Can I Rent Tools from Lowes? All You Need to Know

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Can I Rent Tools from Lowe’s

I love DIY projects, and I’ve been using Lowe’s for many years. They have many tools and materials that help with any project. What makes a difference, though, is their tool rental program.

Whether it’s a small weekend project or an extensive renovation, renting tools from Lowe’s can change everything.

Let’s dive into the details of what you should know.

Can I Rent Tools from Lowes?

Yes. Lowe’s has a great tool rental program for both homeowners and professionals. Their selection of tools is wide, so you’re sure to find exactly what you need for any job.

What Types of Tools Can I Rent from Lowe’s?

Lowe’s offers an extensive selection of rental tools, easily accessible through its website or at local stores.

They offer everyday tools for general home improvement, such as drills, saws, sanders, ladders, and paint sprayers.

For outdoor maintenance, you can find lawnmowers, tillers, and pressure washers. If you’re hosting an event, they provide everything from carpet cleaners to inflatable bounce houses.

For heavier tasks, there are concrete mixers, jackhammers, and even appliance lifts and dollies for moving heavy items.

They also have heaters and air conditioners to adjust your environment’s temperature.

Professional contractors can find specialized equipment like skid steers and concrete pumps.

The range also includes power tools, flooring tools, and plumbing essentials like beam cutters, floor sanders, and water jetters.

For transport needs, they provide hand trucks and furniture dollies.

To explore the variety of tools available for your next project, visit Lowe’s website or check in-store for the most up-to-date equipment.

What are the steps for renting tools at Lowe’s?

Renting tools from Lowe’s is simple. You can browse online or visit the tool rental department in-store.

Choosing the right tools for your project and checking their compatibility is important.

When renting, you must show a valid ID, like a driver’s license.

Next, review the rental agreement. This document outlines the rental period, terms, conditions, and fees. Make sure to sign the agreement to finalize your rental.

Finally, you’ll leave a deposit and pay the rental fee. The deposit is usually refundable when you return the tool in good condition.

How Do I Rent Tools from Lowe’s?

Renting tools from Lowe’s is simple.

  • Start by either browsing the Lowe’s website or visiting your local store.
  • Choose the tools you need and check for their availability.
  • Go to the tool rental area, usually located near the back of the store.
  • Show your valid ID and provide a deposit, typically refundable upon returning the tools.
  • The rental associate will explain how to operate the tools and the safety precautions you should take.

You’re ready to take your tools home and begin your project!

Tip: The rental department can be busy, especially during peak times. Visit during off-peak hours or call ahead to check the availability of tools.

How Do I Rent Tools from Lowe's?

What Are the Benefits of Renting Tools from Lowe’s?

Renting Tools from Lowe’s Has Many Advantages

Renting tools from Lowe’s is a cost-effective choice. It’s much cheaper than buying a tool that you might only use once or just a few times.

You can save valuable space at home, too. Instead of storing bulky tools, you can just rent them when needed.

Lowe’s allows you to tackle projects that require specialized equipment. This way, you don’t have to spend much on buying these tools.

You can also try out a tool before you buy it. This helps you make sure it’s the right tool for your needs.

Plus, shopping at Lowe’s is super convenient. They have a wide range of tools, materials, and expert advice all in one place, making your project easier from start to finish!

Are There Any Requirements for Renting Tools at Lowe’s?

To rent tools at Lowe’s, you need a valid government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or passport.

You’ll also need to leave a refundable deposit, which usually depends on the tool’s value.

Remember to meet the minimum age requirements, which might change depending on the tool you want to rent.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent Tools from Lowe’s?

The cost of renting tools at Lowe’s varies depending on the type of tool, how long you rent it, and where you’re located.

Lowe’s offers competitive prices and sometimes has special deals and discounts on rentals.

You can learn more about the prices on their website or by talking to an associate in the store.

Can I Reserve Tools in Advance at Lowe’s?

