Improve Your SEO Content Writing Skills? 11 Useful Steps

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Learn How to Improve Your SEO Content Writing Skills 12 Easy Ways to Emboss up Your Content Now

Why is it the most visible organization on the Internet for many businesses
Let me show you some statistics to see how things went. What will it be in the coming years?
As we all know, due to this dreadful pandemic, every firm is focusing on remote work (Work From home).
Content marketing was predicted to have a $73 billion market share by 2023 a few years ago. However, this prediction has since been modified.

In A report by Business Wire. The content marketing industry is growing, and we know there will be a hike of $269b during 2020-24.

As everyone knows that social media marketing has become more useful these days. Billions of people are using social media apps across the Globe.

Now Let’s Discuss

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is a way to build authority for you and your business to get more leads. It is a long-term investment for brand awareness by writing fresh and useful content.

Content writing is the best option for the Highest ROI. It will save you money. An estimation; it saves 62% of your money! Then investing in advertising generates 3 times more leads.

Using content, there is a 19.7% increase in traffic than other sources.

It is also a way to educate your audience, to build a relationship with them so that you can sell your product or service.

It includes blog posts, articles, help guides, white papers, scripts, podcasts, and presentations. Not only that, but it has become a primary resource for people to communicate with each other.

In 2023, content writing will become a more interesting and profitable niche. You must understand its fundamentals if you’re a Freelance Writer or have your own business.

To get more organic traffic and leads, you should learn “how it affects businesses?” and “Why you should focus on SEO content?”

If you want to learn content writing skills. This article will help you overcome your fear and make you a Good content creation expert.

Learn How to Improve Your Content Writing Skills

Let’s split it into sections, so you can understand how to get mastery of this skill!

You don’t need a special degree to get a master’s in this skill if you’re passionate about writing everything that is happening around you.

Some people scale themselves and find their dream clients that they are keen to work with. On the other hand, some are stuck with reading a lot of stuff but cannot omit a single word. Duh!

If you are learning writing skills, you must spend your ¾ time practicing and writing on any topic.

To put something new in your brain, you should first make it empty for that. For this purpose, read these lines from Cashvertising Book.

“The guy ranted on and on while the master poured the reporter’s tea. As he endlessly babbled, the tea quickly rose to the rim of his cup and began spilling all over the floor.

The reporter finally stopped yakking and said with surprise,

“What are you doing? You can’t pour in anymore!  The cup is overflowing!”

“Yes,” responded the wise master. “This teacup, like your mind, is so full of ideas that there is no room for new information. You must first empty your head before any new knowledge can enter.”


Let’s dive right in!

The 5 Basic skills that you must know to master yourself

Before moving on to how to improve writing skills! You first need to keep in mind to write optimized content.

  1. To create an environment that boosts your productivity, it should be distraction-free.
  2. Understand your employer’s goals, and write what they want from you!
  3. Use simple words that deliver your message.
  4. Compose the paragraph in such a way that it creates visual IR (Internal Representation)
  5. A basic understanding of Keywords and On-page SEO to boost your organic traffic.

You don’t get overwhelmed with everything in trying to jargon all the niches. Choose one niche and master yourself in that; this way, you can scale yourself.

As I mentioned earlier. Content writing is a primary source to communicate with your readers. Create a visual movie in their mind to better understand your product or service.

Read Every Day, Blogs, e-Books.

This is the most interesting thing I do, to expand my writing skills. You should read other bloggers! To see how they transform their message into writing.

Don’t worry; you’ll find a lot of content that is like junk! This is because many bloggers write retch the same old stuff without researching.

Content Marketing is an evolving industry, and it will never die. On the same road, you will find many useful sources.

There are a lot of content marketing agencies out there. That is creating fresh content and spreading it with facts and figures.

I read blogs from one of my favorite content marketing experts. They are Julia McCoy, Brian Dean, Copyblogger, and Jon Morrow.

Search for a useful source to learn such a skill as it will save a lot of time and allow you to write content that matters.

Some useful e-books also help you to build your reading habits. My favorite e-Books are:

  1. Cashvertising – Drew Eric Whitman
  2. The One Sentence Persuasion Course
  3. So, You Think You Can Write– The Definitive Guide to Successful Online Writing
  4. The Copywriting Sourcebook– How to write better copy, faster – for everything from ads to websites
  5. Awaken the Giant Within – Winner Walking by Anthony Robbins

You will see it! How do all these bloggers, authors, and publishers convey their messages and generate sales and brand awareness?

Note: Always write what you read and learn daily; even a single line will help you elevate your skills.

Find a Mentor for Reading their Guides Daily

Choosing a mentor that helps you improve your SEO content writing skills is a tough task!

There are countless content strategists and bloggers on the internet. That is helping and running millions of dollars in agencies.

