Does Walmart Accept American Express for In-Store Purchases?

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Does Walmart Accept American Express

Yes, Walmart accepts American Express for in-store purchases. You can use your American Express card to pay for groceries, electronics, clothing, or any other items available at Walmart.

This acceptance extends to all Walmart stores, making it convenient for American Express cardholders to use their cards without hassle.

Can you use American Express at Walmart’s online store?

American Express is also accepted on Walmart’s online store. When purchasing, you can select American Express as your payment method during the checkout process.

This allows you to enjoy the same benefits and rewards associated with your American Express card while shopping online.

Walmart’s online store embraces American Express alongside other major credit cards. During checkout, you can seamlessly use your Amex card to pay for your online purchases.

For an extra layer of security and convenience, consider using Amex’s Click to Pay option.

Select the Click to Pay icon and enter the email address associated with your Amex account.

Click to Pay generates a unique virtual card number specific to that transaction, adding a shield to your financial information.

What Types of American Express Cards Are Accepted at Walmart?

Walmart welcomes a variety of American Express cards. Whether you have a personal, business, or corporate card, you’re good to go.

Popular choices include the American Express Platinum, Gold, Blue, and Green cards. They even accept American Express prepaid cards and gift cards if they’re loaded with enough funds.

Here’s a quick rundown of the types of Amex cards Walmart accepts:

  • Personal Amex Cards like the Platinum Card, Gold Card, and Everyday® Card
  • Business Amex Cards such as the Blue Business Cash Card and Business Platinum Card
  • Prepaid Amex Cards, as long as they have sufficient funds

Remember, while Walmart generally accepts these cards, it’s wise to double-check any specific terms and conditions related to your card to avoid any surprises.

Card TypeAccepted
American Express Cash MagnetYes
American Express Blue Cash PreferredYes
American Express PlatinumYes
American Express GoldYes
American Express GreenYes
American Express SecuredYes
American Express BusinessYes

Are There Any Fees for Using American Express at Walmart?

Using your American Express card at Walmart doesn’t come with extra charges, whether you shop in-store or online.

But remember, your Amex card might have its fees, such as annual fees or charges for international purchases.

Walmart won’t add on any more fees for using American Express, but it’s good to keep in mind any fees your card itself might have.

American Express, not Walmart, sets these fees.

How do you link your American Express card to Walmart Pay?

Walmart Pay offers a contactless payment option for a faster checkout experience. Here’s how to link your Amex card to Walmart Pay:

  • Download the Walmart app on your smartphone.
  • Open the app and navigate to the “Services” menu. Select “Walmart Pay.”
  • Tap “Add Payment Method” and choose “Credit/Debit Card.”
  • You can scan your Amex card using your phone’s camera or manually enter the card details.
  • Verify your information and follow any additional steps for card verification.

Once linked, you can use Walmart Pay at checkout by holding your phone near the designated reader at the register for a quick and secure experience.

How do you link your American Express card to Walmart Pay

Can You Use American Express Gift Cards at Walmart?

Yes, you can use American Express gift cards at Walmart. These gift cards work like a regular debit or credit card.

You can use them for both in-store and online purchases. Present the gift card at checkout or enter the card details online.

Does Walmart Accept American Express for Gas Purchases?

Walmart accepts American Express cards for gas purchases at Walmart and Murphy USA gas stations. You can conveniently use your American Express card to pay for fuel.

Are There Any Restrictions on Using American Express at Walmart?

You can use American Express at Walmart without any specific restrictions.

Just make sure your card is active and has enough credit to cover your purchases. Sometimes, you might need to enter your billing zip code for extra verification.

How do you earn rewards with American Express at Walmart?

Many American Express cards offer rewards programs. For purchases, you can earn points, cashback, or miles.

To maximize your rewards, use your American Express card for all eligible purchases at Walmart.

Check for special promotions or bonus categories for Walmart purchases.

Redeem your earned rewards through the American Express membership rewards portal.

Can You Use American Express for Walmart Grocery Pickup and Delivery?

Yes, American Express is accepted for Walmart grocery pickup and delivery services.