Right now, you can’t reserve tools online at Lowe’s. But you can call your local store to see if the tool you need is available.

You can even arrange to pick it up at a particular time on the day you need it.

What Is the Rental Period for Tools at Lowe’s?

Lowe’s has different rental periods to fit your project’s needs. You can rent tools for four hours a day, a week, or even four weeks.

If you need more time, just let the store know before your rental period ends.

What Should I Do if a Rented Tool Breaks or Malfunctions?

If a tool you rented from Lowe’s stops working, stop using it immediately and return it to the store.

Tell a store associate what happened. They might give you another tool to use or some money back for the time you lost.

Does Lowe’s Offer Any Discounts or Promotions on Tool Rentals?

Lowe’s often has special deals and discounts on tool rentals. Check their website, look for flyers in the store, or watch for emails about promotions.

It’s a good idea to look for these deals when you plan your rental.

How Do I Return Rented Tools to Lowe’s?

Returning tools to Lowe’s is easy. Bring them back to the tool rental department while the store opens.

A store associate will check the tools and handle your return. If everything’s in order, you’ll get your deposit back.

Are There Late Fees for Returning Tools Late to Lowe’s?

Yes, if you return tools to Lowe’s late, you’ll have to pay late fees. These fees depend on the tool and how late you are. To avoid extra charges, try to return your tools on time.

What Are Some Tips for Renting Tools from Lowe’s?

Before you visit Lowe’s, make sure you know exactly what tools you need and how long you’ll need them.

Always ask the staff for help with how to use the tools or advice for your projects. Before you leave the store, check that the tool works well and is in good condition.

Remember to bring a big enough vehicle if you’re renting larger equipment.

Can I Rent Tools Online from Lowe’s?

You can’t rent tools online from Lowe’s right now. However, you can look at their tools and rental details online before you go to the store.

What Should I Check Before Renting a Tool from Lowe’s?

Always check the tool for damage before renting it. Tell the store staff before you start your rental if something needs to be fixed.

Does Lowe’s Offer Any Support or Guidance for Using Rented Tools?

Yes, Lowe’s staff can show you how to use the tools. For more complicated tools, they suggest looking at the manual or finding tutorials online.

What Happens If I Need to Extend My Tool Rental Period?

Call the store before your rental ends if you need more time with your tool. If the tool is still available, they’ll help you extend it.

How Can I Ensure the Tool I Rent is in Good Condition?

Lowe’s takes good care of their tools, but it’s wise to check the tool when you pick it up. Make sure it’s not damaged or missing parts. If you see any issues, talk to the staff.

Can I Rent Specialty Tools from Lowe’s?

You sure can! Lowe’s has all sorts of unique tools for big projects. They have concrete mixers, floor grinders, and even big machines like skid steers.

What Are the Most Popular Tools to Rent from Lowe’s?

People often rent drills, saws, lawn equipment, floor cleaners, appliance movers, and pressure washers. These tools help with lots of different home and garden jobs.

Can I rent power tools like drills and saws from Lowe’s?

Yes, you can rent various power tools at Lowe’s, perfect for any project.

Are lawnmowers and garden equipment available for rent?

Lowe’s has many lawn and garden tools for rent, great for any yard work.

Can I rent equipment like pressure washers and generators from Lowe’s?

You can rent more extensive equipment like pressure washers and generators, ideal for more challenging tasks.

Can I Rent Tools If I’m Under 18?

No, renting tools from Lowe’s would help if you were at least 18 years old.

Can I Rent Tools for Commercial Use?

Yes, Lowe’s also offers tool rentals for commercial projects. Contact their commercial sales team for details.


Renting tools from Lowe’s is easy and saves you money. They have an extensive selection of tools and equipment. You can rent for as long or as short as you need, and their prices are reasonable.

It’s a great choice whether you’re fixing up your home or you’re a professional. Make sure to book your tools early.

Don’t forget to ask if there are any discounts. Always read the rental agreement well before you sign it.

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