Does Walgreens Background Check? How it works

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Does Walgreens Background Check

Considering a career at Walgreens? It’s good to know that this major pharmacy chain runs background checks on everyone hoping to join their team. Walgreens has around 9,000 stores across the United States and provides a lot of different jobs. Whether you want to work in customer service at one of their stores or at the corporate office, a background check is a usual step in getting hired.

This article tells you all about Walgreens’ background checks. You’ll learn what these checks involve and how long they generally take.

Does Walgreens Background Check?

Yes, Walgreens does background checks on everyone who might work there. This happens after they offer you a job, but before it’s final. It’s a common step that many places take to make sure they hire the right people.

This check helps ensure that those hired are good fits for their jobs and are safe to be around customers and other workers.

What is a Background Check and Why Do Employers Use Them?

Background checks are usually done in the later stages of the hiring process, after a successful interview.

A third-party company will verify the information on your application and resume. This includes checking your employment history and education.

They also look at your references and any criminal records. The main reason employers do background checks is to identify any potential risks.

This helps them make sure they create a safe and secure place for everyone, including customers and staff.

What Types of Background Checks Does Walgreens Perform?

Walgreens usually checks a few important things when you apply for a job. They look at your criminal history to see if you have any felonies or misdemeanors. What they check can change based on where you live and the job you want.

They also make sure your education is just like you said on your resume. This means checking your degrees or any special certificates you have.

They might talk to places you worked before to check on your job history and how well you did your work.

For jobs like pharmacy technicians or ones where you handle medicines, they might need to check your driving records or even your credit history.

What Does a Background Check Entail?

Employers conduct background checks to determine if an applicant is a good fit for a job. This helps prevent hiring mistakes. These mistakes can include hiring someone who does not work well, creates a bad work atmosphere, or lacks the skills needed. For example, at Walgreens, they look into several parts of an applicant’s history.

Walgreen checks an applicant’s criminal history. This is especially important for those with felony records. The team will review all criminal records, whether the person was convicted or not, and even cases that were dismissed.

They also look at an applicant’s credit history to understand their financial responsibility. This is important to see how they manage money.

If the job requires driving, the team checks driving records too. This tells us if the person is a safe driver.

Walgreens verifies educational records as well. This confirms that the applicant has the qualifications they claim to have.

By looking at these details, they learn about an applicant’s past actions, character, and qualifications. This helps the Walgreens team to ensure that they are hiring the right people.

What Does a Background Check Entail?
What Does a Background Check Entail?

How Does Walgreen’s Background Check Process Work? Explained

At Walgreens, after a successful interview, you might get a job offer. But, it’s only yours if you pass a background check. You’ll need to let Walgreens check your past by signing a form. This permits them to start the background check.

A company that Walgreens chooses will gather your history. They look at what Walgreens needs to know. When they’re done, they’ll tell Walgreens what they found.

Walgreens will then look at the results and decide if you’re right for the job. If they decide not to hire you because of what’s in the report, they have to give you a copy. Remember, being honest from the start can prevent any trouble later.

For working at Walgreens, you must be allowed to work in the U.S. You’ll also need to show proof like an ID that says you can work here. This is to make sure everyone at Walgreens is working there legally. This whole process helps keep the workplace safe for everyone.

How Does Walgreen's Background Check Process Work?

Who Runs the Background Checks and What Do They Look For?

Third-party companies or government agencies usually do background checks for Walgreens. The cost can vary depending on who does the check. These checks mainly look for criminal records and felonies to decide if someone is right for the job and to identify any risks they might bring to the workplace.

The type, number, and seriousness of any crimes are important. A small mistake from long ago doesn’t always mean you won’t get the job. But how much it matters can change depending on the job.

Here’s what might be checked:

A clean driving record can help your application look better.

Past criminal activity is a key part of the check.

Minor driving offenses may not be a big issue.

Remember, this list doesn’t cover everything.

