Does Lowes Do Background Checks?

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Does Lowes Do Background Checks

Yes, Lowe’s performs background checks on all potential employees. This step is crucial to make sure new hires meet the company’s standards and help keep a safe work environment.

What Kind of Background Checks Does Lowe’s Perform?

Lowe’s runs detailed background checks on everyone who wants to work there. They check criminal records, where you’ve worked before, and your school history.

They also do drug tests for some jobs, depending on the rules of the state and what the job needs.

Here’s what Lowe’s looks into:

Criminal Records: They check if you have any criminal history that matters to the job you’re applying for.

Employment History: They make sure the jobs you listed on your application are real.

Education Verification: If the job has specific school requirements, they check to make sure your education claims are true.

Drug Testing: Not all jobs need this, but for some, Lowe’s will test for drugs.

Does Lowe’s Check Criminal Records?

Yes, Lowe’s checks criminal records when they perform background checks. They do this to make sure new employees are safe to be around others and customers.

They pay special attention to offenses that might affect how someone does their job or pose a safety risk. The crimes they consider important can change based on the job you want.

What Types of Criminal Records Does Lowe’s Look For?

Lowe’s carefully reviews criminal records when hiring. They look for felonies, misdemeanors, and other legal issues that might impact job performance.

They pay particular attention to crimes involving theft or fraud, violence, drug possession, and safety violations.

These checks help ensure all employees can work safely and effectively.

Check TypeDescription
Criminal RecordsFocuses on offenses relevant to the applied position.
Employment HistoryVerifies details of previous employment.
Education Verification (if applicable)Confirms the legitimacy of claimed educational qualifications.
Drug Testing (for select positions)May be required depending on the role and state regulations.

How Far Back Does Lowe’s Go in Checking Criminal Records?

The time it takes to check criminal records can change based on state and local rules. Reports say Lowe’s might do a “lifetime” background check.

This means they could check your whole criminal history. Usually, Lowe’s looks back seven to ten years when reviewing criminal records.

The depth of this check depends on what the job needs and the details of the criminal records.

Does Lowe’s Check Employment History?

Absolutely, Lowe’s checks your work history when you apply for a job.

They contact your past employers to make sure the job titles, responsibilities, and employment dates you listed are correct. This helps them see if your experience matches the job you want.

How Does Lowe’s Verify Previous Employment?

Lowe’s uses a third-party service to check your work history when you apply for a job.

They will reach out to your past employers to confirm details like your job titles, how long you worked there, why you left, and maybe even your salary.

Make sure the information you give in your application is accurate because they will use it to contact these employers.

What Information Does Lowe’s Seek From Former Employers?

Lowe’s looks for certain details about your previous jobs when you apply for a position. They want to know the dates you worked, your job title, and what you did there.

They also ask why you left and if your old job would hire you back. This information helps them understand how reliable you are and if you’re a good fit for the job.

Does Lowe’s Check Educational Background?

Lowe’s checks your educational background if the job needs a degree or certain certificates.

They reach out to the schools you mentioned in your application to make sure your qualifications match their requirements.

This helps them confirm that all candidates meet the job criteria.

Does Lowe’s Verify College Degrees?

Lowe’s checks if you have the college degree you say you do if the job needs it. They do this to make sure you have the right qualifications for the job.

Lowe’s wants to confirm your educational background to be certain you meet the job’s educational requirements.

How Important is Educational Verification in Lowe’s Hiring Process?

Educational verification is essential for roles that need specific degrees or certifications.

It ensures that candidates have the right background to perform their duties well.

For some positions, showing your skills and experience can be more important than having a formal degree.

Does Lowe’s Perform Drug Tests?

Yes, Lowe’s conducts drug tests as part of their pre-employment screening. They want to make sure their workplace is drug-free.

Depending on the job and where you live, you might need to take a drug test.

Jobs that involve operating machinery, driving company vehicles, or handling hazardous materials often require these tests.

What Type of Drug Tests Does Lowe’s Use?

Lowe’s uses drug tests to check for illegal substances that could affect how safely someone works. They often use urine tests for this.

Sometimes, they might use oral swab tests too. These tests help make sure everyone at Lowe’s is ready and safe to work.

When Are Drug Tests Conducted?

When you receive a job offer for a position that requires a drug test, you’ll be informed during the conditional job offer stage.

The test is usually conducted before your official start date. This policy helps ensure that all new hires meet Lowe’s commitment to a drug-free workplace.

How Long Does the Background Check Process Take at Lowe’s?

The background check process at Lowe’s usually takes between 3 to 10 business days. Sometimes, it might take longer if:

  • It’s hard to get in touch with your past employers or schools.
  • You’ve worked or studied in different states.
  • There are delays in getting court records.

What Happens During the Check?

Here’s what goes on:

  • Initial Application Screening: Right after you apply, Lowe’s looks for any major issues that might rule you out straight away.
  • In-Depth Background Investigation: If everything looks good initially, a third-party agency checks your job history, education, and criminal records more closely.
  • Final Review and Decision: When the investigation ends, the agency reports back to Lowe’s. Lowe’s then reviews this report along with your application to make their final decision on hiring you.

This process helps ensure that everyone Lowe’s hires is well-qualified and trustworthy.

How Long Does the Background Check Process Take at Lowe's

What Should You Do if You Have a Criminal Record?

Having a criminal record does not automatically disqualify you from working at Lowe’s. Honesty and transparency are crucial if you find yourself in this situation.

