How To Get Walmart EIN Number? [Ultimate Guide]

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How To Get Walmart EIN Number [Full Guide]

Walmart Marketplace is an excellent place for businesses, big or small, to sell their products. It gives you a chance to reach lots of customers, and it’s easy to use. However, if you’re considering selling here, it’s very important to know the rules for sellers.

One fundamental rule is about something called an Employer Identification Number (EIN). This number is significant for anyone who wants to sell on Walmart Marketplace. So, before you start, ensure you understand these requirements.

What is an EIN?

An Employer Identification Number, or EIN, is a unique number the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) gives out in the United States. Businesses and some individuals use it for tax reasons. Think of it like a Social Security number, but instead of being for a person, it’s for a business.

This number helps the IRS know who the business is when they handle taxes. It’s like a unique code that tells the IRS, “This is who we are, and we’re paying our taxes.” This number is significant for businesses because it helps keep everything organized and straightforward when dealing with money and taxes.

It plays a vital role in various business operations, including:

  • Opening business bank accounts: An EIN facilitates opening a dedicated bank account for your business, separating your personal and business finances.
  • Filing tax returns: You’ll utilize your EIN when filing business tax returns, ensuring accurate reporting.
  • Hiring employees: If you employ individuals, you’ll need an EIN to withhold payroll taxes.

Beyond these essential functions, obtaining an EIN offers additional benefits:

  • Establishing business credit: An EIN helps you build business credit, opening doors to loans and financing opportunities.
  • Hiring employees: Having an EIN simplifies the hiring process and aids in managing employee payroll.
  • Professional image: An EIN portrays a professional image, fostering trust with clients and partners.

Who Needs an EIN for Walmart?

If you’re planning to do business with Walmart, there are a few situations where you might need an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Let’s talk about what those are so you’re ready!

First, you’ll need an EIN if you want to sell things on Walmart’s online Marketplace. When you sign up to be a seller, Walmart will ask for your EIN as part of the tax information you must give them.

Next, let’s say you’re part of an organization that doesn’t have to pay taxes on things it buys. You must join the Walmart Tax-Exemption Program (WTEP) to buy stuff from Walmart without paying taxes. To join, you’ll have to give them your EIN.

Lastly, if you’re doing any other business with Walmart, like making deals or signing contracts, they might ask for your EIN. This is for tax reasons to make sure everything is reported correctly.

So, if you’re going to work with Walmart, having your EIN handy is a good idea!

Who Needs an EIN for Walmart?

When is an EIN Needed for Walmart?

You might need an Employer Identification Number (EIN) when doing different things with Walmart. Here’s how it works, explained thoroughly:

If you want to sell things on Walmart Marketplace, which is Walmart’s online selling space, you’ll need your EIN. You use it when you first sign up; later, it’s important for handling taxes related to your sales.

You’ll need your EIN to buy things from Walmart without paying taxes (if you’re allowed to do that). This is for when you apply to the Walmart Tax-Exemption Program (WTEP), which lets some organizations buy things without tax. Your EIN shows that you don’t have to pay taxes.

Lastly, if you’re doing other business deals with Walmart, like making agreements or signing contracts, whether you need your EIN or not depends on the deal, especially if it has something to do with taxes.

So, depending on what you’re doing with Walmart, your EIN might be really important!

Why is Walmart’s EIN only relevant to some individuals?

Do you know what an EIN is? EIN stands for Employer Identification Number, and it’s like a unique code for businesses. One of the biggest stores, Walmart, has its own EIN, XX-XXXX188. This nine-digit number is important for Walmart because it helps the company in many ways, especially when dealing with taxes and other official things.

Here are some of the primary uses of Walmart’s EIN:

  1. Filing Federal Tax Returns: Like we need a Social Security Number, businesses need an EIN to file taxes with the government. Walmart uses its EIN to do this every year.
  2. Opening Business Bank Accounts: When Walmart wants to open a new bank account for their business, they need to use their EIN.
  3. Hiring Employees: Walmart hires many people and needs their EIN for this, too. It helps in managing taxes related to employees.
  4. Applying for Permits and Licenses: Sometimes, Walmart needs special permission to do certain things, like building a new store. They use their EIN to apply for these permits and licenses.

Knowing their EIN can be beneficial if you’re a vendor looking to work with Walmart or need to check Walmart’s tax information for any reason. Understanding how big companies like Walmart handle official and tax-related matters is critical.

How To Get Walmart EIN Number?

You can follow these easy steps to get an EIN, which stands for Employer Identification Number. This number is important for businesses, and getting one is easy.

First, you need to visit the IRS website. Here’s the link you can use: IRS Website. Once you’re on the website, look for the “Get an EIN” section. The process is free and usually takes less than 15 minutes.

Next, you have to choose how you want to apply. There are three ways: online, by fax, or by mail. The quickest way is to apply online. If you choose this, you can get your EIN immediately after completing your application.

Then, you need to fill out the application. They will ask for information about your business, like its name, what kind of business it is, and who is in charge.

Apply by mail: Download and submit the IRS Form SS-4 by mail.

After you complete the application, you will receive your EIN. If you apply online, you’ll get it immediately. If you use fax or mail, it might take a little longer.

The best part is that getting an EIN doesn’t cost anything! It’s free.