During checkout, select American Express as your payment method to pay for your groceries conveniently and securely.

Is American Express Accepted at Walmart Neighborhood Market?

Walmart Neighborhood Market, a subsidiary of Walmart that focuses on groceries and pharmaceuticals, also accepts American Express cards.

You can use your American Express card to make all your purchases at these locations.

Does Walmart Accept American Express Prepaid Cards?

Yes, Walmart accepts American Express prepaid cards. These cards can be used just like regular debit or credit cards for in-store and online purchases.

Are There Any Special Offers for American Express Users at Walmart?

American Express frequently partners with retailers, including Walmart, to offer special promotions and discounts.

Check the American Express offers section on their website or app to see if there are any current deals available for Walmart shoppers.

Can You Use American Express Points for Purchases at Walmart?

American Express cardholders can use their membership rewards points to make purchases at Walmart through the “Pay with Points” program.

During checkout, select the option to use your points, and the equivalent amount will be deducted from your total.

What to Do If Your American Express Card Is Declined at Walmart?

If your Amex card gets declined at Walmart, there could be a few reasons.

Verify that your card details are entered correctly.

Check your account balance and ensure you have sufficient credit.

Contact American Express customer service to determine if there are any issues with your account.

Ensure your card has enough balance to cover the purchase amount.

Double-check the expiration date on your card. Expired cards will be declined.

Your card might be deactivated for security reasons. Contact Amex customer service to check the status of your card.

There might be a temporary authorization issue between Amex and Walmart’s systems. You can try rerunning your card or contact Amex customer service for assistance.

Does Walmart Accept Contactless Payments with American Express?

Yes! Walmart embraces contactless payments, and you can use your Amex card enabled for contactless payments (often indicated by a wave symbol) at their stores.

Tap your card on the designated reader at the checkout for a quick and secure transaction.

Can You Use American Express at Walmart’s Self-Checkout?

Absolutely! Walmart’s self-checkout lanes offer the same payment options as traditional cashier lanes.

You can breeze through self-checkout using your Amex card for a speedy shopping experience.

Is There a Spending Limit for Using American Express at Walmart?

Walmart doesn’t impose any specific spending limits on Amex cards. However, the spending limit might be determined by your individual Amex card’s credit line.

It’s always wise to check your card’s spending limit beforehand to avoid any surprises at checkout.

Does Walmart Accept American Express for Pharmacy Purchases?

Yes, you can use your Amex card to pay for your pharmacy purchases at Walmart. This includes both in-store pharmacy counters and online prescription refills.

How to Use American Express at Walmart’s Online Marketplace?

Walmart’s online marketplace includes both its products and those from third-party sellers.

Payment methods may differ depending on the seller. However, many sellers accept American Express. Look for the Amex logo on the product page to see if it’s received.

To buy something using American Express at Walmart’s online marketplace, start by adding your items to the cart.

Next, go to checkout and type in your shipping details.

Choose American Express for your payment and provide your card information.

Finally, check your order details and confirm your purchase.

This simple process helps ensure that your shopping experience is smooth and convenient.

What Payment Methods Does Walmart Accept?

Walmart boasts a diverse range of payment options to cater to various customer preferences. Here’s a breakdown of what they accept.

Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express are all accepted.

Debit Cards: Most major debit cards with logos from the aforementioned credit card networks are valid.

Walmart Pay: This contactless payment system allows you to pay using your smartphone linked to the Walmart app.

Cash: Traditional cash is always an option at Walmart stores.

Gift Cards: Walmart gift cards and major gift card networks like Visa and Mastercard gift cards can be used for purchases.

Limited Acceptance: Walmart is currently testing a pilot program for paying directly through your bank account. Look for this option in the future!


Walmart accepts American Express cards in its stores and online. American Express offers various benefits, including rewards and cashback offers, purchase protection, and travel benefits.

However, there are also some limitations, such as foreign transaction fees and interest rates.

By understanding Walmart’s payment policy and American Express’s advantages and limitations, you can make informed decisions about using your American Express card at Walmart.


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