar machine for places like Starbucks or Amazon. This is an excellent way to use your coins and get something you like without extra cost.

You can also choose to do something kind with your coins. The Coinstar machine lets you donate your total coin amount to a charity. And guess what? There’s no service fee when you donate to charity!

Lastly, think about checking with banks or credit unions in your area. Some of these places offer free coin-counting services if you’re a member. Even if you’re not a member, they might count your coins for a minimal fee.

So, while the Coinstar fee might seem like a problem, you’ve got plenty of options to avoid it and still make the most of your coins!

What are the Alternatives to Coinstar at Walmart?

If you prefer to avoid paying fees at the Coinstar machine, there are other ways to exchange your coins for cash or use them. Here are some ideas:

First, think about going to your bank. Lots of banks let their customers count coins for free. It’s a good idea to call your bank first to check if they do this and if there are any fees.

Another option is to get a coin counter for yourself. This might be a smart buy if you often need to count many coins. Simple coin counters are available at places like Walmart. The price changes based on what the counter can do.

You can also roll your coins by hand. This takes more time, but it doesn’t cost anything. You can buy coin wrappers at Walmart and wrap them yourself.

Besides using the coin machine, there are more things you can try:

  • When you’re at Walmart, you could pay an enormous bill. Then, ask for your change in the smaller coins you need.
  • A friend or family member may have some coins they’re not using. You could ask them if they can swap coins with you.

Remember, these are just ideas. Choose the one that works best for you!


Walmart doesn’t offer free coin-counting services but has Coinstar kiosks in many of its stores. These kiosks are easy to use when you want to turn your loose change into cash. But remember, they charge fees for this service.

If you want to avoid paying these fees, you have other choices. You could use your bank’s coin-counting service if it is accessible to customers. Another idea is to buy your own coin counter. This way, you can count your coins whenever you need to without paying extra fees.

Think about what works best for you and your coins!


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Where can I change my coins for cash for free at Walmart?

You can’t change your coins for cash for free directly at Walmart, but many Walmart stores have Coinstar machines. These machines count your coins and change them into cash. Keep in mind that they usually charge a fee for this service.

Where is there a free change machine?

It’s hard to say where you’ll find a free change machine everywhere. But here are some places to look for free coin-changing:

  • Your Bank: Check if your bank offers free coin-changing for account holders. They might have machines or take rolled coins.
  • Credit Unions: Like banks, some credit unions offer their members free coin exchange.
  • Coinstar Gift Card Option: Coinstar machines at Walmart and other stores charge a cash fee, but they might let you turn coins into a gift card for free.

Can I turn my change in at Walmart?

Yes, you can, but there are some things to know:

  • Coinstar Machine: Walmart might have a Coinstar machine that counts and changes your coins but charges a fee. You can choose cash (with a fee) or a gift card (no fee).
  • Pay with Exact Change: You can also use your coins to pay for your purchase at Walmart.

How do I use Walmart Coinstar?

Remember, not all Walmart stores have Coinstar machines. Check with your local store first.

To use a Coinstar machine at Walmart:

  • Find the machine, usually near customer service or the front of the store.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen. Pour your coins into the machine.
  • The machine will count and sort them.
  • Choose to get cash (minus a fee) or a gift card (no fee).
  • Follow the screen prompts to finish.

Keep in mind that Coinstar machines might have limits and might not be at every Walmart.


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