Which Costco Lasagna is Better? Explained

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Which Costco Lasagna is Better Explained

Costco is known for its bulk bargains and warehouse wonders, and it has many culinary treasures. One of these treasures is a frozen Italian dish that stands out: lasagna.

But which lasagna is the true king? Does the beef variety dominate over sausage? Does ravioli beat the classic sheets of pasta?

Don’t worry, lasagna lovers, because I have set out on a mission to analyze and declare the champion of Costco’s frozen lasagna battlefield.

Key Takeaways:

Flavor Face-Off: Beef & Sausage wins for rich comfort, Sausage shines with lighter spice and Ravioli surprises with tangy feta bites.

Texture Triumph: Ravioli’s plump springiness steals the show, while classic lasagna layers excel.

Value Verdict: Beef & Sausage reigns supreme for budget-friendly crowds; Ravioli’s special touch justifies its price tag.✨.

Available Types of Costco lasagna made by the Kirkland Signature.

Here are three different types of lasagna made by the Kirkland Signature brand:

1. Kirkland Signature Five Cheese Lasagna with Meat Sauce: This classic dish is made by layering beef, Italian sausage, ricotta, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese.

2. Kirkland Signature Four Cheese Lasagna with Ricotta & Italian Sausage: This version is a lighter option that replaces beef with Italian sausage. It features ricotta and four types of cheese.

3. Kirkland Signature Five Cheese Ravioli Lasagna: This innovative take on lasagna uses feta-filled ravioli instead of traditional noodles and includes five types of cheese.

Available Types of Costco lasagna made by the Kirkland Signature.
Available Types of Costco lasagna made by the Kirkland Signature.

Round 1: The Flavor Factor

  • Beef & Sausage Lasagna: Rich and hearty, the blend of meats steals the show. The tomato sauce leans sweet, with a subtle kick from the sausage. Some might find the ricotta a bit bland, but it provides a creamy counterpoint to the robust flavors.
  • Sausage Lasagna: Lighter than its beefy counterpart, it still packs an Italian spice punch. The sausage takes center stage, offering a deeper, more savory richness. Some might miss the beef’s presence, but the tomato sauce shines brighter here.
  • Ravioli Lasagna: A party in your mouth! Feta-filled ravioli bring a tangy surprise, perfectly balanced by the sweet tomato sauce and mozzarella. It’s lighter than the meat lasagnas, but the novelty keeps it engaging.

Round 2: The Texture Triumph

  • Beef & Sausage Lasagna: Classic lasagna perfection. Wide noodles hold generous layers of sauce and cheese, creating a delightful bite. However, the ricotta can sometimes become a bit watery when thawed.
  • Sausage Lasagna: Similar to the beef lasagna, but the lighter sausage sauce makes the filling feel less dense. Still, the ricotta issue persists.
  • Ravioli Lasagna: The star of the texture show! The plump ravioli offer a delightful springiness, contrasting perfectly with the softer cheeses and sauce. Each bite is a textural adventure.

Round 3: The Value Verdict

  • Beef & Sausage Lasagna: The king of cost-effectiveness. Feeding a crowd? This behemoth lasagna delivers maximum satisfaction for its price.
  • Sausage Lasagna: Slightly less bang for your buck than the beef version, but still a good value for a smaller gathering.
  • Ravioli Lasagna: This one’s a bit pricier, but the unique factor justifies the cost. It’s a special occasion lasagna, perfect for impressing guests.

The Champion’s Corner

Declaring a single champion is challenging, for each lasagna excels in its own way. Beef lasagna reigns supreme for classic comfort and value, while the sausage version offers a lighter, spicier alternative. Ravioli lasagna captivates with its innovative take on the dish, making it a perfect choice for adventurous palates. Ultimately, the winner depends on your taste buds and the occasion.

How much does it cost for a Lasagna at Costco?

Regarding lasagna, Costco has a range of options to choose from, and the cost varies depending on the type and size you choose.

The most popular and cost-effective option is the Kirkland Signature Beef & Sausage Lasagna, which comes in a 2-pack and weighs 3 lbs each. This option typically costs around $13.99 USD, meaning each individual lasagna comes in at about $7.

If you prefer a four-cheese lasagna with ricotta & Italian sausage, then the Kirkland Signature Four-Cheese Lasagna is your option. It’s slightly smaller than the beef lasagna, weighing around 2.5 lbs, and costs around $10-12 USD.

