Are Walmart Car Batteries Good? A Comprehensive Guide

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Are Walmart car batteries good Comprehensive Guide

I understand the importance of investing in quality products that deliver on their promises. Walmart’s Everstart brand has long been on my radar regarding car batteries. 

In this detailed guide, I’ll share insights gleaned from years of navigating the aisles and exploring the features that set Walmart’s battery offerings apart. 

We’ll dive into the lineup, examine the manufacturer’s pedigree, and weigh the pros and cons to equip you with the knowledge needed to make an informed choice for your vehicle. Let’s embark on this journey through the world of Walmart car batteries together.

Are Walmart Car Batteries Good?

Walmart’s Battery Lineup

Walmart offers a diverse range of car batteries under the Everstart brand, catering to different needs and budgets. Let’s break down their main categories:

Everstart Value – A Budget-Friendly Choice

  • Group Size: 24F and 65
  • Cold Crank Amps: 585 and 650
  • Price Range: $69.74
  • Warranty: 1-year

Everstart Plus – Balanced Performance

  • Group Size: 35-3 and 51R
  • Cold Crank Amps: 650 and 425
  • Price Range: $109.76
  • Warranty: 2-year

Everstart Maxx – The High-Performance Option

  • Group Size: 35N and H5
  • Cold Crank Amps: 640 and 680
  • Price Range: $139.84 and $179.84
  • Warranty: 3-year

The Manufacturer: Johnson Controls

One of the key indicators of a battery’s quality is its manufacturer, and Walmart has chosen wisely. Everstart batteries are crafted by Johnson Controls, a highly reputable name in the battery industry. 

Johnson Controls also manufactures batteries for several other renowned brands, including the premium “redtop” battery. This association speaks to the quality of Walmart’s battery offerings.

Pros of Walmart Batteries

Affordable Pricing: Walmart’s reputation for affordability extends to its batteries, offering a cost-effective alternative to brand-name options.

Generous Warranties: Walmart stands behind its batteries with substantial warranties, ranging from 1 to 3 years, depending on the model.

Battery Finder Tool: To simplify the selection process, Walmart provides a user-friendly battery finder tool at, making finding the right battery for your vehicle easier.

Convenient Access: With Walmart’s extensive presence, you’ll likely find a store near you that sells batteries, ensuring easy access to replacements when needed.

Free Installation: Select Walmart locations with auto centers that offer complimentary battery installation, saving you time and effort.

Cons of Walmart Batteries

Customer Service Challenges: Due to the size of Walmart stores, locating assistance can sometimes be challenging, and personalized customer service may be limited.

Limited Battery Variety: Walmart primarily offers three battery types, which may not cater to speciality vehicles or high-performance cars.

Installation Availability: Not all Walmart locations provide battery installation services, so it’s crucial to check with your local store if installation is required.

Understanding the Battery Core Charge
Understanding the Battery Core Charge

Understanding the Battery Core Charge

When purchasing a Walmart battery, be aware of the $12 core charge applied to your purchase. This deposit is refundable upon returning your old battery to Walmart, promoting responsible battery disposal while ensuring you get a part of your investment back.

Delivery Options

For added convenience, Walmart offers delivery for select Everstart battery models. You can explore battery options on or consider alternatives available on Amazon if delivery better suits your needs.

Walmart’s Return Policy

Walmart’s 90-day return policy applies to all Everstart batteries. Within this generous period, you can return an unused battery to any Walmart location for a full refund, provided it remains unused. This policy offers peace of mind, allowing you to make your purchase confidently.

Store Specifics

Almost all Walmart locations, whether equipped with auto centers or not, sell Everstart batteries. While returns without a receipt are accepted, refunds are issued in the form of store credit.

What are some effective ways to make quick decisions?

Customer reviews can provide valuable insights if you want to make a swift decision. We scoured the web and found some remarkable stories from satisfied customers who have put Everstart batteries to the test. Here are a few standout reviews:

  • Risie: Risie shared that his Everstart battery faithfully powered his vehicle for over five years. He was so pleased with its performance that he didn’t hesitate to return to Walmart for a new one. This level of trust in Walmart batteries is a testament to their reliability and adherence to the battery’s expected lifespan as advertised.
  • Elon: Elon had an even more astounding tale to tell. His Everstart battery soldiered on for seven years and two months before retiring right before a trip. Without a second thought, Elon returned to Walmart to purchase a new one, confident that it would match or exceed the performance of its predecessor.
  • Ryan: The grand prize for battery longevity goes to Ryan, whose EverStart battery astonishingly lasted eleven years and five months. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he checked the date on the sticker. Ryan, like others, found himself returning to Walmart for another Everstart battery. After such an extended and reliable service life, who wouldn’t?
  • JenCar: JenCar’s Everstart battery lasted eight years and five months. Her experience echoes the sentiment of many others who have found Walmart car batteries exceptionally long-lasting and dependable.

These are not just reviews; they are real-world examples of Everstart batteries surpassing expectations and providing reliable performance. With stories like these, it’s no wonder that Everstart batteries consistently receive numerous 5-star reviews from genuinely satisfied customers.

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FAQs About Walmart Car Batteries

Are car batteries at Walmart okay? 

Yes, Walmart offers a range of car batteries under the Everstart brand, known for its affordability and reliability.

How long does a Walmart car battery last? 

The longevity of a Walmart car battery depends on factors such as usage, maintenance, and climate. Everstart Maxx batteries, for instance, are designed to provide at least five years of use.

Who manufactures EverStart batteries for Walmart? 

EverStart batteries are manufactured by Johnson Controls, a reputable company with a strong presence in the battery industry.

Are car batteries cheaper at Walmart or Autozone? 

Prices for car batteries can vary, and the choice between Walmart and Autozone may depend on factors like battery type, brand, and ongoing promotions. It’s advisable to compare prices and consider the specific features of the battery you need.

Battery Comparison Table

To facilitate your decision-making process, here’s a clear and concise comparison table summarizing key features of Walmart’s Everstart batteries:

Battery TypeGroup SizeCold Crank AmpsPrice RangeWarranty
Everstart Value24F and 65585 and 650$69.741-year
Everstart Plus35-3 and 51R650 and 425$109.762-year
Everstart Maxx35N and H5640 and 680$139.84 and $179.843-year

Select the Right Platform for Your Car Battery

Choosing the correct car battery is essential for your vehicle’s performance and reliability. Walmart’s Everstart batteries offer a compelling balance of affordability and quality. By considering your vehicle’s requirements and understanding the pros and cons, you can confidently choose a Walmart battery that aligns with your needs.

Walmart car batteries, particularly the Everstart line, are viable for many drivers. They offer affordability, reliable performance, and generous warranties. Customer reviews and real-world experiences showcase their durability, often exceeding expectations.

However, it’s essential to consider your specific vehicle’s needs and usage conditions. With the right choice, a Walmart car battery can power your vehicle reliably for years.


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