How to Change Pickup Person at Walmart? (Method Explained +FAQs)

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How to Change Pickup Person at Walmart (Method Explained +FAQs)

Walmart’s pickup service has revolutionized the way we shop. It offers convenience, time-saving, and a personalized approach to shopping. This article delves into the intricacies of changing the pickup person at Walmart, ensuring your pickup process is as smooth as your shopping experience.

Essential Guide to Walmart Pickup

Walmart Pickup is a service that allows you to shop online and have your items ready for pickup at a time that suits you. It’s convenient, easy, and often free.

Understanding this service is the first step to mastering its full potential, including how to delegate or change the person picking up your order.

Eligibility for Pickup Person Modification

Before delving into the modification process, it’s essential to determine if you are eligible to make changes to the pickup person.

This flexibility is granted if your order is still in the “processing” stage. Modifications are no longer permitted once the order transitions to the “ready for pickup” phase.

Eligibility for Pickup Person Modification

How to Change Pickup Person at Walmart: A Step-by-Step Guide

Accessing Your Order Details: Sign in to your Walmart account. Once logged in, navigate to the “Orders” section and locate the specific order you wish to modify.

Locating the Edit Option: Find the “Details” section upon identifying the order. Within this section, you’ll discover the “Edit” option adjacent to the “Current Pickup Person” field.

Introducing the Alternate Pickup Person: Click on the “Edit” button to unveil a form where you can enter the name and contact information of the designated alternate pickup person. Ensure the provided details are accurate to avoid discrepancies during pickup.

Confirmation and Completion: Once you’ve meticulously completed the form, click the “Submit” button to finalize the changes. You’ll receive a confirmation message acknowledging the successful modification of the pickup person.

How to Change Pickup Person at Walmart A Step-by-Step Guide
How to Change Pickup Person at Walmart: A Step-by-Step Guide

Additional Considerations

  • Timeframe for Information Update: Please note that the updated pickup person information may take approximately four hours to reflect within Walmart’s system. Therefore, it’s advisable to initiate the modification process well in advance of the scheduled pickup time.
  • Minimum Order Amount: To utilize Walmart’s store pickup service, the order value must surpass $35.
  • Store Location Modification: Once an order has been placed, altering the store location for pickup is not an option.
  • Order Cancellation and Refund: If you cannot pick up your order, you can request a refund within four to seven days. If the order remains unclaimed after seven days, Walmart will automatically process a refund.

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Can I change my Walmart pickup time?

Yes, you can change your Walmart pickup time within certain limits:

  • Before order confirmation: As long as you haven’t confirmed your order, you can freely amend your chosen pickup time slot on the Walmart website or app.
  • After order confirmation: Once your order is confirmed, you have a grace period to adjust your pickup time. This grace period varies depending on the store and can range from minutes to several hours.
  • Check your order confirmation email or app notifications for the specific timeframe to modify your pickup time.
  • If the grace period has passed, you might still be able to change your pickup time, but it’s best to contact the store directly to see if they can accommodate you.

How do I cancel my Walmart pickup time?

You can cancel your Walmart pickup time as long as your order hasn’t been picked up by the store yet:

  • Through the Walmart website or app: Go to your order details and look for the “Cancel Order” option.
  • By calling the store directly, Explain your situation and request to cancel your pickup.

Remember, it’s best to act quickly to avoid inconvenience when modifying or canceling your Walmart pickup order.

What happens if you are late picking up your Walmart grocery order?

There are usually no penalties for being slightly late to pick up your Walmart grocery order:

  • You have a time window for your chosen pickup slot; arriving during that timeframe is sufficient.
  • If you’re running late, inform the store through the app or call them. They might be able to hold your order for a while longer.
  • However, if you’re significantly late or miss your pickup window entirely, your order might be held for a limited time (usually 24 hours) before being returned to inventory.

How long will Walmart hold my pickup order?

Walmart will hold your pickup order for 24 hours after your chosen pickup time slot. However, this can vary depending on the store and specific items in your order. Some perishable items might be returned to inventory sooner.

