Does Walmart Do Price Match? [Updated]

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Does Walmart Do Price Match

Walmart’s price-matching policy is designed to ensure that customers get the best possible price on their purchases.

This policy allows customers to request a price match if they find an identical item being sold at a lower price by a qualifying competitor.

The policy applies to online and in-store purchases, providing flexibility and convenience to shoppers looking for the best deals.

The primary goal of Walmart’s price matching policy is to offer competitive pricing and maintain customer satisfaction by aligning their prices with those of other leading retailers.

Does Walmart Do Price Match Guarantee?

Walmart doesn’t have a traditional price match guarantee. This means they won’t match the prices of identical items from other stores like Amazon, Target, or Best Buy.

But here’s the twist! Walmart aims to provide everyday low prices. Even though they don’t match prices, they work hard to keep their prices competitive.

What is Walmart’s Price Matching Policy?

Walmart’s price adjustment policy includes two main areas: competitor matching and price matching for items from Walmart.

Regarding competitor matching, Walmart does not match prices from other retailers. This includes online stores like Amazon and physical stores like Target.

For price matching on Walmart, if you find the same item at a lower price on their website when buying it in-store, you might get a price match. Here’s what you need to know:

  • You must tell the cashier about the lower price while checking out.
  • The item must be available and in stock on Walmart when you ask for the price match.
  • This price matching doesn’t work in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

It’s important to note that the store manager decides on price adjustments. Also, Walmart can change its policy at any time without notice.

What is Walmart's Price Matching Policy?

Which Items are Eligible for Price Matching at Walmart?

Not all items are eligible for price matching at Walmart. To qualify, the item must be identical in brand, size, weight, color, quantity, and model number.

Items must also be in stock at both Walmart and the competitor’s store at the time of the price match request.

Additionally, the item should not be part of any clearance, liquidation, or special promotion deals at the competitor’s store.

Some common eligible categories include electronics, household goods, groceries, and apparel, provided they meet the identical item criteria.

Who are Walmart’s Approved Competitors for Price Matching?

Walmart’s price-matching policy includes a specific list of approved competitors. These generally include major national and online retailers.

For in-store purchases, competitors are usually local retail stores within the same geographic area as the Walmart location.

For online price matching, Walmart considers prices from select online retailers such as Amazon, BestBuy, Target, and a few others.

The list of approved competitors can vary by location and is subject to change, so it’s advisable to check with your local Walmart or their website for the most current information.

How Does Walmart’s Online Price Matching Differ from In-Store?

Walmart’s online price matching policy differs slightly from its in-store policy.

Customers can request a price match before purchasing on Walmart by contacting customer service for online purchases.

The online policy typically includes a broader range of competitors, focusing on major online retailers.

In contrast, in-store price matching requires customers to present the lower price at the time of purchase, and the eligible competitors are usually local stores.

Additionally, online price matching does not apply to third-party sellers or marketplace prices, while in-store price matching may have more specific regional competitor criteria.

Are There Any Items Excluded from Walmart’s Price Match Policy?

Yes, there are several exclusions in Walmart’s price-matching policy. Items not eligible for price matching include:

  1. Clearance, closeout, liquidation, or special promotion items.
  2. Damaged, used, or refurbished products.
  3. Items sold by third-party sellers or marketplace vendors.
  4. Services such as installation or delivery.
  5. Items requiring a separate purchase to get the lower price.
  6. Items with pricing errors or misprints.

These exclusions are in place to ensure that the price-matching policy is fair and applicable to regular retail pricing rather than temporary or special offers.

What Steps Should I Follow to Request a Price Match at Walmart?

To request a price match at Walmart, follow these steps:

  1. Verify that the item is eligible for price matching by checking the product details against the competitor’s offering.
  2. Present proof of the lower price to a Walmart associate or customer service representative. This can be a print advertisement, a screenshot, or a website link showing the competitor’s price.
  3. Ensure the item is in stock at Walmart and the competitor’s store.
  4. Request the price match at the time of purchase, in-store, or before completing your online order.

If the request meets all criteria, Walmart will match the competitor’s price.

What Proof Do I Need to Provide for a Price Match at Walmart?

You must prove the competitor’s lower price when requesting a price match. Acceptable forms of evidence include:

  1. Print advertisements from local competitors show the lower price.
  2. Digital advertisements, such as screenshots or website links, clearly display the item and price.
  3. Product listings from approved online competitors.

The proof must be current and verifiable by Walmart associates. Ensuring that all details match precisely, including brand, model number, and specifications, is essential.

Are There Any Limitations on Walmart’s Price Matching?

Walmart’s price matching policy includes several limitations to ensure fairness and practicality. These limitations include:

  1. One price match per identical item per customer.
  2. Price matches are not available for items during Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday.
  3. Quantity limits may apply to prevent stockpiling or reselling.
  4. Price matching is unavailable for items sold by third-party sellers or marketplace vendors.

These limitations help maintain the integrity of the price-matching policy and prevent abuse.

What Special Conditions Affect Walmart’s Price Matching?

Certain special conditions can affect Walmart’s price-matching policy.

For example, Walmart may offer promotional periods or events where price matching is temporarily suspended, such as during major sales events like Black Friday.

Additionally, special financing offers, rebates, or bundled deals may not be eligible for price matching.

It is also important to note that price matching policies can vary slightly between Walmart stores and Walmart, so always check the specific conditions applicable to your purchase.

How Can Walmart’s Customer Service Assist with Price Matching?

Walmart’s customer service can assist with price matching in several ways.

For in-store purchases, customer service representatives can verify competitor pricing, confirm item eligibility, and process the price match request at checkout.

For online purchases, customer service can be contacted via phone or online chat to verify the lower price before completing the purchase at Walmart.

They can also provide information on approved competitors, proof requirements, and any applicable particular conditions.

Customer service ensures that the price-matching process is smooth and that customers receive the best possible prices.

How Long Does Walmart Take to Process a Price Match Request?

The processing time for a price match request at Walmart can vary depending on store policy and staff availability.

The cashier or customer service representative will usually verify the information on the spot. However, supervisor approval might take a few additional minutes.

Do Walmart’s Competitors Offer Similar Price Match Policies?

Many of Walmart’s competitors have price-match policies in place. Here’s a quick comparison:

Target offers price matching on identical items from select competitors, including Walmart, with some exclusions.

Amazon doesn’t have a formal price match policy, but its competitive pricing strategy often leads to encountering the lowest price.

Best Buy offers price matching on identical items from major retailers, including Walmart, with some exclusions.

Remember, it’s always wise to check each retailer’s specific price match policy before making a purchase decision.


Walmart’s price match policy helps you get the best deals for your family. Always check for updates to the policy. Be ready with your price match requests and use tools that compare prices to find top offers. Happy shopping!

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Does Walmart’s price match its website prices?

Sometimes, Walmart will match the price of an item from their website if you find it in-store and it meets their price matching criteria.

Can I get a price adjustment at Walmart if the price drops after I purchase an item?

Walmart does not offer price adjustments if the price of an item drops after you buy it. They only match a competitor’s price when you purchase the item.


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