Do All Walgreens Employees Undergo Background Checks?

Yes. All potential Walgreens employees go through background checks after they get a job offer. This is how they make sure everyone they hire is trustworthy. It helps keep the standard the same for all positions within the company.

How Far Back Does Walgreens Background Check Go?

The time a background check looks back can differ based on the service Walgreens uses and the local rules. It usually goes back 7-10 years to see your work and criminal history.

How Long Does the Walgreens Background Check Process Take?

The background check process at Walgreens usually lasts a few days to a week or two. The time it takes can change based on how complex your background is and how quickly the background check company works.

Is a Walgreens background check confidential?

Yes, it is. Walgreens must keep background check information confidential following the Fair Credit Reporting Act guidelines.

Can You Work at Walgreens with a Felony?

Walgreens evaluates every job application individually. They state that having a criminal record does not automatically prevent someone from being hired.

They look at several things, such as what the crime was, how long ago it happened, and if there’s evidence that the person has made positive changes since then.

Walgreens does background checks on all job candidates who get a job offer. This includes checking for serious crimes in the last seven years and a drug test before employment.

Even if someone has a record of a serious crime, it doesn’t mean they won’t be considered. Walgreens looks at each situation on its own. They consider how much time has passed since the crime, the type of crime, and how serious it was.

They also care a lot about honesty; it’s important to be open about your past during the hiring process.

A good piece of advice is to be honest about any criminal history when applying for a job. You should explain what happened and show how you’ve changed for the better since then.

How Does Walgreens Ensure Compliance with Federal and State Regulations Regarding Background Checks?

Walgreens ensures it follows the rules set by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This act controls how background checks can be used when deciding on hiring someone.

They also pay attention to all other important state and federal laws related to background checks. This careful approach helps them make fair employment decisions while respecting everyone’s rights.

How does a criminal record affect employment eligibility at Walgreens?

Walgreens looks at every job applicant individually. This includes people with criminal records. They make their hiring decisions based on the rules and laws of the federal and state governments.

These laws include the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). This ensures fairness and legality in the hiring process.

Can You Appeal a Denied Employment Application Due to a Background Check?

Yes, under the FCRA, you can challenge any mistakes in your background check report. If your application gets turned down because of what the report says, Walgreens must give you a copy. They also need to let you explain any errors. This helps make sure everything is fair and correct.

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What are the Tips for a Smooth Walgreens Background Check Process?

Be thorough and accurate on your resume and application. Make sure all dates, job titles, and company names are correct. They need to match what the background check company finds. It’s also good to have copies of your transcripts or diplomas ready. This speeds up the verification process.

Keeping good relationships with past employers helps too. It makes the employment verification step go smoothly. If you have a criminal history, be honest about it. Being open and explaining the situation shows you’re responsible.

If a credit check is part of the hiring process, review your credit report. Fix any mistakes before they cause delays. By understanding Walgreens’ background check policy and following these tips, you can help ensure a smooth and successful hiring experience.

Can I run a background check on myself?

You can do your background check to see what Walgreens will find out about you. You can look at different things:

You can get your criminal history from the court that charged you. This is known as a court background check. It helps you see if there’s anything on your record that might worry an employer.

Another check is for your credit report. This report shows how well you handle money. It’s good to know what it says, especially if the job looks at your financial responsibility.

If the job you want involves driving, you should check your driving record too. This tells you if there are any issues, like speeding tickets, that could affect your job chances.

Lastly, you can verify your school records through the National Student Clearing House. This shows your educational background and proves you graduated from the schools you attended.

Final Thoughts

Walgreens’ background check policy helps keep everyone safe. It checks if job applicants can safely work with the company. This process is not only thorough but also fair. It follows the rules set by the government.

Understanding this policy is a big help for anyone wanting to work at Walgreens. It makes the hiring process easier to handle. Knowing what to expect helps you get ready for your new job without any surprises.

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