How To Get Walmart EIN Number?

Understanding Walmart Marketplace

Walmart Marketplace is a giant online platform with over 33,000 sellers. It’s part of Walmart’s substantial online presence and attracts millions monthly visitors. This platform is an excellent place for third-party sellers to reach many people.

If you want to be a seller on Walmart Marketplace, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign up: First, you need to create a seller account. You’ll go through a registration process to get this set up.
  2. Get approved: After you sign up, Walmart needs to approve your account. Once you’re approved, you can start listing and selling your products.
  3. Use Walmart’s tools: Walmart has tools and services, like Walmart Fulfillment Services, that can help you run your business smoothly.

There are also some important things you need to have as a seller:

  • Business verification: You must show your business license and other documents to prove your business is real.
  • Product Catalog: Add your products to the Marketplace. You can do this one by one or in a big group. Ensure each product is in the right category and has its unique SKU (like a particular product number).
  • Follow the rules for products: You can’t sell some products on Walmart Marketplace. Make sure you know what these are and avoid them.
  • Shipping and fulfillment: You can send your products to customers or use Walmart’s service. If you use Walmart’s service, follow their shipping rules.
  • Returns: Set up a way for customers to return products if needed. This policy should match what Walmart requires.
  • Seller account and profile: Make your seller profile and consider using Walmart’s API (a tech tool) to help manage your account more efficiently.

Lastly, remember that while you don’t have to have an EIN (Employer Identification Number) if you’re the only person in your business, getting one can help your business grow and make things easier. It’s a smart choice for anyone wanting to sell on Walmart Marketplace.

What are the Benefits of Having an EIN?

Getting an EIN, which stands for Employer Identification Number, is helpful for your business in a few ways.

First, it helps keep your business money and personal money separate. This makes things like doing taxes and keeping track of your money much more accessible. When you have an EIN, it’s clear which money is for your business and which is yours.

Then, having an EIN opens up more opportunities for your business. For example, if you want to open an account with a bank for your business or if you’re going to work with other companies, they often ask for an EIN. This number shows that your business is official and legitimate.

Lastly, an EIN makes dealing with taxes for your business much more straightforward. It helps you report your business earnings and expenses correctly to the government. When tax time comes, having an EIN can make the process smoother and more precise.

So, getting an EIN is brilliant because it helps organize your business, opens new doors, and makes dealing with taxes easier.

What are the Purposes of an EIN?

An EIN, which stands for Employer Identification Number, is beneficial for several things in a business, and it’s for more than just working with big stores like Walmart.

First, you will usually need an EIN if you want to open a bank account for your business, like a checking or savings account. Banks ask for this number.

Then, when it’s time for your business to do its taxes, you will use your EIN. This number is needed for both federal and state tax returns.

If your business has employees, an EIN is also necessary. You’ll use it to handle payroll taxes and to give your employees their W-2 forms. A W-2 form is something workers need for their taxes.

Lastly, they will sometimes ask for your EIN when you need specific business licenses or permits. These licenses and permits are important for legally running your business.

So, an EIN is a crucial number for many parts of running a business!

Final Thoughts

By understanding Walmart’s EIN and essential business information, you can navigate various situations effectively, whether you’re a business associate, a curious individual, or a former employee.


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Can I find Walmart’s EIN online?

Yes, Walmart’s EIN is publicly available information and can be found on various websites, including the IRS website [10] and business information databases.

Why do some people search for Walmart’s EIN?

There might be several reasons why people search for Walmart’s EIN. Some individuals may mistakenly believe they need it for personal tax purposes, while others might be involved in business transactions with Walmart.

Where can I get more information about EINs?

The IRS website provides comprehensive information about EINs, including how to apply for one, eligibility requirements, and frequently asked questions.

When do I need to know Walmart’s EIN?

You may need Walmart’s EIN if you’re a vendor establishing a business relationship with them, require their tax information for specific purposes, or are a former employee seeking to access W-2 forms.

How do I get a US tax ID for Walmart?

Walmart itself doesn’t have a US tax ID (EIN). However, you might need your own EIN for various purposes when interacting with Walmart:

  • Selling on Walmart Marketplace: You’ll need an EIN to complete your tax information during registration.
  • Tax-Exempt Purchases: Organizations applying for the Walmart Tax-Exemption Program (WTEP) may need their EIN.
  • Business Transactions: Certain business dealings with Walmart might require your EIN for tax reporting.

To obtain an EIN:

  1. Visit the IRS website.
  2. Choose your application method: online, fax, or mail (online is fastest).
  3. Complete the application with your business details.
  4. Receive your EIN immediately (online) or within days (other methods).

How do I find my EIN for my company?

If you already have an EIN, you can find it on various documents, including:

  • IRS correspondence (letters, notices)
  • Tax returns (federal and state)
  • Bank statements (business accounts)
  • Business licenses and permits

You can contact the IRS directly if you need help locating your EIN.

Do you need an EIN to sell at Walmart?

Yes, it would help if you sold on Walmart Marketplace. It’s required during registration to complete your tax information.

How do I get my EIN form?

The EIN application form (Form SS-4) is available online on the IRS website. You can download the form, fill it out, and submit it online, by fax, or by mail.


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