Can You Return Diapers to Costco? Yes, Learn How

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Can You Return Diapers to Costco Yes, Learn How

Parenting is full of surprises, isn’t it? Imagine buying a massive box of diapers and finding out your baby needs a bigger size the next day. Or maybe you tried a different diaper brand, and it didn’t work out well. Don’t worry, Costco shoppers! If you need to return diapers, Costco is there to help you and your baby.

Costco has an excellent return policy. They want you to be happy with what you buy, including things for babies, like diapers. If you need to return diapers to Costco, you should know a few things. This article will help parents to understand how to do it quickly.

Can You Return Diapers to Costco?

Guess what? You can return diapers to Costco, even if the package is opened! Costco is okay with taking back diapers. It doesn’t matter if the package is closed or some diapers are already used. Costco really cares about making its customers happy.

Can You Return Diapers to Costco?

So, if your baby grows out of a size or doesn’t like a particular brand, there’s no need to worry. You can return them to Costco.

What is Costco’s Generous Return Policy?

Costco has a really good return policy. They promise 100% satisfaction. This means you can return almost anything you buy there, including diapers. You can get a full refund for diapers, whether the package is open or not. If your baby grows out of a size or you don’t like the brand, you can return them. In most cases, you don’t even need a receipt.

But if you have your receipt, things will be faster. The people at Costco can quickly find your purchase details. If you don’t have a receipt, don’t worry. They can use your membership card to look it up.

Costco differs from other stores because they give you much time to return things. Many stores only let you return things within 30 to 90 days. But at Costco, you can return diapers anytime. This is great for parents whose kids have outgrown diapers.

What type of Diaper can you return? Open or Unopen

You can return both opened and unopened diaper packages. This is a big plus because most stores only take back things that haven’t been opened. You can get your money back when you return diapers or swap them for a different size or brand.

Usually, you need to have your receipt when you return diapers. This helps them check your purchase and makes the return go smoothly. Also, you should show your Costco membership card when you return or exchange diapers. This is how they do all returns at Costco.

What You’ll Need for a Smooth Return?

When you want to return diapers at Costco, make sure you have a few things with you to make it go smoothly:

  1. Diapers—Bring the diapers you want to return. It’s okay if the package is opened or some diapers are used.
  2. Your Costco Membership Card—You must have a valid membership card. Costco needs this for all returns.
  3. Your Receipt (If You Have It)—Having your receipt is excellent because it makes the return process quicker. But if you don’t have it, don’t worry. Costco can use your membership card to look up what you bought.

What About Non-Costco Members?

A Costco membership is great because it lets you use their return policy to its fullest. But even if you’re not a member, you can still return diapers. Here’s how it works:

  1. If you bought unopened diapers using a member’s card but you’re not a member, you can still return them. The refund will go back to the member’s account.
  2. If you received diapers as a gift from someone who isn’t a Costco member and wants to return them, that’s okay, too! You can bring the unopened package back to Costco. They’ll give you store credit, even if you’re not a member.

Is there any time limit for returning items at Costco?

At Costco, returning diapers is different from returning electronics or appliances. For electronics, you usually have only 90 days to return them, but with diapers, there’s no set time limit.

You can bring them back whenever you want, even if it’s been years since you bought them. The only thing is, they need to be in a condition that Costco can sell them again.

When a Diaper Return Might Be Denied?

Sometimes, there might be a few reasons why Costco won’t take back your diapers. Here are some of them:

  1. Costco might refuse to accept the return if the diaper packaging is damaged or missing. They need to be able to sell the diapers again.
  2. If Costco thinks you bought the diapers for a business rather than for your use, they might not let you return them.
  3. It’s rare, but if you keep returning a lot of diapers all the time, Costco might think something’s up and not accept your return.

But don’t worry; Costco is usually excellent at taking back diapers. Bring your membership card, and you can return diapers whether the package is opened or not and get your money back.

How do you make the return of Diapers at Costco?

Returning diapers to Costco is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. First, go to the customer service desk at the Costco store near you.
  2. Tell the person there that you want to return diapers.
  3. Show them your Costco membership card and the diapers you’re returning. If you have the receipt, bring that too.
  4. The person at the desk will handle your return and give you a full refund using the method you used to pay.

You can also return it in the warehouse and online; here is how to do it.

  1. In-Warehouse Return—Take the diapers you don’t want anymore to any Costco store, not just the one where you bought them. Go to the customer service desk. Bring your receipt if you have it, but it’s only sometimes needed. Costco will handle your return and give you a full refund.
  2. Mail-in Return—If you ordered diapers online or can’t go to a Costco store, you can return them by mail. First, start the return process in your Costco account. Then, print out a prepaid shipping label from the United States Postal Service (USPS). Pack the diapers and take them to a USPS location near you. It might take up to 14 business days for Costco to process your return and give you your refund.
How do you make the return of Diapers at Costco?

What are the Tips for a Speedy Diaper Return?

When you return diapers to Costco, here’s what you might need to do:

Answer a few questions. Costco might ask why you’re bringing back the diapers. They do this to get feedback from customers like you.

Go to a Costco Store. You must usually return diapers at a Costco warehouse. Even if you bought them online, it’s usually best to go to a store.

Think about buying again. If you need clarification on the size or brand of diapers, that’s okay. You can return them and then use your money to buy a different kind at Costco.

What are the Benefits of Costco’s Diaper Return Policy?

Costco’s return policy is beneficial, especially for parents. Here’s why:

  1. Less Risk—You can buy lots of diapers at once without worrying. If the size or brand isn’t suitable for your baby, you can return them.
  2. Peace of Mind—Knowing you can return diapers, even if you’ve opened the package, is comforting. This means you can try out a new brand or size without worrying.
  3. Saves Money—Costco lets you exchange diapers for different sizes. So, if you have unopened diapers that are too small for your baby, you can swap them for the correct size. This way, you don’t waste diapers as your baby grows.


Here’s the scoop on Costco’s diaper return policy: It’s generous, just like a big pack of jumbo wipes. If you open a box of diapers and your baby grows too big for them, no problem! Or a different brand might be better. That’s okay, too. Costco lets you return or exchange your diapers and get all your money back.

Now, you can relax and enjoy the sweet moments with your baby. Like cuddles, laughs, and maybe even a quick nap while your little one sleeps.


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How long do I have to return diapers to Costco?

There isn’t a time limit for returning diapers at Costco because of their satisfaction guarantee. But remember, for some items like electronics, different rules might apply. It’s always a good idea to check Costco’s return policy for the most current details.

Is there a time limit for returning diapers to Costco?

No, Costco doesn’t have a specific time limit for returning items, including diapers. However, some products, like electronics and appliances, have a 90-day return window. You can always look up the latest information on Costco’s website or ask customer service.

Can I return the diapers I bought online to Costco?

Absolutely! You can return diaper orders online to any Costco warehouse location.

Can I exchange unopened diapers for a different size or brand?

Yes, you can! Costco lets you exchange unopened diaper packs for a different size or brand.

Can I return diapers to Costco without a receipt?

Yes, in most situations, you can return diapers to Costco even without a receipt. Costco’s great return policy lets them track your purchases with your membership card. Having your receipt can make the process faster, but it’s unnecessary.

Can I return unused diapers?

Sure, you can return both unused and partially used diapers to Costco. They have a satisfaction guarantee for all their products, including diapers.

Does Huggies make Costco Kirkland Signature diapers?

It still needs to be officially confirmed who makes Kirkland Signature diapers for Costco. But many people think they might be made by Kimberly-Clark, the company that owns Huggies. This is because Kirkland diapers and Huggies share many of the same features and are similar in quality.


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