Try the Kirkland Signature Five Cheese Ravioli Lasagna for a unique take on lasagna. This option is the most expensive, often priced around $15-16 USD for the 2.5 lb tray.

Costco also offers vegetarian and vegan options like Kirkland Signature Four Cheese Vegetable Lasagna and Gardein Harvest Lasagna, typically priced around $10-12 USD. Additionally, some locations carry Rao’s Gluten-Free Lasagna, but the price may vary.

How much does it cost for a Lasagna at Costco?
How much does it cost for a Lasagna at Costco?

Dietary Considerations with Costco Lasagna

Don’t worry if you are a vegetarian or vegan because Costco has you covered. They offer delicious alternatives to meat-based lasagna, such as the Kirkland Signature Four Cheese Vegetable Lasagna and the Gardein Harvest Lasagna.

Those with gluten sensitivities can also enjoy lasagna, as Costco offers Rao’s Gluten-Free Lasagna at some locations.

Healthier Hacks: Benefits of these Lasagna

To reduce the amount of sodium in your lasagna, consider choosing options that have lower sodium content. Alternatively, you can try adding fresh herbs and vegetables to enhance the flavor of your lasagna without the need for salt.

Keep in mind that lasagna portions are usually quite large, so you may want to split it into smaller portions for meals or freeze half of it for later enjoyment.

Beyond Costco, find another alternative.

Comparison and Contrast: If you want to explore beyond Costco, you can try other frozen lasagnas available in grocery stores or popular brands such as Stouffer’s and Buitoni. This way, you might discover a new favorite!

Homemade Hero: If you feel ambitious enough, you can make your own lasagna and compare it to the frozen options available in the market. Though it may require additional effort, it’s a rewarding culinary adventure.

Bonus Round: Pro Tips for Lasagna Perfection

Make sure to thaw your lasagna completely before baking it. This will prevent it from becoming soggy and ensure that it cooks evenly. Leave it in the refrigerator overnight for best results.

To add extra flavor and take your lasagna to the next level, add some fresh herbs, grated parmesan, or a drizzle of olive oil before baking.

For the perfect pairing, serve your lasagna with garlic bread, a simple salad, and a glass of Chianti. This will enhance the flavors and create a truly divine dining experience.


Attention all lasagna enthusiasts! Be brave and venture forth into the frozen food aisle of Costco! May your forks discover the ultimate cheesy satisfaction, your stomachs be fully satiated, and your cravings be appeased forever.

Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong answer in this scrumptious battle – every mouthful is a triumph.


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Costco Lasagna FAQs

What brand of lasagna does Costco sell?

Costco primarily sells its own Kirkland Signature brand of lasagna. They offer several varieties, including:

  • Beef and Italian Sausage Lasagna (the two most popular varieties)
  • Four Four-cheese lasagnas with Ricotta and Italian Sausage
  • Five Cheese Ravioli Lasagna
  • Four Cheese Vegetable Lasagna (vegetarian)
  • Garde in Harvest Lasagna (vegan)

How many people will a Costco lasagna feed?

The size of a Costco lasagna varies depending on the specific variety, but they’re generally large and meant to feed a crowd. Here’s a rough estimate:

  • Standard Beef & Sausage Lasagna: 6-8 people
  • Four Cheese Lasagna: 4-6 people
  • Ravioli Lasagna: 4-6 people
  • Vegetable Lasagna: 4-6 people
  • Vegan Lasagna: 4-6 people

Can you cook 2 Costco lasagnas at once?

It’s important to check your oven’s size and capabilities before cooking two large Costco lasagnas at once. Standard home ovens may not have enough space to accommodate both lasagnas without compromising the quality of the cooking. If you’re set on cooking both at the same time, make sure there is good air circulation within the oven and adjust the cooking time accordingly. It’s also an option to prepare the lasagnas one at a time to ensure optimal cooking quality.

Is Kirkland lasagna frozen?

Yes, all Kirkland Signature lasagnas are frozen for extended shelf life. You need to thaw them completely before baking for optimal texture and flavor.

Does Costco lasagna reheat well?

Absolutely! You can reheat individual slices in the microwave or oven, ensuring each bite retains its deliciousness.

What sides pair well with Costco lasagna?

A simple green salad, garlic bread, or roasted vegetables make perfect accompaniments, keeping the focus on the star of the show.

Is there a vegetarian option available?

Unfortunately, Costco’s standard lasagna isn’t vegetarian. However, they offer other frozen vegetarian options like vegetable lasagna or ravioli, all worth exploring!


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