Does Walmart Take Passport Photos?

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Does Walmart Take Passport Photos

Navigating the passport application process can be tricky. As a travel enthusiast who loves to share tips, I know how important it is to get your passport photos right.

Let’s talk about Walmart’s passport photo services to help you have a smooth experience.

Does Walmart take passport photos? Yes, they do! They make it easy for you to get the photos you need for your passport application.

Can I Get Passport Photos Taken at Walmart?

Yes, absolutely. Most Walmart stores have Photo Centers. They can take your passport photo following government rules and print it right away.

What are the Requirements for Passport Photos at Walmart?

Walmart’s photo associates know exactly what’s needed for passport photos. They’ll make sure your photo checks all the boxes for the U.S. Department of State’s rules.

Here’s what you need for your photo:

  • Size: Your photo must be 2×2 inches.
  • Background: It should be plain white or off-white.
  • Color: Make sure the photo is in color and looks like you now.
  • Expression: Keep a neutral face with your mouth closed and eyes open.

When you get your photo taken, face the camera with a straight expression—no big smiles or frowns.

If your religion means you need to wear specific headwear, that’s okay, but your face must be fully visible.

Your eyes should be clear of any hair or glasses, and the photo should be recent, taken within the last six months.

Always double-check the official U.S. Department of State guidelines for a complete list of requirements.

How to Get Your Passport Photos at Walmart?

You can use Walmart’s Photo Center to get your passport photos taken. Just visit your nearest Walmart that has a photo center.

The trained staff will take your photo according to the required passport specifications. This service usually costs around $7.44 for two photos. It’s quick and convenient because you don’t need to have a digital copy ready beforehand.

    However, you might not have much control over how the final photo turns out.

    Another way to get your photos is by using the Walmart Photo website. Go to Walmart Photo page, and click on “Print Passport Photo.” You can upload a digital photo that meets all the requirements.

    After uploading, you can pick up your photos at the store. This method is great if you already have a digital photo and you might want to make some edits before printing. Remember, you need a good digital photo ready to go.

    The third option is quite similar but even more convenient. Instead of picking up your photos at the store, you can have them delivered to your home.

    Just like the second option, you upload your photo online and choose home delivery. Keep in mind, that this might include a delivery fee.

    This method is perfect if you want to avoid going to the store and you have a digital photo ready. Just be ready to wait a bit for your photos to arrive.

    How to Get Your Passport Photos at Walmart?

    What Are the Costs of Passport Photos at Walmart?

    Walmart has a great deal on passport photos. You can get two official photos for only $7.44. They take and print them right there in the store.

    If you prefer to upload a digital photo for printing, it costs the same, $7.44. But remember, if you want these photos delivered to your home, it will cost an extra $4.

    Can You Walk into Walmart for Passport Photos or Do You Need an Appointment?

    Walmart’s Photo Center makes things easy for you. You don’t need an appointment!

    Just go to the Photo Center anytime from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. A friendly staff member will be there to help you.

    What Is the Process for Getting Passport Photos Taken at Walmart?

    Getting your passport photos at the Photo Center is quick and straightforward. Here’s how it works:

    You’ll start by letting a staff member know you need passport photos taken. They’ll help you get ready for your photo. This includes making sure the lighting and background are just right.

    After the photo is taken, you can check it to make sure you look good. If everything looks great, they’ll print out two photos that meet all the requirements. You’ll be all set in no time!

    Are Walmart’s Passport Photos Accepted for Official Documents?

    Yes! Walmart’s photos meet the current US Department of State requirements for passport applications.

    But it’s a smart move to check the latest guidelines on the State Department’s website just to be sure.

    How Long Does It Take to Get Passport Photos at Walmart?

    You’ll usually have your photos in less than 15 minutes. It’s a quick choice for those in a hurry.

    What Should You Bring for Passport Photos at Walmart?

    Bringing a hairbrush or comb to tidy your hair is a good idea. While not required, having a copy of the passport photo guidelines might help too, though Walmart’s staff knows these rules well.

    Does Every Walmart Store Offer Passport Photo Services?

    Most Walmart Supercenters have Photo Centers that provide passport photo services. But to avoid any surprises, a quick call to your local store to confirm is recommended.

    Can You Get Digital Copies of Passport Photos at Walmart?

    Currently, Walmart only offers printed copies of passport photos; they do not provide digital versions.

    Do Walmart Employees Offer Tips for the Best Passport Photo?

    Absolutely! Walmart Photo Center associates are trained to ensure your photo meets all the requirements.

    They might even give you tips on how to look your best. They can advise on the best clothes to wear and how to stand.

    How Do Walmart’s Passport Photo Services Compare to Online Options?

    Taking a passport photo at home might seem easy, but it’s tough to get it just right. You need a good camera and the right background.

    At Walmart, a trained associate helps make sure your photo meets all the rules.

    Can You Get Passport Photos for Children at Walmart?

    Yes! Walmart takes passport photos for kids of any age. Their staff knows exactly what’s needed for children’s photos, even helping with babies who might need to be in a picture with their parents.

    What Are the Alternatives If Your Local Walmart Doesn’t Offer Passport Photo Services?

    No Walmart Photo Center nearby? No problem! You can visit local pharmacies, office supply stores, or AAA offices. They often offer photo services. Portrait studios are another choice, but they might be pricier.

    Walmart’s passport photo services are just as good as those at CVS, Walgreens, and Costco. The prices might differ, but the quality of the photos at Walmart meets the same high standards.

    Are There Special Considerations for Taking Passport Photos at Walmart?

    Here’s what to keep in mind when you’re getting your passport photo:

    • Jewelry: It’s best to remove big or shiny jewelry that could distract from your face.
    • Clothing: Wear solid colors that stand out against the white background. Stay away from busy patterns and clothes that cover your shoulders.
    • Hair: Keep your hair away from your face so your features are clear.
    • Glasses: If you wear glasses, make sure they don’t reflect light or hide your eyes.

    What Should You Wear for Your Passport Photo at Walmart?

    Choosing the right outfit is key. Here are some tips:

    • Solid Colors: Go for colors like blue, green, or gray. Avoid white and black.
    • Patterns: Stay clear of stripes or busy patterns.
    • Sleeves: A collared shirt or blouse works well. A simple sweater or v-neck is good too.
    • Religious Headwear: You can wear religious clothing as long as it doesn’t cover your face.

    Do All Governments and Agencies Accept Walmart Passport Photos?

    All government agencies usually accept Walmart passport photos if they follow the U.S. Department of State’s guidelines.

    Sometimes, different countries might have extra rules, so it’s a good idea to check with the embassy or consulate before you go.

    Can I Get a Reprint or a Refund if My Passport Photo is Rejected?

    If your passport photo from Walmart doesn’t work out, it’s not clear if you can get a reprint or a refund.

    To know for sure, ask the Photo Center associate at Walmart when you get your photo taken.


    Walmart’s passport photo services are both convenient and affordable. You can find high-quality passport photos at over 4,700 locations across the United States.

    Make sure to follow the guidelines and requirements mentioned here to ensure your passport photo is accepted and looks great.


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