Does Walgreens Make Keys? No, Find Alternatives

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Does Walgreens Make Keys No, Find Alternatives

Have you ever been at your door, searching your pockets, and then feeling worried because you can’t find your keys? You might start thinking, “Where can I get a new key made quickly?” You might even ask yourself, “Can I get a spare key at Walgreens?”

Sadly, the answer is no. Walgreens is a great place for many things. You can get medicine, things to take care of yourself, and even some photo services there. But they don’t make copies of keys.

Does Walgreens Make Keys?

Many people think that they can get a spare key made at Walgreens. This might be because Walgreens stores are easy to find almost everywhere. You’re there to buy things like allergy medicine, which sounds like a good idea. But it’s important to know that Walgreens does not make keys. Instead, they focus on other services.

Does Walgreens Make Keys?

Where Can I Get Keys Copied Instead of Walgreens?

Walgreens doesn’t make keys, but don’t worry! Many other places can help you with essential duplication. Let’s look at some options.

Home improvement stores are great for making keys. They’re easy to find and know a lot about keys. Home Depot, a well-known store, makes keys at almost every location. They can copy regular keys and even car keys. Lowe’s is another big store where you can get keys made in the U.S. and Canada. They’re fast and easy to use. Ace Hardware is smaller but offers excellent service for making car, regular, and brass door keys.

Grocery and retail stores can be handy for key copying, too. Some of them have machines where you can make keys yourself. Rite-Aid lets you copy house, car, and regular keys. They even have a special service where you can save your key design. Walmart, the giant store, also has key copies at many locations. You might find a machine or someone to help you. Fred Meyer is like Walmart but with more home stuff. They usually have machines for key making and staff to answer your questions.

Car stores also make keys. Not all car keys can be copied in stores, but many can. Pep Boys has car and house key machines to get a new car key while your oil changes. Advance Auto Parts and O’Reilly Auto Parts also have machines that can copy some home and car keys.

A locksmith might be the best choice if you need something special or fast. They’re usually more expensive but good for tricky keys or making keys right where you are.

When choosing where to make your key, consider a few things. What kind of key do you have? Not every place can copy every type of key. How much do you want to spend? Machines are usually cheaper, but locksmiths cost more. Also, think about how fast you need the key and how far you’re willing to go. Machines are quick and easy, but you might need an appointment with a locksmith.

Where Can I Get Keys Copied Instead Walgreens?

How Much Does It Cost for a Copy of a Key?

The price to make a copy of a key can differ depending on the kind of key and who makes it. Using a machine to make the key by yourself usually costs about $5 to $7 for each key. But if you go to a locksmith, someone who is really good at making keys, it can cost more. Locksmiths might charge between $20 and $100 or even more to make a key.

What is the key consideration that your musk knows before copying keys?

If you want to get a key copied, keep in mind that different stores might have other types of keys they can duplicate. It’s smart to call ahead to ensure they can handle your key.

You have two choices when making a key copy. Some stores have self-service kiosks where you can do it yourself. Others have staff members who will help you make your key. Choose what feels best for you.

Remember, the cost to duplicate a key can vary. It depends on the store, your key type, and how complicated it is to copy it. So, consider these factors when planning to get a new key.

Final Thought

If you lose your keys, don’t worry! With these tips, you’ll know where to get a new key, so you’ll be able to get back into your house or on the road fast. Remember, even though Walgreens doesn’t make keys, there are lots of other places that do.

So, the next time your keys go missing, you’ll have many options to help you. You won’t need to go to a pharmacy to solve your key problem!


Can you make the keys at Walmart?

Yes! Many Walmart stores have machines to make copies of your keys yourself.

Which stores can duplicate keys?

Well, places like Home Depot and Lowe’s, which are hardware stores, can make key copies. Locksmiths and some shoe repair shops can also make keys for you.

Does AutoZone have a key copier?

No, AutoZone usually doesn’t make keys. They’re more focused on car parts and supplies.

Does Home Depot make keys?

Yes, they do! Home Depot has machines in many of its stores where you can copy your keys yourself.

Why does my house key say, “Do Not Duplicate?

Sometimes, you might see a message on special keys that are very secure. This message says that only a licensed locksmith should copy the key. A locksmith is a person who is really good at making and fixing keys and locks. This is to make sure the key stays safe, and only the right people can make a copy of it.

What is the fastest way to get a copy of my key made?

Using a self-service key copy machine is usually the fastest option if you need a new key quickly. These machines, called Minute Key kiosks, can make a copy of your key in just a few minutes.

Where can I find a key copy kiosk near me?

These key copy machines are available in many hardware stores and shops. To find one near you, search the Internet for a “key copy kiosk near me.” This will show you where the nearest machine is.


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