  • It’s best to check your order confirmation email or app notifications for your order’s exact timeframe.
  • If you’re concerned about missing your pickup window, contact the store to discuss extending the hold time or making alternative arrangements.

Final Words

Walmart’s pickup service provides an unparalleled level of convenience and flexibility. If you know how to change the pickup person, you can make the most of this service to fit your busy lifestyle.

The grocery pickup service offered by Walmart has transformed how people and families approach their grocery shopping needs.

By allowing you to assign an alternative pickup person, Walmart guarantees that your groceries will arrive at your doorstep, no matter what unforeseen circumstances you may face.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my Walmart pickup order?

Yes, you can cancel your Walmart pickup order by following these steps:

  1. Access your Walmart account.
  2. Locate your order history.
  3. Identify the order you wish to cancel.
  4. Click on the “Cancel” button associated with that order.
  5. Confirm your cancellation by clicking on the “Confirm” button.

How does the Walmart alternate pickup person check-in process work?

The designated alternate pickup person must follow these steps to collect your order:

  1. Drive to the designated Walmart store.
  2. Locate the designated pickup parking area.
  3. Provide the store associate with the order confirmation details.
  4. Review the order summary to ensure accuracy.
  5. Sign the order confirmation form to acknowledge receipt of the order.

What should I do if I miss my Walmart pickup time?

If you miss your scheduled pickup time, you have two options:

  1. Reschedule your pickup: Contact Walmart customer service to reschedule your pickup for a more convenient time.
  2. Pick up your order in-store: Proceed to the Walmart store where your order is located and inform the customer service desk that you wish to collect your missed pickup order.

Can I change the store location of my Walmart pickup?

Unfortunately, once your Walmart order is confirmed, you cannot change the pickup location directly. This is mainly due to inventory management and logistics reasons.

However, you have a few options:

  • Cancel your existing order and place a new one at your desired pickup location.
  • Contact the store directly to see if they can help you transfer your order to another location (subject to availability).
  • If neither option works, you can always choose to pick up your order at the original location and then return it for a refund if necessary.

Can someone else pick up my Walmart order?

Yes, someone else can pick up your Walmart order if they have the order confirmation email or a number and a valid photo ID. The person picking up the order must be 18 years of age or older.

Do you tip the Walmart pickup guy?

Tipping is not required for Walmart pickup, but it is appreciated. If you want to tip, you can do so in cash or through the Walmart app.

How do I change my substitution preferences at Walmart?

You can change your substitution preferences for online grocery orders by going to the “Your Preferences” page on the Walmart website or app. From there, you can select whether you would like to allow substitutions, have no substitutions, or be prompted before substitutions.

What happens if you miss your Walmart grocery pickup window?

If you miss your Walmart grocery pickup window, your order will be held at the store for 24 hours. After 24 hours, your order will be canceled, and you will be refunded your money.

How can I add a new pickup person for my Walmart order?

To add a new pickup person for your Walmart order, go to the “Order Details” page on the Walmart website or app. From there, you can click the “Add Pickup Person” button and enter the name and email address of the person you want to add.

What should I do if the changes to my pickup person are not updated?

If the changes to your pickup person are not updating, you can try refreshing the page or closing and reopening the Walmart app. If the problem persists, you can contact Walmart customer service for assistance.

Is it safe to change my pickup person on the Walmart app?

Yes, changing your pickup person on the Walmart app is safe. Walmart uses a secure system to protect your personal information.

Can I change the pickup person after the order is processed?

Yes, you can change the pickup person after the order is processed, but you will need to do so before the order is ready for pickup. You can change your pickup person by going to the “Order Details” page for your order on the Walmart website or app.

What are the legal requirements for changing the pickup person?

There are no legal requirements for changing the pickup person for a Walmart order. However, Walmart may require you to provide proof of identification for the new pickup person.

How does Walmart ensure the safety of the pickup process?

Walmart takes several steps to ensure the safety of the pickup process. These steps include:

  • Requiring the pickup person to provide a valid photo ID
  • Monitoring pickup areas with security cameras
  • Having Walmart associates escort customers to their vehicles

By taking these steps, Walmart helps ensure your order is safe and secure.


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