Do Walgreens Have Self-Checkout? No, Learn Why

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Do Walgreens Have Self-Checkout No, Learn Why

When you go shopping, how quickly you can check out can really make your trip better or worse. Many stores now have self-checkout, where you can scan and pay for your items yourself. You might be asking, does Walgreens have this option too?

If you’re wondering about self-checkout at Walgreens, as of now, Walgreens does not have self-checkout options in their stores. This means when you shop at Walgreens, you’ll go to a checkout counter where a store employee will help you with your purchases. This can be good because you get personal assistance, but sometimes there might be a wait if the store is busy.

Let’s dive into more details. keep on reading.

Do Walgreens Have Self-Checkout?

No. Walgreens doesn’t have self-checkout systems right now. Instead, they mostly use cashiers to help you check out when you’re done shopping. This means you might have to wait a bit in line, but it usually doesn’t take too long. It’s good to know how things work there before you go.

Do Walgreens Have Self-Checkout?

Why Walgreens doesn’t have Self-Checkout?

Walgreens has not officially stated why they haven’t adopted self-checkout kiosks, but several factors could be influencing their decision. One major concern is loss prevention, as self-checkout might increase shoplifting due to reduced cashier supervision. Another reason is the company’s emphasis on customer service; cashiers offer a personal touch, helping with queries and coupons, which a machine cannot replicate.

Additionally, the cost of implementing and maintaining self-checkout systems could be prohibitively high, especially if the existing cashier-based system is efficient. Space constraints in smaller stores might also prevent the installation of self-checkout lanes.

Lastly, Walgreens might be observing how other retailers handle self-checkout before committing, possibly waiting for technological advancements that enhance security or considering a trial in select stores to evaluate its effectiveness.

What is Traditional Checkout vs. Self-Checkout?

At Walgreens, when you’re ready to buy your items, you’ll usually head to the traditional checkout. This means you will wait in line until it’s your turn. Then, a cashier will help you. They will scan each item you want to buy, handle your payment, and finish up your purchase.

How quickly this goes can vary. It depends on how many people are in line before you and what you’re buying. For example, if you’re using coupons or returning something, it might take a bit longer.

What are the Benefits of a Cashier-Assisted Checkout?

At Walgreens, even though there’s no self-checkout, using a traditional checkout has its perks. When you go to pay, you get to interact with a cashier who is there to help you.

They can answer any questions you have, help you use your coupons, and sort out any problems that might come up while you’re checking out. This personal help can be very useful, especially if your transaction is a bit complicated or if you’re buying something you’re not familiar with.

Also, talking to a cashier adds a personal touch to your shopping experience. Some people really enjoy this human interaction, especially when it feels like a nice break from machines and automated systems.

How does Walgreens Self-Checkout vs Other Retailers work?

At Walgreens, they don’t have self-checkout machines. This means when you shop there, you’ll use the traditional checkout. Let’s see how this experience compares to other stores that might use both types of checkouts.

When you go to the traditional checkout at Walgreens, a cashier will help you with everything. They scan your items, take your payment, and help with any questions.

This can be really nice because you get to talk to a person who can directly help you if you need it. In some other stores, you might have the option to use self-checkout, where you scan your items and pay without a cashier’s help.

FeatureWalgreensOther Retailers with Self-Checkout
Checkout MethodTraditional cashier-assistedSelf-checkout kiosks available alongside cashier lanes
Personalized serviceYes, cashiers can answer questions and assist with transactions.Limited to on-screen prompts or assistance from store personnel.
Payment optionsCash, credit/debit cards, mobile payments, Walgreens Balance Rewards card.Similar options, may also include contactless payments.
TroubleshootingSimilar options may also include contactless payments.Reliant on on-screen prompts or calling for store personnel assistance.

Understanding these differences can help you decide which shopping experience you might prefer based on what kind of help you might need during your visit.

What contactless payment methods does Walgreens accept?

Walgreens has introduced contactless checkout options to make shopping easier and safer for everyone. Now, when you visit Walgreens, you can pay without touching anything.

You can use different payment methods such as debit cards, credit cards, and digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. This way, you can minimize touching surfaces and enjoy a quicker and more secure checkout experience.

What contactless payment methods does Walgreens accept?

What Forms of Payment Does Walgreens Accept?

Walgreens is a well-known pharmacy chain that provides a variety of products and services. This store makes it easy for you to pay for your items in several different ways to ensure you have a smooth shopping experience.

At Walgreens, you can use many payment methods:

  • You can pay with cash for any of your purchases.
  • Walgreens also takes major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.
  • If you prefer using debit cards, Walgreens accepts those that have a Visa or Mastercard logo.
  • You can also use Walgreens gift cards to buy things either in their stores or online.
  • For quick and secure payment, Walgreens supports mobile payment options like Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
  • If you are buying prescription medications, Walgreens allows you to use various insurance plans to help cover the costs.

Additionally, Walgreens has its own credit card which you can apply for. This card gives you special rewards and discounts on your purchases. They also have a Walgreens Rewards program where you earn points when you buy items. Later, you can use these points to get discounts and other rewards.

All these options make shopping at Walgreens convenient, whether you’re stopping by in person or shopping online.

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Why Walgreens Use Old Traditional Cashier Checkout?

Retail theft is a big problem for many stores, including Walgreens. While using self-checkout systems can help reduce waiting times and save on staff costs, these systems might also make it easier for theft to happen.

As things change in the retail world, Walgreens is likely to keep looking for the best way to handle checkouts. They want to make sure they provide a good experience for customers, keep things secure, and stay efficient.


Walgreens doesn’t offer self-checkout right now, but their traditional checkout has its own benefits. At this checkout, you get personalized service from friendly cashiers who are ready to help you. They can make your shopping easier and more comfortable. You also have many safe ways to pay for your purchases.

When you think about where to shop, consider what’s more important to you. Do you prefer the quickness of self-checkout available at other stores, or do you like the personal touch of a cashier who can assist with your shopping needs?

The choice depends on what you value most when you go shopping at Walgreens. Each person might like something different, so it’s all about what makes your shopping trip best for you.


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