Does Costco Make Price Adjustments? [Updated]

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Does Costco Make Price Adjustments

Yes, Costco offers price adjustments for its customers. If you buy something and the price goes down within a specific time, you can get a refund for the difference. This guide tells you all you need to know about how Costco’s price adjustment works.

What is Costco’s Price Adjustment Policy?

Costco’s price adjustment policy helps ensure you get the best purchase price. If you buy something from Costco and its price goes down within 30 days, you can get a refund for the difference.

This applies to items purchased both in-store and online. However, how you request an adjustment might differ depending on where you bought the item.

What Does Costco’s Price Adjustment Policy Cover?

Explanation of the Policy

Costco allows members to claim a price adjustment if the price of an item drops within 30 days of purchase. They issue the adjustment as a credit to the original payment method.

Types of Products Eligible for Price Adjustments

Most items bought from Costco, like electronics and appliances, can get price adjustments. However, services and some promotional items might not qualify.

How Long Do You Have to Request a Price Adjustment?

Timeframe for Requesting Adjustments

Members can request a price adjustment 30 days from the date of purchase, which applies to both online and in-store purchases.

Important Deadlines to Remember

To be eligible for a refund, you must make your request within the 30-day window. After 30 days, Costco typically does not honor price adjustment requests.

Can You Request a Price Adjustment Online?

Yes, you can request a price adjustment online. Go to Costco’s customer service page and complete the price adjustment form.

Make sure you have your membership number, order details, and the new lower price of the item ready. Your refund should be processed within five to seven business days.

How Do You Request a Price Adjustment In-Store?

Head to the customer service desk at your local Costco warehouse to get a price adjustment for in-store items.

Procedure for in-store requests:

  1. Visit your local Costco warehouse.
  2. Head to the Membership counter.
  3. Inform the customer service representative that you’d like to request a price adjustment.
  4. Have your receipt and the item (if possible) ready for verification.

Don’t forget to bring your receipt and membership card. The customer service representative will check the price drop and immediately handle your refund.

How Do You Request a Price Adjustment In-Store?

Which Items Are Not Eligible for Price Adjustments?

Some items are excluded from the price adjustment policy. These include products bought for resale, clearance items, and certain promotional items with specific terms and conditions.

Are There Any Specific Conditions for Price Adjustments?

Costco generally does not grant price adjustments if your purchase was outside the 30-day window or the item is out of stock. They can also decide not to give adjustments based on different situations.

You might not get one if the item you bought is no longer in stock when you ask for a price adjustment.

Price adjustments usually don’t cover rainchecks from past purchases, either. Sometimes, a store manager might be the one to decide whether you get a price adjustment.

Let’s say you bought a TV that later goes on sale, but the warehouse is sold out. In this case, you wouldn’t be able to get a price adjustment.

The same goes if you used a raincheck to buy something and the price dropped later; you probably won’t get an extra adjustment.

How Do Sales and Promotions Affect Price Adjustments?

Sale and promotional items are typically eligible for price adjustments if they meet the 30-day requirement. However, items purchased during special promotions or events may have different terms.

Is There a Difference Between Online and In-Store Sale Items?

Yes, there is a difference.

Online prices often include shipping and handling fees, which don’t apply when you buy something in the store. So, Costco doesn’t match online prices with in-store prices.

Differences in policies for online vs. in-store purchases:

Costco usually has the same price adjustment policy for online and in-store purchases.

Sometimes, online prices update slightly slower than the prices you see in the store. This shouldn’t affect whether you can get a price adjustment, but it’s good to know.

How to handle discrepancies between the two:

Talk to customer service if you see a different price online than at your local Costco. They’ll help you determine the most accurate price and check if you can get a price adjustment.

What Should You Do if Costco Denies Your Price Adjustment Request?

If Costco denies your price adjustment request, don’t worry! You have a couple of options.

You can return the item and repurchase it at a lower price or seek further assistance from Costco’s customer service.

Steps to Take If Your Request Is Denied

First, ask for clarification. Politely find out why they denied your request. Sometimes, it’s just a misunderstanding or a detail that was overlooked.

If talking to the customer service representative doesn’t solve the problem, ask to speak with a manager. Managers often have more flexibility and can help you better.

How to Escalate the Issue

Don’t give up if you still can’t get your issue resolved at the store. You can call Costco customer service at 1 (800) 950-4232. Explain your situation and ask them to review your request. They are there to help you!

Can You Appeal a Denied Price Adjustment Request?

Yes, you can appeal! Just contact Costco’s customer service by phone or email. When you call or write, remember to provide details about your purchase and why you think they should reconsider.

How Can You Maximize Savings at Costco?

To save more money at Costco:

  1. Keepmonitor the prices of items you’ve already bought.
  2. Use Costco’s online tools to spot price drops.
  3. Try to shop during significant sales events like Black Friday.

Are There Any Other Cost-Saving Programs at Costco?

Yes, Costco has lots of ways to help you save money! They offer great benefits for Executive Membership holders, exciting deals through Costco Travel, and even manufacturer rebates. Besides their price adjustment policy, Costco offers several other programs that help members save.

Earn Rewards with Costco Cash Card

You can earn rewards points on qualifying purchases at Costco. Later, you can use these points to pay for future purchases. It’s a simple way to make every dollar count!

Save on Gas at Costco

Costco gas stations often have lower prices than many competitors. Filling up your tank at Costco means saving money every time you drive.

Exclusive Member Discounts

Costco negotiates special deals with manufacturers. They pass these savings directly to you, the members. This means you get exclusive discounts that help you spend less on your needs.


Understanding Costco’s policy is key to saving money and getting the best deal when you shop. Always keep your receipts and watch the prices. This way, you can fully benefit from Costco’s helpful policies.

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