Does Costco Have Diesel? Yes, Read This First!

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Does Costco Have Diesel Yes, Read this First!

Costco is a big store where you can buy many everyday things for a reasonable price. What’s remarkable is that some Costco stores even sell diesel fuel. I love writing about cars, and I want to tell you about the diesel fuel at Costco.

I’ll discuss which stores have it, how it can save money, how good it is, and why it’s a smart choice for your car’s engine. Many people like going to Costco, especially to buy fuel. It’s a big reason why they go there. So, you might be thinking, “Can I get diesel fuel at Costco?” Yes, at some places, you can!

Does Costco Have Diesel?

Absolutely! Kirkland Signature™ Diesel is available at some Costco locations. However, not every Costco gas station has diesel fuel. So, it’s a good idea to check first before you go to fill up your tank.

Many Costco gas stations in the United States sell diesel fuel. The best part is that their prices are often much lower than those at regular gas stations. This is great news, especially for people who drive a lot or need diesel daily.

Does Costco Have Diesel?

Why Not All Costco’s Sell Diesel?

Costco is a big store that sells many things, including fuel. But not every Costco has diesel fuel. Let’s talk about why this happens.

First, think about the people who live near Costco. If not many of them need diesel for their cars or trucks, Costco might decide not to sell it. They look at how many people want diesel and then decide whether to sell it.

There’s another reason, too. Storing diesel fuel is different from storing regular gasoline. Diesel needs tanks, and these tanks take up more space. They also need extra care to keep them working right. So, if Costco has little room or doesn’t want to do the extra work, it might not sell diesel.

In simple words, Costco looks at what people need and how much room they have. This information helps them decide whether to sell diesel fuel.

Why Costco Diesel Stands Out?

Fueling up with Costco diesel has several significant benefits. Let’s explain them clearly.

Firstly, Costco diesel is very cost-effective. How does Costco do this? Well, they buy large amounts and only spend a little on advertising. They also have their brands like Kirkland Signature. This means you can save a lot of money buying diesel at Costco.

Next, let’s talk about the quality of Costco’s diesel. They have a brand called Kirkland Signature Diesel. This diesel is unique because it meets Top Tier performance standards. What does that mean? It means that this diesel has special additives that help clean and improve how your car runs. This can make your car work better and last longer.

Finally, finding a Costco station with diesel is super easy. If you want to find one, you can use the Costco website. They have a tool called the gas station locator. With this tool, you can specifically look for stations that have diesel fuel. This makes it simple to find where you can buy Costco diesel.

What Brand of Diesel Does Costco Sell?

Costco offers a special kind of diesel fuel called Kirkland Signature Diesel. This fuel is perfect because it meets important rules set by car experts from a group that includes many big car companies.

They make sure the fuel is top-quality and works great in cars. This makes Kirkland Signature Diesel an intelligent choice for your vehicle!

Quality You Can Trust: Kirkland Signature™ Diesel

Costco is serious about the quality of its diesel fuel. They have a unique brand called Kirkland Signature™ Diesel. This diesel is really good because it meets the demanding TOP TIER™ standards. What does this mean? It means that this diesel has special cleaners in it. These cleaners help keep the fuel injectors in your car nice and clean. Plus, they protect essential parts of the engine.

What’s so great about this? By stopping yucky stuff from building up, Kirkland Signature™ Diesel helps your engine work its best and could even help it last longer. So, when you use this diesel from Costco, you’re giving your car something perfect.

Why is Costco Diesel Cheaper?

Costco gas stations are known for their lower diesel fuel prices, and this is possible for a few reasons.

Firstly, Costco uses a wholesale model. It is like a big club where members pay once a year to shop there. Because they buy things in large amounts, Costco can get lower prices for fuel from the people who make it.

Also, Costco gas stations are different from other gas stations. They only have a few types of fuel. They usually have a few choices. This simplifies things and helps them save money, which they can pass on to you at lower prices.

Another reason is that Costco gas stations are usually very busy. Lots of people go there to fill up their cars. This means they sell a lot of fuel quickly. Selling more fuel quickly helps them spend less on each gallon they sell.

All these reasons help Costco keep their diesel prices lower than many other places. This is good for people who need to fill up their cars because it means they can save money!

Why is Costco Diesel Cheaper?

Do I Need a Membership to Buy Costco Diesel?

You need a Costco membership to buy fuel at Costco’s gas stations. It might seem like you have to pay extra at first, but if you use a lot of diesel fuel, like an RV, you can save a lot of money.

The savings from buying cheaper fuel at Costco can quickly make up for the cost of the membership, making it a good deal for people who need a lot of fuel.

