Does Walgreens Convert VHS To DVD? Yes, Find how

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Does Walgreens Convert VHS To DVD Yes, Find how

Remember those bulky VHS tapes filled with your favorite childhood memories? Are the ones gathering dust in the attic or basement? Well, those precious moments don’t have to stay hidden anymore! Thanks to stores like Walgreens, you can give them a new lease on life by converting them to shiny, modern DVDs.

What’s VHS to DVD Conversion?

Imagine it like magic! Your old VHS tapes, with their fuzzy picture and grainy sound, get transformed into sparkling DVDs with clear images and crisp audio. It’s like bringing your memories back to life better than ever!

Does Walgreens Convert VHS to DVD?

Yes, Walgreens is one of the leading retailers offering VHS to DVD conversion services through its Photo Labs department. Whether it’s heartwarming family gatherings, childhood milestones, or once-in-a-lifetime vacations, Walgreens can help you digitize these memories and make them easily accessible.

Does Walgreens Convert VHS to DVD?

What Does Walgreens Offer?

Walgreens partners with iMemories, a leading digitization company, to offer VHS to DVD transfer services. You can bring your VHS tapes to any Walgreens store and drop them off at the photo kiosk. They’ll be shipped to iMemories for processing and returned to your chosen Walgreens within 3-5 weeks (though this timeframe can be longer for customized DVDs).

Beyond VHS tapes, Walgreens can also digitize other media formats like:

  • Movie films (8mm, Super 8, 16mm)
  • Photo prints, slides, and negatives

The conversion options include DVDs, Blu-rays, and the iMemories cloud storage. While convenient, remember that Walgreens’s pricing structure can be less competitive than ordering directly through iMemories.

What Types of VHS Tapes Does Walgreens Convert?

The good news is that Walgreens caters to a wide range of VHS formats, including:

  • Standard VHS
  • VHS-C
  • S-VHS
  • 8mm
  • Digital8
  • Video8
  • MiniDV
  • MicroMV

Whether you have classic home movies or camcorder recordings, Walgreens can likely help you digitize them.

How Much Does It Cost to Convert VHS to DVD at Walgreens?

The cost of converting VHS to DVD at Walgreens starts at $34.98 for one VHS tape transferred to one DVD. Each additional DVD copy costs $9.99, and Blu-ray discs are available for $19.99 each. It’s important to note that these are the base prices, and additional fees may apply depending on the chosen options, such as video editing or previewing.

How Much Does It Cost to Convert VHS to DVD at Walgreens?

How Does It Work?

Gather Your Tapes: Grab those dusty VHS tapes you want to convert. Make sure they’re labeled if you remember what’s on them.

Head to Walgreens: Find your nearest Walgreens store with a photo counter. You can check their website to see which locations offer this service.

Talk to the Photo Experts: Tell the friendly people at the photo counter that you want to convert your VHS tapes to DVDs. They’ll answer any questions you have and explain the process.

Drop Off Your Tapes: Hand over your precious VHS tapes, which will be handled with care. Depending on the store, you might need to fill out a form with your contact information.

Wait and Anticipate: Relax! The conversion process usually takes a few days to a week. You’ll be notified when your new DVDs are ready to pick up.

Pop it In and Enjoy! Take your brand new DVDs home, dust off your DVD player (or use a computer disc drive), and get ready to relive those cherished memories with better quality than ever before!

What To Bring?

Your VHS tapes, of course!

Any labels or notes you have about the tapes’ content (helpful, but optional).

A positive attitude and excitement to revisit your memories!

Why should I convert VHS to DVD at Walgreens?

With Walgreens’ VHS to DVD conversion service, you can:

  • Preserve precious memories: Safeguard irreplaceable moments from the clutches of time and technology.
  • Share memories with loved ones: Easily share digitized recordings with family and friends across generations.
  • Create new traditions: Enjoy old home movies on modern devices and create new traditions around them.
  • Protect against future loss: Digitization safeguards your memories from physical damage or format obsolescence.
Why should I convert VHS to DVD at Walgreens?

