Does Walmart Install Car Batteries for Free? Full Guide

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Does Walmart install car batteries for free Yes! read on to find out how!

The auto care center at Walmart is a well-known and trusted name for ensuring that your vehicle is operating as it should. They offer high-quality solutions for maintaining the health of your vehicle on the road, such as battery testing and replacement.

However, whether or not Walmart provides cost-free battery replacement is a pressing concern. All of your questions will be answered below.

Does Walmart install car batteries for free?

Yes! Walmart installs car batteries for free by purchasing a new battery from them. They also offer a free battery test and battery disposal. If you bring your battery, there is a $15 installation fee.

Before heading to Walmart for free car battery installation, read on to ensure you’re fully informed.

Inspecting Your Car’s Battery Is Crucial To Its Well-Being

Free testing services at Walmart can help you decide whether to replace your car battery. They take the guesswork out of it by checking the condition of your battery.

You can rely on their knowledge to tell you when it’s time for a new one. This service makes it possible to make intelligent choices.

How to Quickly and Easily Install a Battery

Walmart makes the process of installing batteries quick and easy. Even better, they’ll do it for free if you buy a new battery from them, whether you do it in-store or online. If you’d instead not do it yourself, their Auto Care Centers offer professional installation for a fair $15 per battery.

Anyone can use this approach; it works for people who want the job done or like to do it themselves.

Anti-corrosion coating for batteries increases their helpful lifespan

Want to extend your car’s battery life? Look no further! Walmart offers non-corrosive coating for $5 per battery. This service guarantees prolonged battery life and protects your investment.

This service has been tried and tested by countless customers who swear by it! If you want to extend the life of your battery, visit Walmart online or in-store to buy a new one and take advantage of this amazing service!

Battery Terminal-End Replacement: Ease and Affordability

Replacing your car battery’s terminal ends can be tricky, but you can confidently rely on Walmart’s installation service to make it a breeze. For an affordable fee of only $10 per terminal, you can ensure that your battery operates smoothly and efficiently.

It’s important to note that while the service fee is reasonable, it does not include the necessary parts, which can be purchased separately.

Battery disposal

Walmart will adequately dispose of your old car battery for free, regardless of where you purchased it.

Battery warranty

Walmart offers a variety of warranties on its car batteries, ranging from one to five years. The warranty coverage will vary depending on the type of battery you purchase.

Battery roadside assistance: 

Walmart offers a roadside assistance program that can help you if you have a problem with your car battery while on the road. The program provides various services, including towing, battery replacement, and jump starts.

Walmart also offers various car care services, such as oil changes, tire rotations, and brake repairs. You can find a list of all the car care services Walmart offers on its website.

Battery testingFreeAvailable at all Walmart Auto Care Centers.
Battery installationFree with purchase of new batteryVaries depending on the plan
Battery non-corrosion coating$5 per batteryOnly available to customers who purchase a new replacement battery from Walmart.
Battery terminal end replacement$10 per terminalWalmart offers a roadside assistance program that can help you if you have a problem with your car battery while on the road. The program provides various services, including towing, battery replacement, and jump starts.
Battery disposalFreeWalmart will dispose of your old car battery for free, regardless of where you purchased it.
Battery warrantyVaries depending on battery typeWalmart offers a variety of warranties on its car batteries, ranging from one to five years.
Battery roadside assistanceVaries depending on planVaries depending on the plan

Car Battery Installation Process at Walmart

Step 1: Select the right battery

Walmart’s expert staff can help you choose the perfect battery from their wide selection of options for your vehicle.

Step 2: Have the battery installed

Walmart’s expert technicians will install your new battery for free if you purchase it from Walmart. If you bring your own battery, there is a $15 installation fee.

Step 3: Get your systems checked

Walmart technicians will also check all of your vehicle’s crucial systems to ensure they function optimally after the new battery is installed.

Step 4: Add corrosion protection or terminal end installation

Walmart offers additional services, such as non-corrosive coating and terminal end installation, for an additional fee.

Step 5: Get your battery tested

Walmart will test your new battery to ensure it works properly before you leave.

Average time: The entire process usually takes under an hour but can vary depending on your car’s specifications and the type of battery you choose.

Car Battery Installation Process at Walmart
Car Battery Installation Process at Walmart

Walmart Car Batteries Return Policy

Walmart Auto Care Centers back their car batteries with warranties, providing peace of mind to customers. Should any issues arise with your battery during the covered period, you can visit any Walmart outlet to have your guarantee honored.

Different battery types may have varying warranty lengths, with some offering up to five years of protection and up to three years of free replacement services.

Read the full guide on Walmart Car Battery Return Policy – Complete Guide.

What do they do with the Old Batteries at Walmart?

Walmart is highly devoted to sustainability. If you bring your old car battery to them, they will test it and dispose of it in an environmentally responsible manner. This approach helps to reduce waste, conserve materials, and lower energy consumption, ultimately leading to a greener planet.

How much does it cost to install a car battery?

The cost of car battery installation varies depending on the job’s location and complexity. You can expect to pay between $20 and $100 for car battery installation. However, some places, such as Walmart, offer free installation with the purchase of a new battery.

Best Battery collections that you’ll find at Walmart for car battery

Walmart is known for offering access to some of the best battery brands available. They have an impressive selection from Everstart to Optima, Interstate to Odyssey, and Mighty Max. However, the availability may vary by location, so it’s advisable to check with your local store for specific options.

Final Words

Walmart’s battery services are worth considering for those seeking reliable car care without breaking the bank. Their testing, installation, and warranty offerings make them a standout driver choice.

Whether you buy a battery from them or bring your own, Walmart’s commitment to customer satisfaction and sustainability ensures a convenient and environmentally responsible experience.

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FAQs: Answering Your Questions

Does Walmart do free battery installation?

Yes, Walmart offers free battery installation by purchasing a new battery from their store. This service is available at all Walmart Auto Care Centers.

Does AutoZone install your car battery for you?

Yes, AutoZone offers free battery installation by purchasing a new battery from their store. This service is available at all AutoZone locations.

Does Costco install car batteries for free?

Costco does not offer free car battery installation services. However, they do offer a free battery test. If your Costco battery needs to be replaced, you can have it installed at a local auto repair shop or tire store.

Does Walmart test car batteries for free?

Yes, Walmart offers free battery testing. You can bring your car to any Walmart Auto Care Center, and they will test your battery for free.

Will Walmart put a battery in?

Yes, Walmart will install a battery in your car for free by purchasing a new battery from their store. You can also have your battery installed at Walmart without purchasing a new battery, but there is a charge for this service.

How much is the battery core charge at Walmart?

The battery core charge at Walmart is currently $12. This charge is refunded when you return your old battery to Walmart, regardless of where you purchased it.


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