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How to Write SEO Optimized Product Description for eCommerce Store

Online Market is so over-saturated with almost every product with thousands of niches, using fluffy, Keywords stuffing. Poorly SEO-optimized product descriptions that put them on dead pages. 

Product descriptions are what make or break product sales. A well-written, catchy, compelling, and engaging product description has greater chances for generating more sales. 

An SEO Optimized Product Description has the power to help buyers to make a quick decision to buy your product now and not later. A well-crafted copy stands out your product above the fold. 

Using persuasive words that engage your readers will able your customers to swap their credit cards. 

People buy benefits, keep focusing on delivering, so they can offload with the heck using your product. 

Do a detailed search for a primary keyword with high volume, most relevant, and have the best ROI value for the product. 

Create an emotional relationship with your prospects by crafting an SEO-optimized Product description, this way, you achieve more positive results. 

Now I will explain every step in more detail. 

Let’s dive deep in!

Select Best Keyword for your Product

Finding the right keywords for your product is the secret sauce. There are many tools out there that make it easy for you to choose relevant, high-volume, and low-difficulty score keywords. 

Adding the right keyword, and its modifier words will help search engines to find your pages easily,  and serve your prospects above the fold. 

Now the question is how you’ll find relevant keywords and other modifiers for your product? The following tools are used to make this thing easy for online product sellers.

  1. KWFinder
  2. Moz
  3. Ahref
  4. SEMRush
  5. Ubbersuggest

Try to use long-tail keywords, and they will best match the search intent of your prospects. Long-tail keywords are considered best for higher conversion.  

Let’s say you are using keywords with a product name that is a WordPress theme; try to add relevant theme builders, add-ons, and compatible cache plugins names as modifier keywords. 

Google uses the BERT algorithm to understand page content and use all relevant words that help to complete a context. You will get a good reward from Google for doing this. 

Don’t make your product description spammy with keyword stuffing. It will look unnatural. You should include your primary keywords depending on the content length. Use paraphrasing strategy. As mentioned in the above paragraph. 

Add your primary keywords at different places in your product description copy:

  1. In URL
  2. In Product Title
  3. In description copy using phrasing strategy
  4. Product Image Alt tag
  5. Meta Title and Description if you’re on WordPress CMS. 

You can also name this as On-Page SEO, Optimization for your product page. 

Set Buyer persona to see what is Important for Them!

What if you’ve spent a lot of time in choosing a product launching an online store, and spending on advertisements, but all goes waste because you didn’t optimize it for your audience, not match your copy with the search intent of your prospects?

Your prospects are not engine bots, but they are human. Write for your prospects and optimize it for search engines, So they can reward your business, and get the best ROI. 

What do these search engines do? Search engines help your prospects with the query they’re looking to answer for. Write SEO Optimized product description, this way you’re helping Google to make things easy for you! 

The Best way to include buyer persona in your product description is to understand your prospect’s needs. To make this easy for your prospects to think about Whom? What? And how? You can find this through demographics using the Google Analytics tool and other SEO Checker tools like ahref. 

If you can understand your buyer’s persona, you can save the dollars that you’re going to spend on the advertisement without knowing your buyer’s intention. 

Sell Benefits Not Just Features

Help your prospects with converting your features to benefits. People buy benefits! Tell them “what is in it” for them. Sell your benefits in a way that they decide to “Buy Now” and not later.

While crafting SEO-Optimized product descriptions keep this clear and concise. Write it in a conversational form, so prospects easily understand the answer to “What solution they will get after buying your product?”

Use the Dichotomy technique while applying for Features/benefits for your product description.

As Nike shoe “Nike Revolution 5 PRM” show their Features and translate them with benefits.

FeaturesBenefits Explained in Product Description copy
Soft insoleSoft foam provides a smooth and supportive experience. Textures on the sides help reduce the weight of the shoe.
Comfortable liningLightweight knit fabric wraps your foot for breathability and comfort. Reinforced heel and outer details provide support and durability.

Add a table to show features and then benefits. 

Always make sure of delivering solutions and benefits. 

Features or specifications or those things which products carry. Features only explain about product and company voice, not elaborate how it will help them to get rid of problems. 

Benefits explain how this product feature will help them. Benefits have a direct relation with their lives and how they improve it with this product. 

Add engaging and problem-solving-rich content, so they can spend more time on site. 

Craft Unique Product description

If you are starting with more than 50 products and it tempts you to add the same description for your all-product. Don’t do this. 

If you don’t manage to write all the unique descriptions while launching more than 50 product stores, add a “no index”  meta tag to those pages. Once you get a unique SEO Optimized Product description then removes this “no index” meta tag. 

Adding no index tags while writing SEO Optimized Product Description

This way you are telling search engines to skip this page, as it considers a best practice, besides getting spammy or blocked through search engines. 

Do not use company manufacturing copy. A company Product description is very technical and not easy to understand by prospects as they mostly share about features and specifications. 

The most dangling truth is that people sometimes don’t read all the content, but they can. Like if you are looking for a specific point out of this blog, then you might also be scanning this post to get an idea of what it is about? 

The best way to write descriptions in bullet points is as it will help prospects to easily scan and make decisions. 

Responsive Product Page Design

As Google is doing mobile-first indexing. It is estimated more than half of all traffic is coming through smartphone devices, making your website responsive across all devices. 

40% of users leave your site and go to competitor sites when they get a bad experience with your mobile version site. 

79% of prospects that make online shopping are through smartphones. And more than 80% of prospects use their smartphone to check reviews for a specific product. 

Make sure to make your site pixel-perfect, responsive, and fast loading for a better user experience. If you’re using WordPress CMS for your online E-Commerce store and have issues with responsiveness, you can shoot a message here

Start Writing SEO Optimized Product Description for your Online store Now!

Using all the above techniques, start writing SEO-Optimized Product descriptions for your next or existing online store. Wrapping up, how to write unique and SEO-optimized product descriptions now:

  1. Choose the right Keyword for your Product title and description
  2. Analyze Buyer persona to see what is Important for them, check their awareness stage, and then craft description.
  3. Use dichotomy while Selling benefits not just features
  4. Write Unique and conversational Product descriptions that show “what is in it” for prospects. 
  5. More people are using smartphones, make sure to design your store responsive

If you have any questions or want SEO Optimized Product Description for your online store, then, here at Faisal Mian I’m offering an exclusive offer for crafting a unique product description


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