What are the payment methods for diesel fuel that Costco accepts?

Costco gas stations and stores are great for members because they let you pay in many ways. You can use all types of Visa cards, including the Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi, which gives you cash-back rewards. You can also use most debit cards that need a PIN, like the ones you use at ATMs.

If you have a Costco Shop Card, you can use that, too. These cards are handy for shopping or even as gifts. Costco also accepts cash and personal checks, but only from current members. You can pay with business checks if you own a business and are a Costco Business Member.

Traveler’s checks are good to use when you travel, and you can also use EBT cards. But remember, EBT cards only work in Costco stores in the United States.

Another thing to know: when you buy fuel, Costco might temporarily hold your payment card to ensure you have enough money to pay for the fuel. Your card company usually decides the amount held, which can be up to $150. This is to ensure everything goes smoothly when you pay.

Why Choose Costco Diesel?

Costco diesel is an excellent choice for many reasons. First, it usually costs less than what other gas stations charge. This means you can save money when you fill up your tank.

Costco’s diesel is not only affordable but also high-quality. It’s called Kirkland Signature Diesel, and it meets special standards for how well it works. This is known as a Top-Tier product.

Another cool thing about Costco diesel is that it helps your car run better. The fuel has special additives that keep the parts inside your engine clean. This can make your car run more smoothly.

Lastly, finding Costco diesel is accessible no matter where you are in the United States. Costco has many diesel stations all over the country. They even have a tool to help you find the nearest one.

So, if you need diesel for your vehicle, Costco is an excellent choice because it’s less expensive, high quality, helps your car run better, and is easy to find.

How to Find a Costco Diesel Station Near You?

Looking for a Costco that sells diesel fuel can sometimes take work. But don’t worry; there are a few easy ways to find one.

The best way to do this is to use Costco Gas Station Finder on their website. It’s simple! You just put in your zip code or city, and it shows you all the nearby Costco gas stations. Make sure to pick the option that shows only stations with diesel fuel. This tool is super helpful and easy to use.

Another handy tip is to use apps on your phone. Other companies make apps that help you find gas stations selling diesel fuel, including those at Costco. These apps are great when traveling because you can find a station quickly while moving.

Also, you can check out online forums where people talk about diesel vehicles or RV travel. These online communities are full of helpful people who share updates and tips about where to find Costco stations with diesel fuel. It’s like getting advice from friends who know much about this stuff.

So, try these tips if you need diesel and want to find a Costco station. Use the Costco website or phone apps, or ask in online forums, and you’ll find what you need in no time!

Final Thoughts

Not every Costco has diesel fuel, but for drivers who find one that does, it can help save money. If you’re wondering whether your local Costco sells diesel, there’s an easy way to find out. You can look online to see if they have it. This way, you can enjoy the savings of using Costco’s diesel fuel.

Even though not all Costcos have diesel, it’s worth checking because it could be a good deal for you. You can use the internet to check, or you can even ask at your nearest Costco. If they have diesel, you can save money on fuel!


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Does every Costco gas station sell diesel fuel?

No, not every Costco gas station has diesel fuel. It’s a good idea to check first if you need diesel. You can use the Costco gas station finder or a different app to see if the Costco near you has diesel.

How much cheaper is diesel at Costco?

Diesel at Costco is cheaper than at other places. The price can change depending on where you are and the current fuel cost. Usually, Costco’s diesel is a few cents less per gallon than other stations.

Are there any downsides to filling up with diesel at Costco?

One downside of getting diesel at Costco is you might have to wait in line. Costco gas stations are popular, so there’s often a queue of cars. Also, remember that not all Costco locations have diesel.

Does Costco sell diesel in the USA?

Yes, Costco does sell diesel fuel in the USA. But only at some locations. Before you go, check online or call the Costco you want to visit to ensure they have diesel.

Does Costco sell super diesel?

No, Costco doesn’t have “super diesel.” Super diesel is a special kind you might find at truck stops or unique fuel places. It’s made for mighty diesel engines.

Why did Costco get rid of diesel?

Costco didn’t stop selling diesel everywhere, just in some places. There are a few reasons why:

  1. More people need diesel. Most vehicles use gasoline, so if only a few people buy diesel at Costco, they might stop offering it.
  2. Diesel needs storage, and it’s different from gasoline. For some Costco stores, having both might be too much work or too expensive.

Is Costco diesel any good?

Yes, Costco’s diesel is good quality. It’s called Kirkland Signature™ Diesel, and here’s why it’s good:

  • It meets TOP TIER™ standards, which means it contains special detergents that help keep your engine clean and working well.
  • It has quality additives. These help stop lousy stuff from building up in your engine, making it run better and last longer.


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