Does Lowes Make Keys for Cars?

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Does Lowes Make Keys for Cars

Having a spare car key can save the day, and Lowe’s is a great place to get one made. Let’s explore what Lowe’s offers and how the process works.

At Lowe’s, making a new car key is straightforward. You simply bring your original key to the store. There, they’ll use a special machine to create a copy.

This service is not only convenient but also usually quick. Depending on the store, it can take just a few minutes to have your new key ready.

Remember, it’s smart to have a spare key just in case you lose the original. Head to Lowe’s, and getting a spare made is easy!

Does Lowes Make Keys for Cars?

Yes, Lowe’s offers car key cutting services with certain limitations. They primarily handle standard car keys, which are metal keys without electronic components.

This service works well for older vehicles or cars with simple locking systems.

However, Lowe’s does not usually duplicate advanced car keys like transponder keys or key fobs. These types of keys need specialized equipment and programming that Lowe’s does not offer.

What Types of Car Keys Does Lowe’s Make?

Lowe’s can make copies of traditional metal car keys. These keys are simple and don’t have any electronic parts or programming.

They’re good for older cars. If you have a newer car that needs a transponder key or a key fob, you’ll need to see a professional locksmith or go to a car dealership.

These keys have electronic chips and need special programming that Lowe’s doesn’t do.

Lowe’s mainly makes three types of car keys:

  • Traditional keys: These are the usual metal keys that unlock your car door.
  • Transponder keys: These keys have a chip inside that talks to your car’s security system. They unlock the door and let the engine start.
  • Key fobs: These are wireless devices with a chip and buttons that let you lock and unlock your car from a distance.

Remember, not all Lowe’s stores can program transponder keys. Make sure to check with your local store to see if they can help you with these keys.

How Much Does It Cost to Make Car Keys at Lowe’s?

Car keys at Lowe’s come with different prices depending on the type.

Traditional keys are usually the cheapest, costing between $2 and $7.

Transponder keys are more expensive. They range from $40 to $75, depending on your car’s model and the chip’s complexity.

Key fobs are the priciest, with prices starting at $75 and going up to $150 or even more.

The higher price for these comes from the extra programming they need. For the most accurate pricing, it’s a good idea to check with your local Lowe’s store.

Prices can change a bit depending on where you are and the specific kind of key you need.

How Long Does It Take to Make Car Keys at Lowe’s?

Traditional keys usually take just a few minutes to cut. Transponder keys and key fobs require programming, which can take 15-30 minutes.

Remember, these are just estimates. Actual wait times can vary depending on how busy the store is and staff availability.

Making a standard car key at Lowe’s is quick:

It typically takes a few minutes to duplicate a standard car key once you’re at the key cutting section. If there’s a queue or the store is busy, you might need to wait a bit longer.

For more complex keys that need programming, which Lowe’s often doesn’t handle, it’s best to visit a locksmith or dealership as it may take longer.

What Do You Need to Get a Car Key Made at Lowe’s?

Before you visit Lowe’s to get a car key made, make sure you have everything you need.

You’ll need to bring documents that prove you own the car. This could be your vehicle registration, title, or insurance papers. You also need to show a valid driver’s license or state ID to confirm your identity.

It’s important to know your car’s details. Make sure you know the make and model of your car, and the year it was made. Sometimes, you might also need to provide the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This helps ensure that Lowe’s uses the correct key blank and can make a key that works for your car.

How Does the Process of Making Car Keys at Lowe’s Work?

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Visit the Key Cutting Section: Locate the key cutting station in the hardware section of your local Lowe’s store.
  2. Provide Necessary Documents: Show proof of vehicle ownership and your personal identification to the Lowe’s associate.
  3. Choose the Type of Key: Based on your car’s requirements, select the appropriate key blank from the options available.
  4. Wait for the Key to be Cut: The Lowe’s associate will cut and prepare the key, which usually takes just a few minutes for standard keys.
How Does the Process of Making Car Keys at Lowe's Work

What are the Common Issues and their Solutions for Keys?

If your newly cut key doesn’t work, test it before leaving the store. Inform the staff right away if it doesn’t unlock your door, as there might be an issue with how it was cut. They can recut it for you.

Sometimes, transponder key programming might not work smoothly. If this happens, the staff can try again. They may also suggest contacting a locksmith or dealership if the problem continues.

Always feel free to ask the Lowe’s staff for help if you have any questions or run into difficulties during the process. They are there to troubleshoot and resolve any issues you might face.

Are There Alternatives to Making Car Keys at Lowe’s?

Home Depot offers car key cutting services similar to Lowe’s, including transponder key programming at some locations. Some Ace Hardware stores might provide car key cutting, but it’s a good idea to call ahead. Walmart focuses mostly on house keys and might not handle car key duplication or programming.

Car Dealerships

Dealerships are reliable for programming keys specific to your car’s make and model. However, this option is often much pricier than others. You could end up paying several hundred dollars or more for a key replacement, depending on your car’s model and the complexity of the key.

Locksmith Services

Locksmiths deliver the most extensive services for car keys. They handle key duplication, and programming, and can make new keys if you lose the originals. Many locksmiths also offer mobile services, so they’ll come to you. This is super convenient as it saves you from having to tow your car for key services.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Making Car Keys at Lowe’s?

Lowe’s makes key duplication easy and accessible with numerous locations, offering competitive prices. You can usually get standard keys quickly and affordably, saving a trip to the dealership or locksmith.

However, Lowe’s cannot duplicate more advanced, electronic car keys. You might need to go to a locksmith or dealership for these. The quality of service can also vary, and you may face longer wait times during busy periods.

What Should You Consider Before Getting Car Keys Made at Lowe’s?

Compatibility with Your Car
Before you visit, make sure Lowe’s can duplicate your specific car key. Not every car key can be replicated at Lowe’s, especially those with electronic components.

You should check your car’s owner’s manual or ask your dealership to confirm the type of key your car uses. Then, call your local Lowe’s to ensure they can handle your car’s key type.

Cost vs. Convenience
It’s important to compare the cost of duplicating your key at Lowe’s with other options. While Lowe’s might be a budget-friendly choice for standard keys, a dealership or locksmith might be more cost-effective for more complex keys.

Consider whether the convenience of a quicker, specialized service from a locksmith outweighs the potential cost savings at Lowe’s.

Reviews and Testimonials
Reading customer reviews about Lowe’s key-cutting service can offer valuable insights.

Check the reviews for the Lowe’s location you plan to visit to gauge the quality and reliability of their service. It’s also a good idea to ask friends, family, or your mechanic for recommendations on reputable locksmith services in your area.


Lowe’s offers a handy and budget-friendly service for duplicating car keys. They can help you with standard car keys and basic transponder keys. But remember, their services have some limits.

If you need more complex keys, like key fobs, or if you’re in a hurry, you might need to visit a professional locksmith or a car dealership. It’s important to think about what your car specifically needs. This way, you can choose the best place to get your keys made without hassle.


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