During the application process, be upfront about your record. Make sure to disclose any relevant convictions on your application form.

Prepare to discuss your past during the interview. Focus on taking responsibility for your actions. It’s also important to highlight any steps you’ve taken towards rehabilitation.

Don’t forget to showcase your skills and experience. Talk about your qualifications and how you can be a valuable asset to Lowe’s.

How Can You Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired at Lowe’s?

If you have a criminal record and want to work at Lowe’s, here’s what you can do. Demonstrate how your skills and experience match the job requirements.

This shows you are ready and capable of handling the responsibilities. Also, secure positive references from previous employers who can back up your work ethic and character.

Expressing Genuine Interest in the Role

Show you are genuinely excited about the job and Lowe’s company culture. This enthusiasm helps make a strong impression.

Tips for Explaining Your Criminal Record During the Interview

It’s important to be honest about your past. Own up to your actions and discuss the circumstances of your conviction openly. Also, talk about the steps you’ve taken towards rehabilitation, like education or counseling. This shows you are committed to improving yourself.

Highlighting Your Positive Qualities

Highlight your skills and experience that fit the job. Talk about your past successes and what you’ve achieved in similar roles. It’s also good to mention your ability to learn and adapt, as well as your strong work ethic, reliability, and problem-solving skills. This helps show you are a valuable candidate despite your past.

What Rights Do You Have During the Background Check Process at Lowe’s?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) gives you specific rights during the background check process.

Lowe’s must provide you with a copy of the background report used in their hiring decision. If you spot any errors, you can start a dispute with the background check agency.

Also, Lowe’s needs your written permission before they do a background check using a consumer reporting agency.

If you find an error in your background check, here’s what you should do.

Contact the agency that did the background check and tell them about the mistake. Give them any proof you have that shows the error.

They will look into it and correct your report if needed.

How to Appeal a Denied Application Based on Background Check Results?

If Lowe’s denies your application because of the background check results, you have options. You can start by requesting a copy of the background report.

It’s important to check this report for any mistakes. If you find errors, you can dispute them.

Next, talk to Lowe’s HR department. Explain your situation clearly. You can also provide extra information or context. This might help show why you’re still a good fit for the job.

Does Lowe’s Perform Background Checks on Current Employees?

Lowe’s generally doesn’t do background checks on employees who are already working there. They might do another check in certain situations, though.

If someone is up for a promotion to a big job, like being a leader or a job where they need more security clearance, they may need to check their background again.

Also, if the rules about background checks change in the state or city, Lowe’s might have to check again to make sure they follow these new laws.

What Happens if a Current Employee Fails a Background Check?

Lowe’s takes every employee’s background check seriously. When they recheck and find something concerning, they make decisions based on how serious the issue is and how it might affect the employee’s job.

Here’s what might happen:

The employee could face disciplinary actions. This could be anything from a warning to losing their job, depending on what they find.

They might move the employee to a different job. This happens if the issue isn’t a big risk for their current job but still is a concern.

Sometimes, they might not do anything. This is if the information they find doesn’t relate to the employee’s job or poses any safety risk.

Why Does Lowe’s Conduct Background Checks?

Lowe’s conducts background checks for several important reasons. These checks help make sure the workplace is safe and secure.

They identify people who might threaten the safety of employees, customers, or company assets.

Background checks also help reduce the risk of theft and fraud. By checking employment history and criminal records, Lowe’s can prevent internal theft or fraud.

Finally, these checks help maintain a positive company culture. They ensure that new hires share Lowe’s values and contribute to a positive work environment.

How Do Background Checks Help Lowe’s Maintain a Safe Workplace?

Background checks are essential for creating a safe workplace at Lowe’s. They help us identify potential safety risks.

By checking criminal records, we can spot individuals who might be dangerous. This way, we make sure everyone at Lowe’s can work safely.

These checks also make sure employees are right for their jobs.

For example, we need to know if someone can safely operate machinery or handle hazardous materials. This helps everyone do their job well and safely.

A safe work environment builds trust and respect. When employees trust each other, they work better together. This makes our team more productive and our store a better place to work.

Background checks also reduce risk and liability for Lowe’s. They show we do our homework before hiring someone. This lowers the chance of legal problems later on.

Also, if there’s ever a problem with an employee, having done a background check can help us in court. It shows we tried to make a safe hiring choice. This could help our defense if there’s a lawsuit.

What Happens After a Background Check at Lowe’s?

After your background check is complete, there are two main outcomes you might see:

You might receive a job offer. Lowe’s will likely offer you the job if your background check looks good and matches what you said in your application.

You could be declined for the position. Lowe’s will let you know if the background check shows something worrying or that you’re not fit for the job.

They must give you a copy of the background report they used. This lets you correct any mistakes on it.

How Can You Prepare for a Background Check at Lowe’s?

Make sure you have all the necessary documents ready. This includes anything they ask for, like proof of where you worked before or where you went to school.

Always be honest and open when you apply. If you have any criminal convictions, tell them on your application.

It’s also good to be ready to talk about it if it comes up in the interview. Being upfront shows you are responsible.

You might want to check your credit report too. Even though Lowe’s usually doesn’t look at your credit for their background checks, it’s good to know what’s on there.

If you find mistakes, you can fix them before they become a problem.


Navigating Lowe’s background check process is simple if you understand what to expect. It’s just a step to ensure everyone at Lowe’s works in a safe and productive environment.

Present yourself honestly and focus on your strengths to boost your chances of getting your dream job at Lowe’s.


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