Can you buy Costco gift cards at Walgreens? No, Other Options

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Can you buy Costco gift cards at Walgreens No, Other Options

Gift cards are a vast and intricate world, a maze of plastic rectangles promising fast fulfillment and ecstatic shopping sprees. However, when it comes to individual stores, misunderstanding can arise. A burning question frequently arises.

Can you buy Costco gift cards at Walgreens?

The answer is a loud NO, dear reader. While Walgreens offers gift cards for over 85 merchants ranging from renowned department stores to streaming services, Costco needs to be more present in its inventory.

Costco’s distinctive membership strategy contributes to this exclusivity. A Costco gift card can only be purchased if you are a registered member, either in-store or online.

Can you buy Costco gift cards at Walgreens?

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This means you’re still in luck with giving Costco treats. Here are some other options to consider:

Why not? Here are a few reasons:

  • Costco works on a membership model, and gift cards are a part of its closed-loop environment. They encourage membership purchases by making gift cards available in their stores. This exclusivity motivates prospective members to join to gain access to the gift card option.
  • On the other hand, Walgreens concentrates on providing gift cards for a broader range of popular businesses and restaurants.
  • They will likely prefer collaborations with businesses with a broader reach and consumer base.
  • Inventory Management: Stocking and managing an extra gift card brand adds to Walgreens’ complexity.
  • Their emphasis on their own and significant brand gift cards outweighs the potential advantage of carrying Costco-specific ones.

So, where can you get Costco gift cards? You have a few options

Costco Stores: This is the most straightforward option. Visit any Costco location and purchase gift cards in various denominations at the designated gift card station.

Costco Website: You can also purchase Costco gift cards online through their official website. Delivery options are available, making it convenient if you can’t physically visit a store.

Third-Party Gift Card Resellers: Some authorized resellers like or Raise occasionally offer Costco gift cards. However, be cautious about pricing and seller reputation, as inflated prices or scams are possible.

Online Marketplaces: E-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay often stock Costco gift cards, offering the convenience of doorstep delivery. However, prepare for potential markups compared to Costco’s original prices.

Gift Card Exchanges: Websites like Gift Card Granny and Cardpool connect buyers and sellers of unwanted gift cards, occasionally featuring Costco treasures at discounted rates. Just remember to exercise caution and research seller reputations before committing.

Grocery Stores and Pharmacies: Certain grocery chains and pharmacies, particularly those with established partnerships with Costco, might occasionally carry their gift cards. While selection may be limited, it’s worth a quick scan if you’re already making groceries.

Membership Perks: Some credit cards and loyalty programs offer rewards points redeemable for Costco gift cards. Check your program’s offerings – you might be sitting on a treasure trove of shopping sprees waiting to be unleashed.

So, where can you get Costco gift cards You have a few options

Alternatives to Costco Gift Cards

If you find yourself at Walgreens without access to a Costco gift card, consider these alternatives:

  • Walgreens Gift Card: A Walgreens gift card always works, allowing the recipient to choose from a wide selection of items at their convenience.
  • Visa or Mastercard Gift Cards: These offer flexibility and can be used at virtually any retailer that accepts the respective card brand.
  • Cash: While not exceptionally as personalized, cash always remains a valuable and universally accepted gift.

Before making any purchases, it’s always best to verify information directly with the source, whether it’s Walgreens or Costco’s official websites.

Closing Thoughts

While it may be tempting to pick up a Costco gift card at another shop, it is simply not an option. These valued shopping tokens are only available at Costco.

But don’t worry! Various options, from in-store purchases to e-gift deliveries, ensure you can still find the right gift for the Costco enthusiast. Remember that some planning goes a long way regarding Costco gift cards.

So, channel your inner treasure hunter, investigate your possibilities, and watch that smile light up their face when it’s time to give gifts!

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Why can’t I buy Costco gift cards at Walgreens?

Costco maintains exclusive control over its distribution of gift cards, only issuing them to members through its channels.

Are there any other retailers where I can buy Costco gift cards?

No, currently, Costco only sells its gift cards directly through its online store and physical locations.

What’s the difference between a Costco Gift Card and a Costco Shop Card?

Don’t be fooled by the fancy names! They’re essentially the same thing – a magical key to unlocking Costco’s treasure trove.

What alternative gift options can I consider for someone who enjoys shopping at Costco?

Gift cards for other wholesale retailers, grocery delivery services, or general-purpose prepaid cards can be viable alternatives, offering similar value or flexibility.

Can you buy a Costco gift card anywhere?

No, you cannot buy Costco gift cards anywhere except at Costco. This includes other retailers like Walgreens and Walmart or online marketplaces like Amazon. Costco operates on a closed-loop model, incentivizing membership purchases by keeping their gift cards exclusive to their stores and website.

How do you buy a Costco card as a gift?

Here are your options for purchasing a Costco gift card as a gift:

  • In-store at Costco: This is the most accessible and most readily available option. You can buy physical gift cards in various denominations at any Costco warehouse’s designated gift card station.
  • Online through Costco’s website: Visit the official Costco website and purchase e-gift cards in various denominations. Choose from immediate delivery via email or physical delivery by standard mail.
  • Authorized resellers: Some authorized resellers like or Raise may occasionally offer Costco gift cards. However, be cautious about pricing and seller reputation due to potential markups or scams.

Can a non-member use a Costco gift card?

Yes, a non-member can use a Costco gift card. The gift card doesn’t require a membership for the recipient to purchase. However, to enter the store and use the gift card, the recipient will need to either:

  • Shop with a member: A Costco member can bring the non-member along as a guest and allow them to use the gift card.
  • Purchase a one-day shopping pass: Costco offers one-day shopping passes for a nominal fee, allowing non-members to enter the store and use their gift cards.

Does Costco sell gift cards for other retailers?

No, Costco does not sell gift cards for other retailers. Their focus remains on their membership model and promoting their in-house products and services. Offering gift cards to other stores wouldn’t align with their strategy.


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