Is Walgreens the Right Choice for You?

Here are some key factors to consider when deciding if Walgreens’s VHS to DVD transfer service is suitable for you:


  • Convenience: With over 9,000 stores nationwide, finding a Walgreens near you is likely accessible. Dropping off your tapes at a familiar location can be a hassle-free option.
  • No upfront costs: You only pay when you pick up your converted DVDs or Blu-rays.
  • Additional services: Walgreens can also digitize other media formats like film reels and photos.


  • Limited conversion options: Compared to iMemories, you have fewer choices for receiving your digitized media (only DVDs, Blu-rays, and the iMemories cloud).
  • Potentially higher costs: Ordering directly from iMemories often proves more affordable.
  • No control over shipping: Walgreens ships your tapes to iMemories, potentially reducing the turnaround time.
  • Limited customization: Customization options for your converted DVDs are minimal.

What are the Alternatives to Consider for VHS to DVD?

Before making your decision, explore other options:

  • iMemories: As mentioned earlier, ordering directly from iMemories often provides better pricing and flexibility. They offer various media transfer options, including USB, portable hard drives, and cloud storage.
  • Local digitization services: Many local businesses specialize in media digitization. They might offer more personalized service and competitive pricing.
  • Do-it-yourself (DIY): If you’re tech-savvy and have the time, consider digitizing your VHS tapes using a capture card and computer software. However, this approach requires technical expertise and investment in equipment.

How Long Does it Take to Convert VHS to DVD at Walgreens?

The typical turnaround time for VHS to DVD conversion at Walgreens is three to four weeks. This timeframe accounts for transferring and shipping the converted media back to you. Remember that this doesn’t include the time it takes for your VHS tapes to reach Walgreens after you drop them off.

Final Thoughts

Whether to use Walgreens for VHS to DVD conversion depends on your needs and priorities. If convenience is your top concern, and you’re comfortable with potentially higher costs and limited options, Walgreens might be a suitable choice.

However, if you prioritize affordability, flexibility, and control over the process, exploring alternative options like iMemories or local digitization services is recommended.

Remember, your precious memories deserve the best care and attention, so choose the solution that best ensures their long-term preservation and accessibility.

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How much does it cost to convert a VHS tape to DVD at Walgreens?

The cost varies depending on the length of the tape, the chosen format, and any additional services. Prices typically start around $35 for a standard VHS to DVD conversion.

Does Walgreens make DVDs from VHS tapes?

Yes! Walgreens offers VHS to DVD conversion services. However, this service is only available at some locations. It’s best to check their website or call your local store to confirm availability before heading over.

Does anyone else convert VHS to DVD?

Absolutely! Here are some other options:

  • Walmart Photo: Offers VHS conversion services similar to DVD conversion services with comparable pricing and turnaround times.
  • Online services: Numerous online companies specialize in media conversion, offering various options like digital files instead of DVDs.
  • Local videography or photo studios: Some independent businesses might provide personalized conversion services with potential customization options.

What happens if my VHS tape is damaged?

Walgreens will assess the damage and advise you on the feasibility of conversion. In some cases, they may offer repair options.

Can I convert other video formats besides VHS?

Yes, Walgreens accepts various formats like VHS-C, S-VHS, and Hi8 for conversion.

Will I get my original VHS tapes back?

Yes, Walgreens returns your original VHS tapes and converted DVDs or Blu-ray discs.

What is the maximum video length for a single DVD?

Walgreens can convert and burn up to 2 hours of video onto a single DVD. The remaining footage will be transferred to an additional DVD if your video exceeds this duration.

Can I convert VHS to digital formats other than DVD or Blu-ray?

Walgreens doesn’t offer direct conversion to digital formats like MP4 or AVI. However, you can convert the DVDs or Blu-rays they provide to digital files using third-party software or services.


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