Mentors will help you make your journey smooth. You can ask them and join different social media channels for help. They are very cool people and will help you with your compactness.

Some newbies are shy and don’t want somebody to read their content. You should offer your copy or content to your friend or mentor for feedback. These are good tactics to elevate your writing skills.

P.S. I have mentioned some useful resources for blogs and e-Books. You will learn a lot from these guys! As they are a good content strategist.

Do your research before start writing.

When you start writing, always research to match your client’s or your own goals with your content writing. If you are not doing so, you will get fluff.

To start writing SEO-optimized content, research is an important part. There are many sources to find your content to see where your competitors are ahead of you or your client.

It will also help you to encapsulate more knowledge in your mind by doing so. You’ll come across relevant stuff that will help you in the future.

I’m writing this article after researching for a week. Create a headline, and check its performance. I will discuss later “How you can check heading Quality?”.

It will help you to understand your competitor’s content strategy. So, you can develop more fresh and useful content your readers seek.

Write it for your Audiences.

Are you writing it for yourself? Or do you want it for your potential audience? Keeping your audience in mind is a fundamental part of Content Writing.

If you don’t understand demographics, then you will not be able to reach the right audience!

A skilled writer keeps his audience on his table and then types on the keyboard. To deliver the best, you must pay attention to your audience.

Your audience is your business. If you can’t deliver, they will skip through it and land on another landing page. This is bad as it will increase your bounce rate, decrease dwell time, and more.

You can see your demographics through Google Analytics. To better understand, see all the parameters under “Audience” in Universal GA.

Google Analytics to Check Demographics for your Content Writing Journey

If your target audience is “Copywriter” then you should create content with Free Guides, Videos, and e-books.

Craft Headline that Best describes You, or Your Product

Your headline is your first line that either hooks or loses your reader.

Your headline should be simple and effective. It best describes to your audience what they’ll achieve at the end.

If you want to get master’s in crafting a Quality, High Engagement, and Impression headline for your next topic or content writing, try “Sharethrough headline Analyzer

I also tested this topic, “Heading Quality Score,” and it is 75, which is above average.

Write Your Blog body with Simple Words

If you’re thinking that using complex vocabulary and words creates a great impression for you! And it will make you a good content-writing expert. Then I suppose you might be wrong.

According to Flesch! Readability grade, your content should be between 4th -8th-grade reading level.

The table for the Grade reading level is:

Content Writing Readability Score

*The higher the score, the easier it will be to understand.

If you’re wondering how you can check your content readability grade. Here is a free app, “Hemingway” where you can edit it and make it simple.

Also, avoid filler words like that, they, very, actually, etc.

Use Infographics to deliver more information.

Infographics content is getting more popular than text as it delivers more information.

There are mind-blowing stats for Infographics. In a report, the content with “What Post”, “Why Post”, and Infographics get 25.8% more links than other content.

You can make such infographics using graphics tools or online sources like Canva. These tactics are very useful when starting your business as a content writing expert.

Improve Your SEO Content Writing Skills 5 Steps Infographics
Use Infographics to deliver more information.

Use These Tools to Improve your SEO content writing skills

Just writing thousands of words will not make your content writing skills great; you should make it SEO Optimized and Make it simple to convey your message easily.

Here are some tools that I mostly use for my content creation. You should also use them to make your work easier.

  1. Grammarly
  2. Hemingway
  3. Quilbot
  4. Share Through Headline Analyzer
  5. ChatGPT
  6. Language Tool’s
  7. Word-Counter
  8. Answer the public

These tools are available both Free and Paid. Start with a free plan, and if you enjoy using these tools, you can also buy their premium plan.

Make sure to practice it until it Becomes Your Daily Routine.

Create crappy content, and don’t let yourself interrupt with editing it. When you’re done with writing, fix it yourself or use any of the tools mentioned in the last heading.

First, you should create an outline for the heading and then a subheading. It will make your process easier.

According to Malcolm Gladwell, the best-selling author. He said it takes him 10,000 hours of “deliberate hours” to become an expert in content writing. If that’s true, then why should you not try this?

As they say, “Practice makes a man perfect.” If you want to be good at what you want, then make sure to practice it daily.

Suppose you are eager to learn SEO Content writing skills! Practicing by writing down what you’ve learned daily would be best.

Get out of procrastination, then see how it makes you the best content writer or copywriter.

Final Thought

Now, it’s time to become a Good Content writing or creation expert; if you want to start a freelance business, then start it today.

These 11 steps will improve your SEO Content Writing skills. If you are keen to learn more about content writing, there are plenty of resources on the Internet. Use them, and Practice them.

I’ve also mentioned some useful resources where you can see and grow your skills for 2023.

If you need any help with Content Creation, Content Strategy for your business, and you’re not sure! You can Contact Me.

Your Success is our Business.


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